Emotional Anatomy

This theory is based upon what I claim to be a reproducible truth and direct observation. To begin with, I am claiming there is an emotional anatomy that is as real and observable as physical anatomy. However, where physical anatomy is observable via visible and tangible attributes, emotional anatomy requires visualization, conceptualization, imagination, intellectualization and familiarity to understand.

This would prove to be impossible if it were not governed by simple, elegant, principles which I regard as intelligently designed and part of a guidance system intended to demonstrate a consistent, intensional genius within its structure.

Gratitude reboots the machine and offers freedom to choose again.

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2 Responses to Emotional Anatomy

  1. Dina4now says:

    I recently read an article in the magazine Parabola called, “Where the Two Seas Meet” by Llewellyn Vaughan Lee where she describes from a perspective, what it means to be spirit and human simultaneously, and the struggle for freedom, “to live caught in the currents of divine consciousness and yet also held in the sea of human experience”, which I did find to be a “reproducible truth” and a very good “direct observation”.

    In your description of Emotional anatomy, I can understand on an intellectual level how through direct observation we are all on a very similar journey. As you say; “look at the anatomy of the hand and it is the same with us all.” Yet it is through direct experience of our divine nature that we begin to imagine or visualize our unique intention or purpose, fingerprints of a soul.

    And still there will always be a struggle, “when the patterns that define our human existence are affected by the more powerful currents from the divine”. Only with the exception of grace through surrender, are we for a period of time will we moved by the divine currents to still waters, where the presence of love knows no sense of self. Yet again to be pulled by our humanness to try and “make sense of a journey in which we are lost, found and lost again.”

    Love’s journey often scars the heart, revealing what it is to be human and divine to “stand at the place where two seas meet” but this direct experience is in a place without time, without belonging to a past or future, it is our direct experience and deepest knowing of self, the greatest contribution we can make.

    What is it about being human thats resist giving our selves to love, to this power within. Why is it that we fight, defend ourselves, “swim against the current”, the doubts, distress, anger and fear not allowing us to surrender, to give of one’s self? Can this too be what it means to be human? It’s not easy to surrender , we aren’t made that way. “It takes time to bow down before God. And we bow down again and again when we are most vulnerable, and yet from this battering by love something is born, a silence, a quality of being. If we stay where the two seas meet we will be changed, that love will reveal its secrets, secrets that are both human and divine.”

    “In the moment of human experience, between the in-breath and the out-breath, is that light of meaning made manifest. And this light coming into the world, being manifest in each of us, is the love story of the Beloved. To live this this love story is to be present where the two seas meet.”

  2. Dina4now says:

    I guess what I am trying to say is; I have come to a place in my life through a long process of becoming familiar with patterns, emotions, regrets, and being human to sometimes grasp the reality that only through an awareness of the divine can I forgive myself, and keep heading in the direction of the light. Only through the divine can I have hope, faith and love, the greatest of these being love. It is Divinely Human.

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