“We are all responsible”

The biggest problem we all face is explaining ourselves.  Because others cannot hear what we are saying.  I like to claim that we are all working together on this open source language which intends to describe how our human mind works.  Most importantly, this language is growing capable of helping all 8 billion of us realize personal significance to the future of the world.

I am going to use “narcissism” as a conceptual device we can use to describe, understand and observe how the mind works.  Consider that by writing, I am reaching out to other collaborative narcissists, imagining we may find a useful open source language designed to encourage and enhance our expanding teamwork, “Ohana Pu’uwai“. (Literally:  The whole family Heart.)  Were we to be successful, our simple words will become part of the curricula. By that method we will influence the generations into the study of Emotional Anatomy:
Freedom vs Slavery

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The Story of Freedom

Here I will try again to tell The Story of Freedom.
There is the tug of war between the many stories.
(Imagination; Vision; Story Telling; World View; Perspective)
This is War and it is best seen through the Lens of Awe and Wonder.

Our goal is gaining trust and confidence in our own understanding of principles.
Principles that govern our own physical, emotional, intellectual and reflex reactions.
Principles that help us understand a vast array of emotionally driven triggers.
Triggers that distract us from returning again
by our navigating through gratitude Heart Home.
Gratitude Guides us to our own more and more recognizable Heart Home.
Freedom vs Slavery

We discover ourselves Slave to Reflexes that provoke thoughts and responses we don’t like.
Navigation Heart Home Wisdom sees more broadly and clearly
through the Lens of Awe and Wonder.
We are free to choose amongst all the options available to us.
Our challenge is to choose wisely the better.
This is War on the insides of our thinking.

This is not a political discussion of freedom;
in fact it is a description of principles governing
the structure and function of human emotional anatomy.
It is through more accurate free choice that our world becomes a better place.
The paradox is how difficult it is to persuade people to consider emotional lensing.
If only we could persuade the teachers, psych 101: Freedom vs Slavery
Our most obvious opposition in this war is recognizable in the refusal of gratitude.

Totalitarian governments may actually be capable of helping their people
strive toward personal freedom more quickly than the United States.
The dark side distractions are privileged to present their opposition more openly here.
It will take forever for our schools to implement “Freedom vs Slavery” in the USA.
The War is wisely choosing for the better
versus the dark side that is distracting opposition from
the rapidly maturing liberated human being.

Violence, aggression, criticisms, negativities, betrayals, lies, life etc.
Youthful emotional anatomy is routinely wounded by Reflexes out of control: Slavery.
D/C comic’s Wonder Woman is an accurate depiction, “We are all responsible.”
We must train the generations to understand: Freedom vs Slavery

The opposition is experienced within ourselves.
We are not discussing political freedom. This freedom cannot be legislated.
This freedom cannot be forced. This freedom must face opposition.
This freedom is how the human mind works for better and better.
Once understood, a social group may agree and encourage each other.
(thank you d/c) Gratitude reboots the machine and allows our free choice.
Gratitude Guides our heart home to glimpse the Lens of Awe and Wonder.

Freedom vs Slavery represents a global challenge for all people.
There is personal responsibility for navigating gratitude Heart Home.
Disney got it right with Moana who being called beyond the reef was able to
Navigate her Heart Home and experience the Lens of Awe and Wonder.
This is War. Better understood as
The freedom to choose wisely for the better.

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The Big Movie

The Movie Makers and Story Writers are so close and helpful displaying for us:
Freedom vs Slavery.

How the mind works:

#1)  Inside Out : presented by Disney
Emphsizing the primacy of Emotional Anatomy

#2)  Star Wars : George Lucas
As we struggle to return our Hearts Home, there is dark side opposition
(especially emotional) that must be dispensed with quickly and frequently.

#3)  Lord of the Rings : JR Tolkein
Depicting our struggle to live our lives for the greater good.

#4)  Moana : presented by Disney
Navigating Emotional Anatomy inside and out
Our personal call beyond the reef to return our Hearts Home

#5)  Wonder Woman : Personal Significance
Personal Privilege and Responsibility
Freedom to Choose
Recognizing the invitations of evil while freely choosing for the better.

#6)  Strategic Thinking reflected in
The game of Go vs The game of Chess
Growing Territory for Good vs Killing pawns, or Queens

#7)  Gratitude Guides our Heart Home and allows us to glimpse
The Lens of Awe and Wonder

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Life in Every Breath

This is an open source language describing the structure and function of Human Emotional Anatomy which forms the foundation of brain architecture affecting how our human mind works.  Intellect must be persuaded to understand and accept the primacy of Emotional Lensing.

We are not presenting a philosophical or theoretical argument.  This Story of Freedom is a testable vocabulary.  Should there be truth within it, then it will be personally verifiable and reproducible, scientifically testable, rewarding, and self reinforcing insight.

When the mood changes, the movie changes.

