Freedom vs Slavery

The whole purpose of this blog has been to discover a language that explains how the mind works, simple elegant genius, each of us must continuously choose between freedom and slavery.

As I desire freedom to creatively imagine, I have learned to give thanks for each of the many thoughts and visions that pass within my mind’s eye. As if punctuating my opportunities to choose from amongst this broad spectrum of ideas and images, my single breath relaxation in rhythms returns me to rest in a place of natural peace and wonder.

Designed into our being, into our emotional anatomy, this place of rest within us offers freedom to choose. I claim the mind like a television is always receiving visions from Heaven. It is of course challenged by our own projections and also by visions from the 10,000 things. Freedom gives us the privilege to choose. This is God’s genius at work, creating the heart mind body soul spirit of each person’s choosing, inviting our return to rest in this place of peace.

The choice is made by a simple “yes” to that which I choose to believe and perhaps, we can agree at least for the moment, must come from Heaven and a simple “no” to all the others. It seems to me our greatest personal joy, rest and peace, even joy reverberating in Heaven, happens when I get it right and a challenging glitch occurs somewhere in my spirit soul when I miss by a large enough fraction as to finally become capable of feeling and thus recognizing the error. Of course many have come before me and tell their own stories from which we/I try to learn, (many biblical references display this tug of war). This is war. Freedom vs Slavery.

But contemplate the genius of God’s intelligent design, which by design, forgives our mind’s choices and liberates our privilege to choose again. When I realize I get another chance to express my own ideas about what visions I have received from heaven, my heart grows more grateful. And I return to my gift of rest in a place of natural peace and wonder. This is creative genius intended to inspire each of us personally to choose against our wounded emotional anatomy in favor of the vision from Heaven. Thank you is the only logical response.

Unfortunately, human emotional anatomy gets wounded during its growth and development forcing emotional reflexes which produce feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to which we are for a time enslaved. Hurt people hurt people, wounding future generations in an endless cycle that seems impossible to stop. Precise identification of wounded emotional anatomy allows the inspired heart mind body soul spirit the freedom to choose effective strategies that inspire others in the battle for freedom. Which will you choose, freedom or slavery.

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  1. Dina4now says:


    I try to keep my mind in the place of my choosing, focused in abiding in that peace, all the while aware of feelings and tensions tugging on my sleeve that keeps my body physically annoyed. And I have come to know my body well enough that if I abide in that place of peace my annoyance does not always dictate my actions or reactions, for which I am immediately thankful, sometimes even forgetting that I am annoyed. I am most curious when I notice the emotions are physically provoked, because there does seem to be some choice to how I respond. However when a certain emotion keeps rearing its head I feel I have to look at what it is that keeps tugging on my sleeve.

    I feel as if I have come to some passage in my life where my vision of what I thought was from heaven, and still do believe to a certain degree, is changing. Changing into what I am still not certain, only that a great deal of what and who is passing away, no I can’t truly say passing, more like metamorphasizing. Once I was a caterpillar crawling to and fro upon the earth knowing only the ground around me, then and now I feel as if I have been tightly wound up in a cacoon, sleeping thru the changes occurring in me. I get excited when the dream comes that I will one day fly with beautiful wings, and where my perspective is for all things on earth as in heaven, yet it is still only a dream, a remembering. I am no longer attached to what I was, and dying to it seems natural. In fact I believe we die many times in our lives in preperation of transformation.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    I really do deeply appreciate your contributions to these writings. No one else has dared to contribute as richly insightful offerings of authentic descriptions showing emotional anatomy so clearly. And it is in anticipation of that lovely colorful broad winged butterfly that I enjoy the gripping silken swirl forming round my own soul also as I hesitate to respond. These transforming tissues are delicately maturing within environments so easily disturbed by our distractions.

    Yet perhaps we can see the anatomy of my pride emerge by believing somehow I can control change influence cajole persuade feel describe? What challenges we face as we realize how important and valuable we each and every one of us are to the influences of one another. Well if I were in some way to cut open the chrysalis, then we would see proof of my significance in its most destructive form. The Trevor Martin story is evidence of how impossible it is to agree upon these words. What perfect storm of mistaken choices could claim his death to be God’s plan? This is a tug of war that demands we mature personal responsibility for our freedom to choose.

    Yet most humbly I suggest we are writing about intelligent design, two butterflies emerging for beauty sake, displayed on earth as it is in heaven. A vocabulary crafted from words as gifts, describing architecture with a purpose. This chrysalis is by its very nature a gift of transforming architecture not of our own design.

    Gently consider and dissect these words with me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if others would jump in with their own triggered influences too! Or would those be distractions too wounding? Impatient for the butterfly. This is creative genius intending to inspire each of us personally. We are invited to receive this gift of peaceful gratitude while we choose against the subtleties of our emotional struggle. And as “I try to keep my mind in the place of my choosing, focused on abiding in that peace, all the while aware of feelings and tensions tugging on my sleeve that keeps my body physically annoyed.” Annoyed, I have felt that before, as my reflex makes me rage. Thank you for what?

    Not by my own decision but by a gift of vision from heaven, I become more and more grateful because this place of peace is real, and deeply grateful makes more sense as I am transformed from within. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9

  3. DrGilgamesh says:

    This is creative genius intended to inspire each of us into personal responsibility. We are invited to discover our own uniquely valuable contributions to solution and through the intelligent design of freedom we choose our very best. And so I tell this story of the capable assistant surgeon. He willingly joined with me in this dissection of his own emotional anatomy in hopes of discovering the liberation of his creative capacity to contribute more effectively. He enjoyed his return to the many rewarding perspectives of awe and wonder found through single breath relaxation.

