Finding Freedom

Nicely timed in the history of this world’s psychological mindfulness now awareness, disoriented, we have lost our way.  Navigating Home again is in desperate need of
“flying lessons” to find our way.  Discovering, not yet knowing, the simple genius found in
Single Breath Gratitude Relief, a life saving gift within the DNA itself, designed for helping us to navigate our return Heart Home and recognize Vision from Heaven.
Freedom vs Slavery.

The star Arcturus, called “Hokulea”, was used by the early Hawaiian navigators for finding their Idyllic Kingdom of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, reorienting lost voyagers in their navigation Home.  It is through this language of  “Aloha” that we rediscover our own Heart Home as a locating guiding inner star to help our navigation through the Ocean of Emotion.

Made this way on purpose to impress you personally, DNA carries within itself our most deeply rooted heart spot, which by its design liberates our awe inspired, interactive, dancing brain in our quest to reorient ourselves, offering us freedom to make our own very personal choices for the better, as we navigate toward effective responsible contributions to “dominion” over our tumultuous and struggling planet.

Freedom vs Slavery. Intelligent Design.

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