False Confidence

To help us understand emotional anatomy, consider our feelings as rainbows of emotion.   Just like the many colors of the rainbow, familiarity with our emotional anatomy discovers there are false confidences.   Fortunately we can learn to distinguish these other parts of our emotional anatomy from the real thing:   Like rainbows, when we stand in a different position, look through a different Lens, it will disappear.
When the Mood changes the Movie changes. We cannot even see confidence when we get lost in depression, insecurity, despair, anxiety, fear, etc. then tricked by false confidence, we get blinded by hope, pride, enthusiasm, etc. in our success or lost in disappointment and frustration at our failures…. These are mood movies.

There is a gentle peace to be found in gratitude and a genuinely rewarding confidence grows grateful when we learn to distinguish it from false confidence.   The freedom to choose genuinely rewarding confidence grows greater with familiarity when we are guided by gratitude.

Our Emotional Anatomy is dynamic architecture, just as our physically athletic anatomy is nicely designed to perform well and improve with persistent practice.  There is useful confidence within the athlete that improves as the personal performance improves.  We are attempting words that will help each of us improve and recognize the
Rainbow of Confidence in our own Emotional Anatomy.

In this same way,  familiarity with Emotional Anatomy helps us to develop our skills of navigation, finding our way within our ocean of Emotion.   “We are Voyagers”.
Our skills improve rapidly with practice which helps us to understand how
emotional anatomy works to organize and structure our thinking.

When the Mood changes the Movie changes.

It is our hope and responsibility to attract our interest and curiosity into navigating more and more effectively toward the rainbow of gratitude.

Any emotion you can imagine will have a similar rainbow of expression. Only gratitude reliably guides us to more and more gratitude.  False confidence can trick us into ways of thinking that will shake us and trap us into lost confidence.   The more confidently we are able to find our way through this ocean of emotion, the better we become at distinguishing false confidence within its full spectrum of expression.  Gratitude reboots the machine and allows fresh thinking to choose wisely, genuinely rewarding confidence which gratefully grows with familiarity.

It is through gratitude that we discover the intelligently designed guidance system in human emotional anatomy inviting our confidence in the story of freedom to choose wisely, it’s more rewarding.   When you are free to choose, choose gratitude.

Freedom to choose, this is our heretage and our legacy.

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One Response to False Confidence

  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    For thousands of years, DNA has carried the information that determines our Anatomy. We all look very much like humans, yet there are no two people exactly alike. As part of our nervous system, emotional anatomy develops in the same way. So we are each uniquely challenged to navigate the landscape of our emotional anatomy just as we are challenged by our physical anatomy.

    Take a look at your hand. This anatomy is not about to change. We don’t want it to. It works very well just how it was designed. In fact with practice our anatomy can learn to play very beautiful music. Beautiful music requires a dedication of time and energy devoted to making it happen.

    Our emotional anatomy is not about to change. Intelligently designed, we don’t want it to change. It is intended to impress your interests and motivations and thereby inspire your freedom to choose to help make the world a better place because you are here. Meaning and purpose is eassential to healthy living. Each and every person makes a difference to the future of the world. We are designed to experience Personal Significance.

    By understanding how our human emotional anatomy works, we discover a human truth. We are free to choose. We do not have to remain slaves to our emotional anatomy, consumed by emotional reflexes. We do not have to remain locked into stubborn patterns of thinking. Gratitude reboots the machine and starts our thinking all over again.

    This very elegant reality is for me evidence of intelligent design. If our minds were not designed in this remarkably simple way, we would not have a chance to teach freedom to our children. Such a simple observation can be tested by you personally.

    Rainbows of emotion challenge your choices. Mood movies change moment to moment. But the big movie of personal significance does not change: Compassion for our fellow man. Intelligently designed, only through the lens of gratitude can we see clearly and choose wisely a genuinely rewarding confidence whose beautiful rainbow attracts us forward into more and more gratitude.

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