Freedom vs Slavery

Socrates is quoted to have said
“Let him that would move the world,
first move himself.”

But he left out of the instruction that
only through the gift of freedom to choose
will we move. Free to move the world.
Thus Begins Our Gratitude.
Intelligent Design.

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2 Responses to Freedom vs Slavery

  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    “As our confidence grows through gratitude we see the false confidence of attitude more clearly pulling: tug of war. Freedom vs Slavery.”

    To demonstrate Emotional Anatomy I wish to tell a story. Unable to move himself from his bed the teenager was trapped by refusal to mow the lawn for his father. He lay in bed feeling horrible guilt while his father cursing mowed the lawn. The feeling was blugh!! A boredom, a numbness, now!! an inability to complete important assignments, which he found repeated in his life many times.

    Most recently he found himself sabotaging his chances for promotion by failing to get out of bed to get to his classes, studying for advance credentials, feeling ‘blugh’. There were several other memories attached to the same state of mind, the algebra class, the lost relationship, the lost opportunity at the outstanding job and now, frozen. This feeling had become opposition to his promotions. As we dissected to discover its course, we discovered within the emotional anatomy an involuntary emotional reflex forcing this response to his most important crossroads. As though each time returning to the original critical moment of choice. Asked again to become the more effective person.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    Offered again a chance to choose the vision from Heaven. Can you catch a glimpse? Yes! there he/she is! God is creating you. God is inviting you. God has given you the freedom to choose. You are important and valuable to the future of freedom in this world. Choose wisely. Personally significant, the most rewarding experience in living. Intelligent Design. Gratitude reboots the machine. Now choose.

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