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You have heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, two words that make thousands of “mood movies” : Emotional Anatomy.

The Movies Change with the Mood. Thoughts influence moods and moods determine thought until vision realizes the battle for freedom and moves us to action. Personal Significance is rewarding and motivates our living to learn Navigation through this Emotional Anatomy, Flying Lessons.

New Life in Every Breath

“Begin with the end in mind.” It’s good advice. I will. The Liberated Dancing Brain will explain itself. Excited alive by inspiration within our being, gratitude guides our navigation heart home wisdom to explain and demonstrate Emotional Anatomy. “Lensing” helps … Continue reading

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Gratitude by Design

Gratitude enlivens, refreshes and cleanses our thoughts as we begin our search for wisdom from within our many options.  Simple genius, but we humans are challenged and must learn to choose wisely amongst our many options. Freedom vs Slavery. Emotional … Continue reading

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Free to Refuse

Free to refuse. There is opposition to accepting that we humans are intelligently designed. At our core is Freedom to Choose, which means we are also free to refuse.  So our intelligently designed organism must counter with its own naturally … Continue reading

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The Tug of War

The battle between freedom and slavery is world war III. This is where we discover there is poetry in navigating our fluid emotional spaces.   These are mood movies dancing.   Notice the tug of war between the stories that are told … Continue reading

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Compartments 0

We must Learn to talk about our compartments. By design, we deal with the challenges of life as they arrive one after another. We form a dominant compartment of thinking and behavior we call our personality, even our character. The … Continue reading

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  Curiosity is inviting. Remember emotions like rainbows? Each emotion generates its own set of mood movies. It is my hope that the words we are using will invite you to explore Emotional Anatomy and encourage your curiosity. Hopefully the … Continue reading

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