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The Story of Freedom. You are personally responsible for the legacy of freedom passed down to you at great cost throughout history. Each generation has had to fight its own battle to preserve the gift of freedom. This open source language for how the mind works is attempting a short hand description that explains the tug of war: Freedom vs Slavery. Mood movies can enslave us. Gratitude reboots the machine.

The Story of Freedom

Here I will try again to tell The Story of Freedom. There is the tug of war between the many stories. (Imagination; Vision; Story Telling; World View; Perspective) This is War and it is best seen through the Lens of … Continue reading

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The Missionaries Missed It, “Connection”

Continuing our navigation within the human heart’s design to be inspiration for expanding “connection” into Vision from Heaven, the legacy of freedom, which we wish to share with the world, now includes the Disney Board Room as they develop their … Continue reading

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The Battle for Freedom

I propose this open source vocabulary will enhance understanding our Human thinking. Moods and attitudes determine the movies playing in our mind.  Imagine thinking to be more like watching television while our moods choose the channels.  These are mood movies … Continue reading

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The Story of Freedom

Intelligently Designed.   The New Movie.   The Story of Freedom.   Inspires personal significance to the future of freedom in this world.   Without you, the story cannot be told to the others in your family, friendships or community.    The Magnificent Woman. If we … Continue reading

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