Freedom to Choose

I am claiming the mind is intelligently designed. We are free to choose. Free to choose? Intelligently designed? Then our most rewarding experience in living ought to contribute to making life in this world a better experience. Yes!! We are free to choose what is better.

There is also an opposition. Within our thoughts, there is a “tug of war”. Freely choosing what is better allows us to make mistakes so that we can learn and choose more wisely the next time.  Thoughts, images, urges moods and strategies fight for control over our best efforts.  Freedom is capable of sharing openly, even teaching the ideas that guide our choices, actions and world views.  Slavery does not know of these options.

This “Open Source Language” describing how the mind works will get better and better as more and more of us pitch in with ideas that prove themselves to be true. It is designed this way. With freedom to choose the better, many more and different people will contribute, confirm, improve and expand our descriptions of the same and similar observations. The language of freedom to choose will improve.

The fossil record says DNA transmitting effectively designed anatomy means our Emotional Anatomy has been like this from the beginning. I mean the DNA design of our Emotional Anatomy hasn’t changed any more than a hand or a liver, it is being discovered. Investigated by each of us.

Free to choose discovers that accurate navigation and therefor wisely choosing helps. When we are lost in the physical world, a compass helps to find our way. This open source language intends to become useful guidance to you personally.  It intends to improve our knowledge wisdom and understanding of how we function as humans thinking.

There is a “tug of war” inside the heart of every human, an effort to capture our attention and keep us from discovering the truth of Freedom to Choose.

Freedom vs Slavery.

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6 Responses to Freedom to Choose

  1. dina4now says:

    The image of intelligent design brings to my mind a pendulum set in motion by a mood. If I allow certain moods to go unchecked, the mood becomes the weight that starts the pendulum swinging from side to side in a predictable motion. It becoming more deadly as it picks up force in the focus of attention. Separation occurs at the point of contact, resulting in the death of intelligence as it lies divided, and I am no longer free to choose.
    Choice is to stand undivided, guided by the intention of single mindedness, towards a vision of peace at all costs.
    The pendulum was created and constructed piece by piece in it’s entirety by my ideas, thoughts, emotions and choices. I claimed them as my individuality, and took possession “this is who I am” and yet ask “who am I?” Intelligent design is the inheritance of mankind that sets in motion the tug of wag between who I think I am, and the awareness of who I was created to be, free..
    The awareness of this struggle is sometimes so overwhelming that I can only yield.
    Yield even unto death the ideas, thoughts, and emotions that enslave me.
    Yield to the cutting blade all that will die eventually anyway. Die to self , unbecoming, a willing living sacrifice, to be resurrected a new woman with vision, contributing to humanity hope for the future of moment at a time..
    Then START OVER….

  2. riggs says:

    First I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contributions to this ‘Open Source Language’. The world will benefit from your efforts. ‘Personal Significance’ is an essential part of our self confidence. We are ‘investing in confidence’, our own, each others and in those who will join into this language of ‘freedom to choose’.

    I know navigating ‘Emotional Anatomy’ is not easy. I am frequently consumed by ‘the old movie’ in rotten moods. It can take me hours to come back out of the bilge back up to the bridge only to find an ice berg straight ahead. I am too aware of how difficult it is to express my ideas in a way that can be understood. How ideal it is to know each person must develop their own vocabulary in pursuit of this ‘adventure’. I hope you get to feel the natural rewards of realizing you are part of a beautiful legacy, ‘the magnificent woman’.

    Navigating ’emotional anatomy’ is a skill that we can share with the world by developing ‘labels’, ‘identifiers’, familiar word sets that become useful to us. Just like physical anatomy, emotional anatomy doesn’t change very much unless it is deeply wounded or injured. We are not attempting a plastic surgery to change what we are discovering. We are becoming confident, comfortable and familiar with how it works. With practice we will discover we can play beautiful music, the magnificent woman. It is easy to get lost. Thus the idea of a compass and a map to help with navigation.

    So please keep up your contributions. Remember, the human species is by design matriarchal. Our children are dependent upon a lineage of healthy women and healthy men who understand how essential is ‘The Magnificent Woman’. This is the ‘New Movie’ inspiring our focus of attention to remember the ‘single breath relaxation’ coordinated with ‘a place of peace’ in our memory and ‘thank you’. Yes, it can all begin mechanically with just the words. Until finally ‘The Big Movie’ is filled with gratitude for discovering the deeply rooted heart spot. Because from there, we get another chance to choose ‘The New Movie’. Intelligent Design.

    The mind works in movies. Thinking often includes whole stories as back ground images in ‘mood movies’. Frequently what is spoken in words or expressed in behaviors comes out from these ‘mood movies’ quite spontaneously and sometimes straight from ‘the heart movie’. Yet as the adventure of navigating emotional anatomy matures we discover there are layers upon layers of mood movies, the “tug of war”. Gratitude reboots the machine and starts our thinking all over again offering us the chance to freely choose. Freedom to choose is the intelligent design, the new movie, the magnificent woman.

  3. riggs says:

    Realizing ‘Personal Significance’ builds our self confidence and self esteem. What a privilege it is to be a part of learning, teaching, expressing and receiving ‘The Story of Freedom’ in this life of ours. Words are very special. They help to shape the ‘mood movies’ which are the source of our next words. We are investing in confidence.

    Your image of “a pendulum set in motion” helps to depict the potentially unstoppable momentum in our thinking, speech and behavior. There are physical reflexes. Touch the body precisely and a predictable physical reflex occurs. Touch the mind in its sensitive spots and very predictable responses occur, ’emotional reflexes’. There begins an unstoppable momentum of reaction. This is called ‘triggered’. Gratitude reboots the machine and starts our thinking all over again. ‘Thank You’ changes the ‘mood movie’. ‘Thank You’ triggers a predictable change. Yes, these words alone begin the process of recognizing and navigating ’emotional anatomy’. If our brains were not designed this simply, we would not have a chance to help each other understand.

    Anatomy is biological architecture. ‘Flying Lessons’ propose an ‘open source language’ useful for finding our way. Freedom beckons and there is a path we can describe that leads us there. ‘Intelligent Design’ intends our success. Realizing ‘Personal Significance’ is intrinsically rewarding and motivating. Please continue your contributions. Our children are depending on us. As our thinking opens to truth, honesty and freedom, it begins to make sense, it’s rewarding. ‘Thank you’ is the only logical response.

    To demonstrate emotional anatomy, remember how a mood can set your “pendulum in motion”. Other ways of imagining this phenomenon include the snow ball that starts the avalanche, the river that becomes a waterfall, the airplane that suffers mechanical problems or navigation errors, the ‘mood movies’ that change our personalities, consider ‘stubborn refusal’ or plain old “I don’t care”, producing “the death of intelligence as it lies divided…no longer free to choose.”

  4. Riggs says:

    Freedom or Slavery. The fact is you have a choice. Intelligent Design.

  5. Renee Wilcox says:

    Today, I chose freedom and I did this continuously all day. I knew I would have to face the tug of war from time to time, but I chose freedom. I began to see that I have people around me that need for me to be clear and present with them, I have a responsibility.
    I became more comfortable looking at my fear of being alone as I practiced single breath relaxation and so the fear became less significant. I spent the evening alone, with clarity and a sense of peace. I am looking forward to tomorrow!

  6. DrGilgamesh says:

    For a moment, Gratitude changes the mood movie on purpose, offering freedom to choose more gratitude that is designed to guide us to our deeply rooted heart spot, designed to allow our glimpse of more and more rewarding freedom to choose. Simple genius.

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