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I have imagined ‘flying lessons’ as a useful imagery to assist in developing a confident set of tools for thinking and living. Flying because imagination is fluid and open, a must for recognizing Emotional Anatomy. The imagery operates in our minds eye as though a movie projector in three dimensions. Flying through this imaginative movie machine can only be accomplished successfully when skills of navigation are developed. We will all do well to pitch in to this open source language of human character traits that make finding our way through this imaginative jungle possible. The story of Freedom.

“We are all responsible”

The biggest problem we all face is explaining ourselves.  Because others cannot hear what we are saying.  I like to claim that we are all working together on this open source language which intends to describe how our human mind … Continue reading

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Life in Every Breath

This is an open source language describing the structure and function of Human Emotional Anatomy which forms the foundation of brain architecture affecting how our human mind works.  Intellect must be persuaded to understand and accept the primacy of Emotional … Continue reading

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New Life in Every Breath

“Begin with the end in mind.” It’s good advice. I will. The Liberated Dancing Brain will explain itself. Excited alive by inspiration within our being, gratitude guides our navigation heart home wisdom to explain and demonstrate Emotional Anatomy. “Lensing” helps … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Love

“Just how it is”  Princess Moana

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The Missionaries Missed It, “Connection”

Continuing our navigation within the human heart’s design to be inspiration for expanding “connection” into Vision from Heaven, the legacy of freedom, which we wish to share with the world, now includes the Disney Board Room as they develop their … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Woman

There is vision within the heart of human emotional anatomy that resonates with recognition when we hear these words: The Magnificent Woman. We are developing an Open Source Language devoted to the future of freedom, our legacy, it is up … Continue reading

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Finding Freedom

Nicely timed in the history of this world’s psychological mindfulness now awareness, disoriented, we have lost our way.  Navigating Home again is in desperate need of “flying lessons” to find our way.  Discovering, not yet knowing, the simple genius found … Continue reading

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Free to Refuse

Free to refuse. There is opposition to accepting that we humans are intelligently designed. At our core is Freedom to Choose, which means we are also free to refuse.  So our intelligently designed organism must counter with its own naturally … Continue reading

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The Guidance System

For flying lessons to be successful, I must first introduce ‘single breath relaxation’, a wonderfully simple guidance system.  It turns out that the mind works best and most effectively when it is freely choosing within a natural state of quiet, … Continue reading

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Freedom vs Slavery. We have discovered a simple set of ideas that makes a difference in the way people think. The tug of war between stories. Gratitude is the only logical response. Intelligent Design.

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