Compartments I

The Gratitude Spot, The Heart Spot.

Compartments contain specialized thinking.  It seems to me that thoughts in our minds form into compartments of ideas that are organized in response to similar, sometimes familiar, emotional challenges.  Ideas are structured within our mind this way, by design, to be available to respond in the future to similar emotional challenges.

Unfortunately, wounded emotional anatomy may form powerful compartments of thinking in response to the wounds that enslave our future responses via deeply engrained emotional reflexes which are inflexible and activate rigid intellectual compartments.  “The heart spot” is inaccessible via these partially isolated thinking brain compartments.

The Intelligent Design of Emotional Anatomy is an observable idea as it forms in us, in our mind’s eye, the beginnings of a compartment specific for thinking about emotional anatomy takes shape and scrutinizes the concept itself.

There is a history in the media for the use of the term intelligent design.  It may therefore trigger in the reader an already formed compartment of ideas that contains presupposed concepts that could conflict with and or compliment the formation of a new compartment for the purpose of interpreting emotional anatomy.

Compartments contain specialized thinking.  Especially successful people know themselves to be nicely compartmentalized.  They are off to work with their game face on and perform flawlessly.  They return home and settle into their family life at leisure.  They engage social, political, emotional and intellectual challenges effectively.  They exercise and have hobbies.  There may still be hidden unresolved habits, no one is perfect.

It seems important to me to recognize that  compartments are shaped emotionally.  That is why the emphasis upon emotional anatomy.  Human thinking is organized emotionally.  When the mood changes the movie changes. Unfamiliar with emotional anatomy leaves personalities at the whim of their emotional state. Disoriented, driven by emotional reflexes, people get lost in the ocean of emotion in desperate need of reorienting their thinking.

The human mind set has lost its way for lack of understanding itself within its Intelligently Designed emotional anatomy.  Native populations of humans were far more dependent on living deeply connected to their environments within heart and emotional spaces.

Our human intellect forms compartments of thinking which specialize in solving the problems presented to us emotionally.  The intellect then argues over which of its many compartments is best and chooses to allow some to dominate.  Most recently, “the power of positive thinking” attempted to suggest personal control over this attribute of our mind.

Wisdom, by design, is a gift we eventually seek to receive via the opening made available to us as we return and choose the heart spot.  Familiarity with emotional anatomy invites our choosing gratitude to guide our receptive awareness. The suggestion that our intellect is capable of shaping a successful compartment to dominate all the others ignores the value of freedom to choose this gift.

Emotional walls may purposefully limit access to specific compartments formed by painful circumstances, isolated on purpose to be saved for a later time when the person is better able to handle the information contained therein.   Competition emphasizes the separateness of compartments rather than freedom to choose wisely amongst them.

This concept of compartmentalization is especially important for understanding those whose emotional reflexes accelerate too quickly into violence and war.  Very personally, frustration can provoke arguing, verbal outbursts and abuse, marital discord, child abuse,  domestic violence, road rage, violence in the work place, intolerance, desire for control, prohibition, drug lords, dictatorships, repression, our loss of freedom to choose.

This is a set of ideas intended to locate within the emotional anatomy of the human heart mind body soul spirit the intelligently designed guidance system intended to inspire our free choice, available through choosing the gratitude spot, “the heart spot”.

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