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We are each personally responsible for recognizing the primacy of Emotional Anatomy. Structured by DNA, Emotions and Attitudes organize our thoughts. Imagination finds its way Home, to our Hearts Home and becomes more aware of Recognizable patterns, “Emotional Anatomy” called personality.
When the mood changes the movie changes.

Freedom vs Slavery

Freedom vs Slavery. 99%+ say that when given a choice they will choose freedom. Yet 2/3rds are overweight, rarely exercise, eat bad foods, won’t talk about bad habits, can’t understand what makes it is so hard to be human, slaves … Continue reading

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The Gratitude Spot

Freedom vs Slavery. An obvious compartment we can use to demonstrate how emotional anatomy works is the bathroom.  We typically keep our private separate from our public, on purpose.  Uncomfortable emotions create their own personality, drawing boundaries in conversation and … Continue reading

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Unforgiving Wounds

Just returned from a writer”s conference, best thing I ever did for myself. Speaking to others of Freedom vs Slavery as the two words that summarize the human challenge we all face together, is also the freedom to express myself … Continue reading

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Gratitude Gets Headlines

Gratitude gets headlines in The Huffington Post 12/24/2012 reporting on Oprah’s “lifeclass”. “When the going gets tough, the tough give thanks.” What a fabulous contribution to our open source language for freedom fighters everywhere. She has not yet included … Continue reading

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“The Element”

  What a privilege it is to find “The Element” by Ken Robinson, a celebrated educational visionary and creative thinker. With his many ideas, he is advocating for a transformation in our approach to educating people.  His theories confirm valuable … Continue reading

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Navigating Emotional Anatomy

The mind works best when it becomes confident comfortable and familiar with its own Emotional Anatomy.   There is a place of heart felt peace and gratitude where thought starts all over again, offering freedom to choose.   Where there … Continue reading

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