Compartments III

Freedom vs Slavery. This struggle can be seen most clearly through “the heart spot”.

As displayed in the damaged tree trunk, gnarly knots are formed within wounded emotional anatomy and forever affect the shape of the tree, still beautiful trees.  Powerful memory compartments save ways of thinking to survive in response to our early wounds and enslave our future personality via deeply seated, gnarly knots of emotional reflexes. “That’s just who I am.  I am stuck with myself.”

Nothing changes until excited interest discovers vision and inspiration that invites the beginnings of a new compartment more attractive than all the rest that is willing to face our challenges. This is the story of freedom. I like to call this compartment “the new movie”.

Our many hours of psychobabble does not change emotional anatomy that is already formed. More appropriately, we are investing in our confidence. This is new confidence which understands our need to form a new compartment of thinking. This is new learning which becomes grateful to be more aware and familiar with our wounded emotional anatomy especially our emotional reflexes. I am suggesting “Flying Lessons” as vocabulary that helps us learn and encourage the many new skills we need to navigate these complicated emotional passages.

Our emotional anatomy is easily wounded when we are young. Often unaware, unsupported and discouraged, our responses to these early wounds are chosen by our inexperienced children as the best we can do under the circumstances.  It is for this reason that emotional anatomy becomes trapped in reflexes formed for survival. The better we get at understanding our own habits, patterns and responses, the more love and compassion we can have for ourselves, family and friends struggling to navigate their own gnarly knots of complicated emotion.

The human brain is layered, lizard brain, dear brain, thinking brain and creatively interactive, inspired, dancing brain, all organized by emotional anatomy which is, at its core, wholly and freely accessible through our mind’s deepest root, “the heart spot”.  Stubborn intellectual compartments enslave us and prevent us from learning access to the liberated interactive creative brain.  Unfamiliar, never allowed, terrifying, painful, gnarly knots of emotional anatomy get activated by our seeking the liberated brain, threatening with pain to shut it down or force its explosion. Freedom vs Slavery.

As we grow, mature, encourage, support, nurture, educate, liberate, understand, and expand into our “element”, we join into the story of freedom, we become “smarter stronger better wiser”, more aware and ready to confront our world war III, the battle for freedom.  Tug of War.  Intelligent Design.

The heart spot is accessible.  The very simple, Single Breath Relaxation, begins through gratitude, our journey of discovery into emotional anatomy.  The complicated, frequently painful, gnarly knots obstruct our access to the deepest part of our emotional being, preventing our freedom to choose, “the heart spot”.

Gratitude reboots the machine.

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