Gratitude by Design

Gratitude enlivens, refreshes and cleanses our thoughts as we begin our search for wisdom from within our many options.  Simple genius, but we humans are challenged and must learn to choose wisely amongst our many options. Freedom vs Slavery.

Emotional Anatomy is designed so simply, intended to impress us, gratitude reboots the machine.  Give thanks and start again. We need you now more than ever.

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  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    Free to return to our heart’s home.
    Navigation. Awareness.
    The challenge is to recognize and choose the better brain circuits.
    Emotional Anatomy: Gratitude Guides Heart Home Wisdom.
    Our lives work out better when we are able to see more clearly
    and choose more wisely from the options available.
    Self control waits for and identifies the better pathway.
    Gratitude reboots the machine.
    Freedom to choose for the better.
    With every breath, Gratitude.
    Our personal experience recognizes better choices.
    We are challenged by simplicity, yet confronted by War.
    The “tug of war” between the many varied stories in our mind.

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