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This is war and these are our families and friends. Compassion for our selves and for others is discovered through gratitude. If it weren’t this simple, we would be doomed. It may be simple but certainly not easy. If navigating our emotional anatomy is this challenging for me, then compassion for our family, friends and others. For the future of freedom, we need you now more than ever.

Gratitude Gets Headlines

Gratitude gets headlines in The Huffington Post 12/24/2012 reporting on Oprah’s “lifeclass”. “When the going gets tough, the tough give thanks.” What a fabulous contribution to our open source language for freedom fighters everywhere. She has not yet included … Continue reading

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My Disclaimer

I have never been the smartest of people.  Yet, I have been most privileged by my good fortune to have met the very best of people for which I give thanks.   The most important good news is I am … Continue reading

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Windows to the soul

  This is exciting! Curiosity has done its job when it opens windows to the soul. The movie like glimpse of these small bits of understanding arrive in soft whispers, little clips at a time, invitations, the tease of Intelligent … Continue reading

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  Curiosity is inviting. Remember emotions like rainbows? Each emotion generates its own set of mood movies. It is my hope that the words we are using will invite you to explore Emotional Anatomy and encourage your curiosity. Hopefully the … Continue reading

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  Mood movies found in curiosity allow our familiarity with our personality a chance to grow, we begin meeting the obstacles we must identify through feelings triggered out of our control.  Compassion grows through gratitude for newly found pleasures of vision … Continue reading

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