The New Movie

The Story of Freedom.

Familiarity recognizes repetitious thinking governed by Emotional Anatomy, shaped by etched habits of thinking and acting.  Tricked, trapped and blinded, the old movie plays on.  Gratitude reboots the machine.  From this position of brand new thinking, if you were free to choose, most will choose our freedom to become a part of The New Movie.  Realizing the matriarchal nature of our species (it is predominantly the women who raise our children), magnificent men will strive more intentionally to contribute their best to develop The Magnificent Woman. Superheroes. The New Movie.

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  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    Everywhere, Deeply Wounded Emotional Anatomy.
    There are too many stories like this one.

    Catastrophic thinking, “I get scared and overwhelmed. It makes me feel insecure. I’m an upfront kind of guy. The more open I am, the more comforted I feel. You may not understand me yet, but ever since I was a little kid I have had to feel terrified, separate, alone, different and isolated with fear as my underlying emotion boiling into panic, anxiety and anger. The more people I tell, the more information I get back.

    I was convinced there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t cool enough, unpopular, shy… different. And this feeling would reach its ugly tentacle out to grab my heart and pull it in. My emotions cannot escape its relentless grasp. And in its clutches I have no reasoning, no memory of single breath gratitude relief.

    Then I beat myself up. I am thinking if only I could understand it then I could change and make it better. Yet I discover, there is no reasoning with this record in my head. And then the ugly monster comes back and tells me I should just die.
    My frustration lashes out and hurts others. I hate myself.”

    Compassion for our fellow man. The Magnificent Man, The Magnificent Woman. As we assist one another into discovering our “element” we must also acknowledge our world war III, Freedom vs Slavery. We are each responsible for contributing awareness of our own slavery.

    We have been given “Dominion”. We are each, personally, important and valuable to the future of freedom in this world. Let us help each other speak this language of Freedom. (read on) Superheroes. The New Movie.

  2. Dina4now says:

    Process or power of thinking;
    Way of thinking associated with a particular time, group, etc.
    Idea or piece of reasoning produced by thinking.
    Partly formed intention. “The Oxford Dictionary”

    Reading this definition I think of thought as being something that began, as in a particular time. Thought is then processed thru reasoning formed by intention.

    I don’t think that we started out in this world processing our thoughts. I have experienced thru raising my own children that in the beginning they grew through stimulation of the senses; touch, sounds, and sight developing from a single dimension to two and then 3 dimensions. Babies who do not get this stimulation rarely develop the motor skills necessary for moving forward into experiences which process thoughts and ideas. All areas of their development seem to be affected when one area is affected. All the parts must work together in a developmental harmony for the health of the child. With stimulation and nourishment, the human child is designed to move forward in her development.

    As adults, I don’t believe we were designed to stop developing, growing, and processing. Unlike children, who depend on others, we must stop looking for some universal mother to drop a breast in our mouths while whispering cooing sounds. We must chose to take the initiative to nurture and continue developing ourselves, for the sake of freedom. Or be resolved to slavery without inspiration. If we allow our thoughts to stay stunted in repetitive thinking, there is no development, there are no thought processes. Just tricked into thinking that there is something to process, over, and over again. We must chose freedom and be inspired by it.

    So, what is the stimulant to our development if not the inspiration to move forward towards freedom? “PAIN”. Pain becomes the stimulant inspiring us forward out of the flames, out of slavery. Pain teaches. It cries out, “you were not created to be consumed but shaped by fire”. It was intended to move us at all cost to our survival. And to that we can all say “thank YOU” because if humans weren’t designed that way, we would fail.

    Seek inspiration, that being inspired you may inspire others towards freedom.
    I chose freedom.. I start here..

  3. DrGilgamesh says:

    Pain Teaches. And Love is the answer. As James Allen saw clearly the mind as a garden, ideally nurtured into beauty, so too the seedlings of human minds take root in the arms of their mother’s love, the vision of The Magnificent Woman. Intelligently designed, DNA driven Emotional Anatomy takes shape from before birth and into our future, each of us bathed in the mood movies, chemical, social, emotional and physical environments surrounding our development. Early wounds seem especially difficult to overcome because of misunderstood scars permanently etched into the emotional anatomy, then stimulating emotional reflexes out of control.

    Our thoughts come forth dancing from within these emotional environments. Gratitude Reboots the Machine and starts our thinking all over again. Refreshed, we can hear there is radical opposition (called evil) to this simple genius of freedom, offering us freedom to choose for the better.

    Discovering Single Breath Gratitude Relief offers us the free choice of learning to navigate through our wounded mental states toward DNA designed places within our human emotional anatomy, connected into awe inspired, liberated, interactive, dancing brain, places of peace, not catastrophe.

    You personally have heard this place cry out, “you were not created to be consumed but shaped by fire”. Revealed through gratitude, this place of heart home peace was intended to inspire your free choice. Personally significant to the future of freedom, your adult choices are joining into the universal battle for freedom. This battle begins inside your own imagination. The mood movies generated there are choosing between freedom and slavery. Too many fall prey to the prison of darkness and pass their blind slavery along to future generations through repetitious wounding. As many as possible must be reached for our survival. Freedom wins wars because it is the most rewarding experience in living yet most know nothing of this option.

    Freedom naturally chooses the Magnificent Woman, who will hold our babies in their arms and inspire the next generation through their love. The magnificent man understands this and devotes himself, sacrificing all for our freedom to choose.

    Personally significant and personally responsible for the future of freedom, we hope to inspire as many as possible to become aware of their own thoughts and actions, punctuated by gratitude, to discover and describe the opposition to our freedom to choose.

    Gratitude reboots the machine. I am claiming this simple truth is proof of Intelligent Design and you personally can “hear” inside your own mind the voices screaming in opposition.
    Superheroes choosing to live The New Movie.

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