    His confidence growing allowed his precise identification, accurate commenting, and comfortable dealing with a trap of negative space he found shutting down his more desirable inspired contributions. It took months of “flying lessons” to discover his habits of feeling a peculiar superiority and arrogance, triggering his anger and introverted shut down of any trust or respect for others. Excitedly familiar with how he justified his ‘better than them’ isolation through rationalizing excuses for judging others in his self talk, blaming them for ignorance, as he self justified his negativity, frustration and anger at incompetence. This preoccupation tended to make him rude, isolated and withholding, planning his exit strategy.

    Blaming others incompetent behaviors, there were plenty of excuses for his feelings of superiority, frustration, anger, and bitterness which kept him trapped in the very negative space that fueled and further justified his very intelligently crafted self justification for continuing his negativity. Imprisoned by this space of isolated superiority, he could not see a vision from heaven offering inspiration and hope for his own and others futures.

    Awareness further provoked his guilty shamed and embarrassed self depreciating assessments and kept him locked into unproductive blather until through single breath relaxation, the excitement of his liberated soul returned to see again through the lens of awe and wonder his freedom to choose. This is war. Which will you choose, freedom or slavery.

  4. Dina4now says:

    I’ve learned a lot about the difference between loneliness and solitude in the years of living on my own. In the beginning I would go to great lengths to avoid the feeling that accompanied being alone. Till one day I ran out of things that kept me running from myself. I had to take a good long look at what I was afraid of. I was afraid of finding out who I really was. Afraid of not liking myself when I found out who that person is. I have lived most of my life for the sake of others, a mother, a wife, a partner ect. Don’t get me wrong, we need other people in our lives. But I was who I was only in relation to others. There was a certain amount of guilt accompanying my need for self awareness, or familiarity with my emotional anatomy. Since then I have called this space self full instead of selfish. I have developed a relationship with myself that is excepting, compassionate, and most of all forgiving. This has taken a certain amount of solitude by way of a long journey through loneliness. There are times when I walk that path still Being alone is like a two sided coin with loneliness on one side and solitude on the other. When tossed into the air you never know which side will turn up. At least now I can say that my coin has two sides where once there was only the side of loneliness. Solitude is when I’ve enjoyed a quite evening after a busy day surrounded with people. Or driving home alone late at night after a performance. And when I wake in the morning to take in the quiet thoughts of where God will lead me. Even after a long day when I sit in the moonlight feeling good about my accomplishments of that day. Solitude is serenity when I fold my hands in prayer. Solitude is my teacher and friend, who having taught me to love myself, gives me a hope of a greater love for others. I ask you, where is loneliness in the face of love?

  5. DrGilgamesh says:

    By design, pain teaches. Hurt people, hurt people. Self protective emotional reflexes like, “Who cares. No one else cares. Why should I care?” force behaviors which oppose freedom to choose. Invited, we discover it feels better to freely choose to make a positive difference for the future of the world, intelligently designed, it is better to give than to receive, personal significance, visions of legacy.

    Loneliness vs solitude to find myself? That is, to discover freedom to choose. Self-fullness comes through recognizing the most rewarding of all visions (personal significance). Here is the tug of war and the challenge that faces every human being in their personal growth and development. Which of the visions within this marvelous rainbow of possibilities is the real me? How do I discover and freely choose him/her? All the more important to simplify our vocabulary. By keeping the vocabulary simple we enable recognition of intentional design intended for the successful expression of personal genius by intelligent design.

    Many generations have tried to explain. But you are capturing a glimpse of emotional anatomy and are confirming the reproducible science in the mad doctor’s claim that through emotional anatomy, we discover an intelligently designed guidance system, visions from Heaven. (Please be sure to read about single breath relaxation because) Familiarity with emotional anatomy is necessary for understanding the very simple choice every human must make, freedom vs. slavery.

    Who are you? By design, we are each personally significant to the future of the world, invited to make the world a better place because we are here. In this tug of war to capture our hearts and minds, we may become trapped in any number of preoccupations which can delay, even prevent our unfolding creative discovery of who we are becoming. Through selecting solitude punctuated with gratitude we discover there is freedom to choose amongst visions from Heaven, tugging at our heart strings, potentially a great gift to the world, personally selected from Heaven. God is creating us by our own free choice. Moment to moment, which will you choose? The vision from Heaven or something else?

    Loneliness demonstrates a compartment of thinking separated within the mind as an organizing structure for vision. Emotion organizes this functional thinking anatomy of the brain. (more on this later) Gratitude by design refocuses attention long enough to develop familiarity with habits of thinking that keep us locked into isolated story lines, in this case loneliness. Painful slavery to a single emotion blocks the vision from Heaven. Gratitude reboots the machine.

    As we allow our own emotional anatomy to choose between lonely vs. selective solitude with a purpose, we can then allow gratitude and see more clearly a full spectrum of the many options available. Challenged by “over choice”, temporarily distracted from that painful preoccupation of all alone, we can get stuck again in many many other compartments. Unappreciated, isolated, sadly misunderstood and rejected by our attempts to connect with anyone, we try no one. And here we find the tug of war. Who are you? Important and valuable to the future of the world. The choices you make, make a difference. Freedom or slavery, which will you choose, the vision from Heaven or something else? Free to reach out and touch someone with your greater love and I give thanks for your delicate description.

    The point is that painful loneliness can trigger self protecting emotional reflexes that sabotage our ability to choose visions from Heaven. Tug of war between stories. Gratitude reboots the machine.

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