We are not alone in our efforts.  Every person wrestles inside their own heart mind body soul spirit with unrecognized emotionally driven dictates (why did I do, say, think that?).
Yet There is still freedom to choose while we discover:  Slave to habits of words, moods, attitudes and world views, our simplified description of human psychology:
Freedom vs Slavery.

New Life in Every Breath.
Gratitude reboots the machine.

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New Life in Every Breath

“Begin with the end in mind.”
It’s good advice. I will.

The Liberated Dancing Brain will explain itself.
Excited alive by inspiration within our being,
gratitude guides our navigation heart home wisdom
to explain and demonstrate Emotional Anatomy.

“Lensing” helps describe Emotional Anatomy.
As the mood changes the lens changes.
When the mood changes the movie changes.
This refers to the full length movie perspectives
triggered by our moodiness.

Our contribution shares the Kingdom of Hawaii with the world.
We are each important and valuable to our future,
Understood by the words we choose to express:
“Ohana Pu’uwai”

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Familiarity with Emotional Anatomy and Reflexes allows exploration of healthy pathways. Navigation begins with choosing wisely “Freedom vs Slavery”, the tug of war.

“When we look into the mirror, not much changes from day to day, fortunately.”

Emotional Anatomy, DNA derived, with normal Emotional Reflexes gets modified by experience, adapted to by wisdom, and not much changes from day to day.  Once wounded and scarred, coping is challenging.  Thus this “Open source language” helping one another discover Navigation into alternative pathways.  Wounded Emotional Anatomy modifies Emotional Reflexes, sometimes permanently, called PTSD.

Intellect learns to coordinate lizard brain relaxation with naturally wonderful memories,  Then Gratitude Guides our Hearts Home where expanding vision finds
The Lens of Awe and Wonder“.


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It is Time

We are sharing in an open source language that attempts to explain how the mind works.  This vocabulary asks that we find our way back to our Heart’s Home and from there experience the Lens of Awe and Wonder.  Glimpsing this promise requires knowledge, wisdom, understanding and gratitude

Stay Tuned, I will explain.


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The Legacy of Love

“Just how it is”  Princess Moana



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The Missionaries Missed It, “Connection”

Continuing our navigation within the human heart’s design to be inspiration for expanding “connection” into Vision from Heaven, the legacy of freedom, which we wish to share with the world, now includes the Disney Board Room as they develop their Princes Moana ‘Olelo (story line). These are ideas carried by true love eternal through spoken traditions of indigenous peoples everywhere and preserved in the Hawaiian language itself.

The authors have discovered within their own DNA this beautiful story of ancient indigenous peoples’ personal “connection” to Creator God.  Via Family, Ohana, Polynesian Mythologies, Ancestors, Demi God’s, The Menehune, Hawaiiana, Caring Heart Home, successful ancient culture (the missionaries missed it), the story of Princess Moana encourages the ongoing development of a language more and more can understand to convey how our human mind works. This is Our Legacy.

Should we be successful in this collaboration, the Kingdom of Hawaii, indigenous peoples everywhere, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Emotional Anatomy, The Deeply Rooted Heart Spot, all will collaborate to make a comprehensive, cohesive, attractive simplicity of language. Freedom vs Slavery. This simplicity confronts the human condition imprisoned and the lie of impossibility for personal significance in making the bigger difference.

The titanic social structures are sinking, and “connection” is coming alive. This is a gift of Vision from Heaven of which we are all privileged to share. Gratitude guides our navigation. If it were not this simple, it wouldn’t be fair. Nor would it reflect the genius within the intelligent design.

We are the indigenous peoples. We haven’t missed it. We are challenged to leave the legacy of language that will influence the generations. Freedom vs Slavery.

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The Magnificent Woman

There is vision within the heart of human emotional anatomy that resonates with recognition when we hear these words: The Magnificent Woman.

We are developing an Open Source Language devoted to the future of freedom, our legacy, it is up to each of us to pitch in. We are freely choosing our personal contribution to The Magnificent Woman. Slowly the obstacles to our freedom, (to celebrate, encourage, nurture and choose the magnificent woman), become more and more clear.

Our vocabulary intends to make navigating emotional anatomy possible. These are mood movies dancing. Flying lessons, guided by the intrinsically rewarding pursuit of an elusive vision, yet, she is real. Just as freedom is finally able to admit, identify, name and teach about what is getting in her way, our personal significance becomes more and more evident.

You personally are important and valuable to the future of freedom in the world. There is no other person in the world exactly like you, there never has been and there never will be. As we are dealing first hand with our own unique Emotional Anatomy, we each have our own emotional obstacles influencing our freedom to choose.

We are a matriarchal species. It is the woman who has the greatest influence over the children. It is up to each of us to cultivate our environment into one that motivates awareness and encourages understanding of how essential is: The Magnificent Woman.

There is opposition. Can we hear it. Can we describe it. Can we help each other overcome it. Can we discover peaceful confidence that chooses to stand up against it?

Since you are free to choose, which will you choose, freedom or slavery?
The Magnificent Woman.

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