Freedom vs Slavery

Deeply wounded emotional anatomy: Trapped behind self protecting walls of “I don’t care”, because “to care” hurts too much and triggers primal painful screams which cannot find peace and so protect themselves all the more by shaping impenetrable walls of, “Unfair, I don’t care” rage, blame and shame toward self and others.

Because “It’s not my fault” brings momentary relief from habits of feeling frustrated, guilty, ashamed, rageful, despair, suicidal violent impotent meaninglessness and sometimes, holds out hope and wishes for a cure, only to be disappointed again. Whispers attempt to persuade us to “give up” and “die”.

Here is our prison. Approached by those who try to care, wounded hearts are rarely satisfied by others efforts to help, disappointed expectations feel hopelessly abandoned. Angry frustration atmosphere fills the room and surrounds any influence for legacy, freedom, love or peace until impossible bitterness silences any effort and becomes the way of life for those still unaware, emotional lensing.

Essential to healthy human life, Personal Significance inspires our efforts to restore meaning and purpose back into the core of our story. Wrestling visions in tug of war for the story of our life, finds hope in helping others develop skills not pills, understanding navigation, for the future of freedom.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do” invites some to new thinking which offers a brand new heart and hope of vision from Heaven. My psychobabble of “flying lessons” may also fail to offer consistent hope, and brings us back to this same place of futile despairing again. “Gratitude reboots the Machine.”

Your personal story makes a difference. Overwhelming suffering struggle confusion despair becomes personal significance, as our legacy for courageous contribution to the future of freedom to choose discovers,
strength to face the impossible.

Smack down guerrilla wrestling on cosmic television.
The Story of Freedom.

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