Free to Refuse

Free to refuse.

There is opposition to accepting that we humans are intelligently designed. At our core is Freedom to Choose, which means we are also free to refuse.  So our intelligently designed organism must counter with its own naturally inspired motivations to overcome how easily we are consumed by lies. Tricked and trapped, the vast majority of people are not yet aware of their personal responsibility to make their own very personal choices between Freedom and Slavery.

Navigating Emotional Anatomy requires familiarity with the large variety and frequently shifting moods which govern the ideas and imagery fighting to control and consume our attention. Our open source language of freedom is attempting a vocabulary that naturally and intentionally liberates the human thought process. This language of freedom believes our species is capable of recognizing how very quickly, easily and personally we are consumed by our pridefully accepted distractions which leave us tricked and trapped, even whole societies trapped unaware.

But as we have already seen and heard, “attitude is everything”.  Emotion organizes the thought process. As a scientist, I am claiming that intentionally woven into the biological design of our organism, there is emotional anatomy which is intended to become liberated awareness within each and every person. The battle for freedom to choose claims that once a person becomes aware of how their mind works, they will freely choose that which is best and most desirable for themselves, their families, their friends, their communities and their species.  We are being offered vision from Heaven, yet habitually and evidently consumed by other sources.

Recall the mind is more like a television set receiving a vast array of influences from which we choose to pay attention, rather than a (sole source) soul source thought generator. Freedom to choose discovers this reciprocity is an essential part of the process.  We are intended to become confident comfortable and familiar within this tug of war for control of our person and thus choose more wisely amongst the options available to us.

Ideally we will offer our children’s children environments that cultivate emotional anatomy capable of accepting personal responsibility for our own essential contribution to this legacy, the legacy of freedom to choose. As a matriarchal species, we must all come to understand how essential is our investment in The Magnificent Woman.

Gratitude, for the simple genius of Intelligently Designed Emotional Anatomy, guides our on going discoveries through single breath relaxation, (read on). Of course, we are free to refuse which offers us all immediate awareness of the many voices in opposition. Gratitude forms the core of emotional anatomy which is designed to guide us into liberated, awe inspired, interactive, dancing brain, freedom to choose, freedom to refuse.

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