Emotional Reflexes

We are grassroots people engaged in the battle for freedom.  Without vision we lose our way.  Without freedom we cannot choose our way.  Without understanding we are human emotional reflexes designed for survival.  Through illusion we are enslaved.  The truth sets us free.  Gratitude reboots the machine and offers another chance to choose wisely.  Intelligent Design.


As a species we must invest in confident familiarity with the tug of war between the stories which seek control over our hearts and minds. We are human beings designed to choose successful lives while meeting unseen, intelligent opposition, which causes painful wounding, often disabling our emotional anatomy.  There is even evidence for the scarring of our nervous systems and the leaving of indelible traces in our DNA.  Yet still, there is freedom to choose.


Intelligent Design must contain within itself the demonstration of its simple genius otherwise it becomes unbelievable and will not be freely chosen.  Similarly, by design, freedom to choose is naturally rewarding as it inspires the vast majority of us to freely choose for the good of more freedom. Otherwise human systems would have collapsed long ago. Yet our lives including my own and the history channel are filled with examples of how our free choices misunderstood and unaware leave us deeply wounded and enslaved in this tug of war by the power of emotional reflexes out of our control.


As I attempt to examine the usefulness of this theory, I have discovered a peculiar phenomenon which displays emotional anatomy in action.  A rather large percentage of those who study with me describe forgetting to do their single breath relaxation.  It is not unusual for me to hear many weeks later, “I just didn’t think about it.  No, I didn’t forget about it.  Now that you mention it, I remember.  And yes, it is useful when I use it.  I just didn’t think about it.”


Yet there are frequently repetitious complaints about the same uncomfortable habits that prompted a desire for this study of emotional anatomy in the first place, to understand and become familiar with the gnarly knots themselves.  “Why do I feel this way or that and go on doing what I don’t want to do?”  As I have said before, emotional anatomy doesn’t change, but it can be navigated through familiarity with how it works by our free choice.  Gratitude reboots the machine.


The modern half century has been dominated by positive thinkers who have left us responding to terrorists, occupiers, green and tea parties attempting to express their discontent.  I am not opposed to the free choice of positive ideas, just be aware of the greedy dictatorships that make positive profits the goal rather than freedom to choose for the good of freedom.  “Get away from me.  You are far too negative”, offers Enron, BP and the rest excuses for abuses.


Inspiration is capable of distracting us and may prevent our remembering gratitude’s gift of liberation by design.  Freedom intends to capture imagination through the naturally rewarding experience of endlessly creative thought, open to all, even spiritual influences, excitedly choosing that which is best, most beautiful, personally rewarding and free to choose.  Gratitude is the only logical response.  And through the liberation of our imagination, gratitude demonstrates itself as simple genius.  Intelligent Design.


It is not until you have been overwhelmed, even betrayed by your very personal dreams that the simplicity of gratitude emerges exciting enough to become reliably liberating.  For that moment of freedom offers an opening in the heart able to receive visions from Heaven, the tug of war between stories.

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