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We must Learn to talk about our compartments. By design, we deal with the challenges of life as they arrive one after another. We form a dominant compartment of thinking and behavior we call our personality, even our character.

The most fortunate among us pass through an orderly development and emerge relatively whole. Each stage of life offering progressively difficult challenges, we mature, acquire wisdom, develop our service, earn a living, have children, role model for family friends and community, teach, mentor and pass along our legacy.

We all discover that we must manage parts of ourselves that are less than ideal. We must all deal with thoughts feelings and behaviors that are rebellious and learn to guide ourselves to do well, self control. That’s the reason we all need “flying lessons” and good teachers too.

Well all of this growth and development is taking place and becoming organized within our minds eye by forming the emotional anatomy of compartmentalized thinking. I call it intelligently designed because when a new challenge arises, our emotional response to the new challenge references our lifetime of learning how to deal with that type of situation by choosing from compartments of memories and reflexes activated by our initial emotional reflex.

Ideally, our vast array of experience offers a right answer, we respond wisely avoiding pit falls and move on to the next challenge. This is the tug of war. This is our World War III. This is where emotional reflexes can overwhelm our better judgment. This is the battle between freedom and slavery.

I am proposing that through our open source language, we are shaping a new compartment within our emotional anatomy. We are choosing a vocabulary that is inviting exciting enticing our intelligently designed desire for freedom to choose.

Given a free choice, which will you choose, truth or a lie, honesty or dishonesty, freedom or slavery.

You personally are important and valuable to the future of the world. The choices you make, make a difference.

Smarter, Stronger, Better, Wiser, we are shaping a new compartment for understanding the story of freedom. Enjoy. Gratitude reboots the machine.

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