There is a gentle peace to be found in gratitude and a genuinely rewarding confidence grows grateful in recognition of itself.  Freedom to choose is the intelligent design as human emotional anatomy is most likely to choose the most rewarding experience in living. The Story of Freedom.  Gratitude Reboots the Machine.  This is confidence which can be tested, recognized, appreciated and freely chosen.

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  1. dina4now says:

    Genuine confidence grows in gratitude in recognition of itself.
    There are many levels of confidence that only through testing can mature to a place of recognizing what is confidence, what is pride, what is ego. We identify with how confident we are instead of confidence identifing us.

    There are many of us who have worked hard at careers to bring it to a place of satisfaction with “This is who I am”. But for those who in our society today have faced the loss of jobs due mostly to our economy, will find confidence tested indeed. The loss of a job you’ve been at for 20 or so years affects your whole life, your home, your children, your relationship. It begs the questions “who am I now”? Uprooted confidence.

    A mother who dedicates her life for her children , and those children grow up and leave the nest, begs the question,” who am I now.” You get my point. I think the “who we are” is always changing really, weather externally, or internally. And so does our confidence on a personal level because we identify with it. Therefore confidence is always tested and consequently not a fixed state of mind. The only thing that I have confidence in is testing, challenges and ultimately change, and change again.

    Most of the confidence we have in ourselves reminds me of the way a parent hides the fact that certain vitamins are in a child’s lunch. They just won’t eat it if they know its good for them, in a child’s eye it has to be colorful, or sweet. Ah the taste of small successes, how colorful and sweet to identify ourselves by. Oh Oh, change, out of my comfort zone…that could be good for me…but it is not always sweet or colorful.

    I guess confidence starts small on a personal level. Confidence begins with what your parents tell you as a small child, “your a good boy”, “yes! you ran faster than him”, “you can do it”. Then as you grow and go out into the world your friends, or not, tell you differently and “bam” the first tender shoot of confidence is uprooted. You can talk all you want to your kid at this point, but it will be through his own thought processes that confidence will be replanted, a little deeper each time.

    All we can do is is prepare the ground for the planting of one’s own confidence. We can give confidence only at the level of truth that says, I’m confident you will have struggles, changes, challenges, and at times the total annihilation of confidence, but there will be guides, and teachers, and spiritual grace, have confidence in this, this is life, on life’s terms. Confidence is not on a life or death level, however it will have its beginnings and endings till recognition comes in a confidence that is visionary, so much more than at a personal level, its out of this world.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    “Confidence … will have its beginnings and endings till recognition comes in a confidence that is visionary, so much more than at a personal level, its out of this world.” And now we get to share in a confidence designed to be accessable within this world, confidence within the intelligent design, confidence in gratitude. Gratitude reboots the machine and starts our thinking all over again. It works better and better each time we try. Check it out. It is your free choice.

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