Emotional Reflexes

Just like physical reflexes, if you approach a human in just the right way, you will provoke an abrupt automatic response that is not thought out, Emotional Reflexes.

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  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    Freedom to choose Vision from Heaven is not allowed for those enslaved by stories that know nothing of Eternity and Love. The Cell Walls Slam Shut. Curious interest is squashed.

    Freedom requires Familiarity for liberating Navigation to begin, otherwise we constantly run into the prison guards of obstacles we don’t see, totally unaware, Emotional Reflexes out of our control. Emotional Anatomy. Hoping to catch our attention, Pain Teaches.

    Freedom vs Slavery. The superhero’s simple message of Intelligent Design: There is a simple guidance system found in gratitude which reboots the machine and gives us all the chance to choose again. It was made that way on purpose to impress you so you will make the very personal choice to join in. Freedom vs Slavery.

  2. We all interact from a vantage point that is muddled with personal histories and sensitivities.
    I guess the challenge arises when we attempt to recognize and overcome those triggers, because they exist, in a sense as flashbacks, to such fore mentioned obstacles.
    In essence it becomes a choice, that says, I want to position myself in a way that best contributes to that which is around me.
    That requires being able to come to a place where we don’t blame our past for our present, but rather, transform our present to better prepare for what we’re working towards.

  3. Riggs says:

    Nicely said, “the challenge arises when we attempt to recognize and overcome those triggers”. Recognizing Emotional Reflexes which are out of our control motivates our interest in learning how to navigate through these fluid emotional spaces.

    Within Emotional Anatomy there is an Intelligently Designed guidance system discovered through Rhythms of Gratitude. Gratitude reboots the machine and starts our thoughts all over again. Familiarity. Willing to admit, acknowledge, identify, learn from… the obstacles. The obstacles teach us. Familiarity. We are investing in confidence. Confidence that recognizes personal strengths and weaknesses, personal significance. Confidence that freely chooses more and more wisely is a gift for which we say “thank you”… Gratitude for the freedom to choose.

    Confidence in the New Movie moods which “transform our present to better prepare for what we’re working towards.”

  4. dina4now says:

    Freedom requires familiarity,
    for navigation to begin.
    Emotional Anatomy

    I’d like to talk about memories as is the case in familiarity. Anger, fear, and or blame are triggered reflexes, familiar from the memories of our “personal histories and sensitivities”. The process of familiarity is challenging and requires taking responsibility for our state of being as a direct result of our reflexes or free choice.. Like in the case of two siblings remembering the same incident differently, we choose how and what to remember.

    A memory that produces anger cocks back the trigger to respond to the slightest pressure. A memory that produces fear lacks trust through out the day in personal encounters, and blame takes away our significance. The choice of memories affect us mind body soul and spirit, influencing how we create our circumstances.

    So then, the question arises; how and when do we “remember well”?
    You have suggested navigation as a means to freedom. How? through recognition of emotional reflexes, learning what controls the aircraft, to when Gratitude; “thank you I see it”, starts the engine all over again.

    It is at this point in learning navigation that you ask us for a memory of peace in our personal histories. Those memories fuel our transformation to destinations of contribution and personal significance. They clear the skies for flights of vision, navigating us towards personal freedom. A memory is like a guidance system, remember well.

  5. DrGilgamesh says:

    You write well, your explorations are familiar with our human emotional anatomy. Your efforts fuel our enthusiasm for personal significance. Thank you for your contributions. Consider, “Emotional Reflexes” are actually out of our control, slavery. We are investing in confidence. Growing more Familiar with ourselves with every encounter, our confidence grows. Our objective is learning how to navigate around those reflexes into freely choosing The New Movie, The Story of Freedom. The Magnificent Woman.

    “Our choice of memories affects us mind body soul and spirit, influencing how we create our circumstances.” These are the mood movies of emotional anatomy even influencing what and how we remember. Freedom is experienced most clearly as gratitude’s mood movie guides to our heart and restarts our thinking all over again. Through our momentary memory of peace, there is a mood “like a guidance system” we remember well. “The skies clear for flights of vision” that allow us to see clearly the mood movies generated through Rhythms of Gratitude against a back drop of old movie reflexes out of our control. Freedom vs. Slavery.

    Emotional Anatomy is Biological Architecture. This information will not change our human biological architecture. Our hope is generated through imagination. The battle for our freedom begins in the land of imagination. Through Flying lessons, we learn and teach skills of navigation. There is poetry in navigating fluid emotional spaces, motivated by the amazing rewards found in new movie moods of personal significance. Gratitude guides us to our deeply rooted heart spot which by design sees clearly the inspiration offered in The New Movie, freely choosing skillfull navigation, familiar with old movie obstacles, slowly, gratefully, intentionally, strategically, confidently, purposefully choosing, The Magnificent Woman.

    “Remember well”, She is real. Catch a glimpse? Gratitude reboots the machine. Catch a glimpse? Perhaps the obstacles obscure our view. Peaceful Gratitude, “like a guidance system,” finds our deeply rooted heart spot, where by design, we catch a glimpse, and then our thinking starts all over again. Remember well, She is real.

    Familiarity with our Emotional Anatomy recognizes the familiar patterns of opposition that show up as elaborate mood movies capable of trapping us, distracting us. Anatomy from which we cannot escape. Anatomy that knows nothing of gratitude. Anatomy that knows no hope of freedom to choose. Anatomy that is so deeply wounded and self protective that it refuses to talk or become known because it has no skill, willingness, or awareness, “it hurts too much”. Anatomy that actually knows nothing of our heart spot. Convinced of its self protective purpose, “I don’t care. No one else cares. Why should I care?”

    Compassion for our fellow man. Tricked and trapped into unreachable reflexes out of our control. There is nothing we can do until painful slavery makes the story of freedom attractive. Curiosity opens a door. Peaceful Gratitude opens our heart for a moment to “remember well”, The Magnificent Woman. This momentary glimpse of our idealized self is intentional. Intelligent Design. This gift of vision intends to inspire our free choice for more.

  6. Dina 4 Now says:

    Rage for me is the consequence of repeated offenses. It begins early in life as a feeling of hurt, that for the most part is misunderstood by the recipient as being something he or she has done wrong, and a seed of shame is planted. As a result of the lack of communication, and guidance, it is quietly put away in vulnerable and fertile ground.

    For the child, often they find themselves is an environment that lends towards a particular offense being repeated, and more seeds are planted. At first the reaction is nervous and raw drawing in upon itself, the child’s mind unable to interpret what is happening. The adults in this same environment are usually preoccupied by their own areas of under development and are unable to interpret for the child.

    Without the development of trust through communication that produces a safe environment the child will proceed into a defensive mode of self protection, for themselves and sometimes accompanied by the responsibility of protecting those they love. Walls are built, and strong defenses are set outside the gates, where no one is allowed inside. But they were only walls after all built by the hands of children in places they were not meant to be.

    And so as they begin to shift and move through our lives, small cracks appear spilling out uncontrollably that which was meant to be hidden. That loss of control, as more of the wall comes down is at first horrifying, while not yet realizing that as the suffering pours out, the light, however intermittent at first, is also let in, the first light of forgiveness, forgiveness for ourselves and others.

    The same light of which I speak is in the moments of hope, faith or courage coming from within ourselves and yet bigger than ourselves, designed that we might succeed in becoming more than ourselves. For ourselves only is a form of slavery if it is not for all. True this is only a beginning, a small step in the process of discovery, but the recognition of rage when exposed to the light can be seen as a gift because it means the walls are coming down.

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