Compartments IV

Emotional Anatomy is an observable conceptual anatomy which can be recognized and better understood as the idea itself takes shape within us.  In our mind’s eye, the beginnings of a new compartment specific for thinking about emotional anatomy begins to develop as soon as the mind starts to think about the concept.  “Emotional Anatomy, What’s that?

Brain compartments are intellectual memory units collected and organized by rapidly interconnecting, emotionally guided pathways.  This new compartment collects thoughts, images, urges and ideas about this subject of emotional anatomy at the same time as we recognize the deeply rooted “heart spot”, discovered through gratitude, allows immediate access and awareness of the elaborate simultaneous associations between so many other compartments already formed.

Compassion for one another as many may be quickly overwhelmed by the sudden rush of highly painful, well hidden, compartmentalized memories, which at first we’d rather not remember.

It is your personal response to my vocabulary that I hope will help you recognize your own emotional anatomy and begin to help us all describe a new, more effective way of looking at how the mind structures its thoughts.  We are all human, dealing with very similar challenges, being human.   There are no two people exactly alike but all are very human.  Excited enlivened enthusiastic experience is our most rewarding experience, so of course I am hopeful these ideas will trigger within you, a marvelously familiar mental lens, curiosity, awe and wonder.

So my first responsibility to us all is to activate healthy attractive emotional systems already known for carving out effective efficient memory units.  Whenever the subject is especially exciting, it’s easier to remember and sustain our interest, curiosity, awe and wonder.  Freedom vs Slavery.

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