Gnarly Knots


The gnarly knots of wounded emotional anatomy, a devastating reality.

“It is nice what you are trying to do doctor, but it hurts too much. So I just don’t care because it hurts too much to care.” The mother of five whose hopes for her children were betrayed too many times, out of her control, explained herself as she slipped back into her self protective shell to seek protection from her painful prison.

But our intention is to offer hope to as many as can hear: Intelligent Design.

The successful business man father of five whose gnarly knots left him paralysed in bed. He understood navigating emotional anatomy. His single breath relaxation was not enough by itself to free him from his prison. He recognized the generations of painfully wounded emotional anatomy were being passed along to his own children. His persistent search found flying lessons. A carefully adjusted dosage of medication mobilized him to action.

“The depression is still there, but now I can fight it. The feelings are not as intense.” In his tug of war, choosing a vision of freedom and legacy, he learned familiarity with his patterns of feelings and behaviors as evidence of his wounded emotional anatomy. Repeatedly choosing freedom found that familiarity with emotional anatomy developed as he watched himself get tricked and trapped back in to bed, tempted to give in, quickly rebounding on behalf of legacy to the generations; “Daddy Daddy”. Freedom vs Slavery. We are each personally significant to the future of freedom in this world. Freedom cannot be forced.   Intelligent Design.

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  1. Dina4now says:

    Understanding legacy and the significance of raising children, she made the sacrifice of self that her children would have more, more nourishment, more time, more guidance even if it had to be sought out and paid for. But as time went on and her children grew to be strong, she began to grow weaker. For she had not the same support, and had a hard time understanding how to nurture herself. She had God, and if not for Him would of failed in all things, for orphans rarely know what their legacy is. Yet the longing to be understood, acknowledged, and to belong rolled around inside her like “gnarly knots” tying her up inside where no one was even aware. She knew they were there, those knots, yet navigating away from there only put them aside for a while. How do you satisfy such a craving to belong, to trust, even knowing God, the loneliness would sometimes paralyse her. She understood that even Adam walking with God in the garden was lonely for companionship. A companion, today she thought it must mean something else. The relationships she did form seem to always find fault reconstructing her unworthiness over and over no matter how many times she tore it down.
    As her children grew and started to have their own live, needing her less and less, she had trouble finding significance and the knots began to be her only companion..Yes she had the Lord…but it seems somedays he to is silent…I wonder…does he ever get lonely….is this a side of his image or entirely of our own making….is she imagining this….is this it….then do pray God come soon and let me walk behind you just to be in your presence…. (a letter from a friend)

  2. Demark says:

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