Unforgiving Wounds

Just returned from a writer”s conference, best thing I ever did for myself. Speaking to others of Freedom vs Slavery as the two words that summarize the human challenge we all face together, is also the freedom to express myself regularly as my share in the puzzle.

Emotional anatomy is real. We are stuck with it. When we understand it, we too are liberated to pitch into making the world a better place because we are here. Well not immediately.

You see there are parts of ourselves we are not yet familiar with that get in the way of our own personal experience of freedom. That great joy of recognizing the personal significance of self and others is crushed by reflex generated grumpiness that perpetuates our moods of angry opposition. Divorce happens. And it takes a life time, even several generations, to begin recovering from our deeply wounded emotional anatomy.

Single breath relaxation gives us the privilege to step back for an effervescent moment into our liberated perspective of gratitude to discover visions from heaven offering contribution to solution available to us all.

The reality of emotional anatomy promptly forces our return to grumpy habits of self preoccupied slavery as years of accumulated bitterness speak tones of unforgiving wounds again. Emotional reflexes consume our best efforts into self justifying destructive habits blaming others to make us sick of fighting wars. Intelligent Design.

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