Freedom vs Slavery

Freedom vs Slavery.

99%+ say that when given a choice they will choose freedom. Yet 2/3rds are overweight, rarely exercise, eat bad foods, won’t talk about bad habits, can’t understand what makes it is so hard to be human, slaves to self destructive behaviors, slaves to acceptance.  Prideful, Embarrassed, Confused, Lonely, Limited.

This is world war III.  The battle for freedom happens inside the heart mind body soul spirit.  Totally unaware, the majority are being defeated.  These are our family and friends.  This is our personal responsibility.

Curiosity opens the door.  This is world war III.  The enemy is inside our own thoughts.  “Too much information, I don’t want to deal with this, get away from me” shuts the door. This is my reason for this open source language of freedom to choose.  Get involved.

New Concept:  Emotional Anatomy.  You are stuck with being human.  Let’s talk about how the human mind works.  So we have a chance to choose freedom instead of accepting our slavery.  This is personal responsibility.  At the core of healthy human thinking is our battle for personal significance.  You personally are important and valuable to the future of the world, helping others sense personal significance.

Recognizing and understanding and explaining our own slavery is our first step in the battle for freedom.  Welcome aboard.

Can you “hear” the whispers of opposition beginning.

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