Curiosity is inviting. Remember emotions like rainbows? Each emotion generates its own set of mood movies. It is my hope that the words we are using will invite you to explore Emotional Anatomy and encourage your curiosity. Hopefully the moods that emerge from this discussion invite your desire to become more familiar with how your own emotional anatomy works and how it compares to my efforts to describe mine. Inquisitive, a mood closely related to curiosity but with its own set of mood movies, generates even more interest. Please join in.

Navigating emotion is a skill. I am proposing that we can develop skills that make navigating even strange feelings curiously interesting. If we are fortunate, we get to be excited, another mood, by our effort to navigate our own emotional anatomy. Curiosity helps us become more familiar with how mood movies are arranged and organized, sometimes even forcing our personality. Curiously, there is a pivotal first choice that must be made continuously within our hearts. Freedom or Slavery, because it is curiously human nature to get stuck somewhere in a variety of mood movies. Gratitude reboots the machine.

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  1. Dina4now says:

    Curiosity is inviting..And like the rainbow it has many shades of emotion for me, like the red of suspicion or the blues of sadness, and the indigo of love. All of them have provoked my curiosity. Curious to know if these colors of emotion are truly mine as in freely chosen, or recorded from spliced pieces of memory. I am trying, as I am washed over by flashing colors of emotions to observe the movie, and my reactions. It is not always liberating to stand as an observer of your own life because the movie is powerful and still invokes emotions, and like flashing lights identification can slip thru your grasp. It is in the more quiet times after viewing the movie, that small bits of understanding comes in soft whispers. Little clips at a time, windows to the soul, revealing. It is in those small moments of seeing that a new movie begins.

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