Compartments II

Freedom vs Slavery.

This simple emphasis is important to me because of how challenging it is for people to become aware of themselves, or even become interested in discovering any new way of thinking.  Stuck in isolated intellectual compartments of ideas, this very stubbornness of human thinking shows itself most obviously in addiction.  Called denial, there is an unwilling inability to see beyond ones own self absorbed narcissistic perspective.  Called personality, I am stuck with myself until excited interest discovers vision and inspiration that invites the beginnings of a new compartment more powerful than all the rest.  This is The Story of Freedom.  Tug of War.

This tug of war is our social political nightmare.  For example: In need of austerity planning similar to that demanded of Spain and Greece, world leadership has become addicted to borrowing against our children’s future.  We are in need of freedom to choose wisely, personally and globally.

As multiple compartments weave themselves together into elaborate devoted thinking, touching deeply rooted heart spots within emotional anatomy, compartments get to be called religious.  Religions form when thoughts, ideas and images become repetitious self justifying dogma established by generations, and attributed to God.  Religions are man made compartments no longer able to see themselves as in a prison of ideas, even persisting into war.  Freedom to choose a dynamic relationship with eternal God is responsive to visions from heaven and is opposed by compartments enslaved.  Tug of War.

Compartments contain specialized thinking.  Images ideas urges impulses behaviors moods attitudes and thoughts in our mind form into compartments in response to similar, sometimes familiar, emotional challenges.   It is emotional anatomy that shapes the architecture of memories within our mind this way, by design, to be available to respond in the future to similar emotional challenges. These are habits and patterns of thinking which occur automatically until a free choice is made available to change our habits and patterns.

Emotional Anatomy is architecture that is easily wounded.  As a consequence, painful, self protecting, emotional reflexes dictate responses within the as yet unaware.  Inviting our interest, the highly valued and precious gift of freedom to choose is made possible by design. Gratitude reboots the machine and offers each of us the chance to choose again.  Freedom vs Slavery. Intelligent Design.

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