Gratitude Gets Headlines

Gratitude gets headlines in The Huffington Post 12/24/2012 reporting on Oprah’s “lifeclass”. “When the going gets tough, the tough give thanks.” What a fabulous contribution to our open source language for freedom fighters everywhere.

She has not yet included Intelligent Design or the Battle for Freedom in her mantra but can’t be very far away from it, as the great minds in her “spiritual squad” explore how gratitude helps us to “live life on purpose to become who we are created to become.”  She reminds us that “gratitude is the ultimate spiritual solution that helps us reconnect to the divine. Which is really what this journey is all about.”

Our next step in understanding the emotional anatomy of gratitude will acknowledge the intelligent design of our human mind discovers there is intelligent opposition to the very gift of gratitude itself.  ‘Hear’ the tug of war between stories.  Bishop T.D. Jakes explains that “gratitude aligns the attitude to appreciate the gift of this shifted perspective”.  Tony Robbins and Depak Chopra philosophize as Ivanla Vanzant explains, “It’s about the way you tell your story.”

In the great tug of war between our stories, this is the story of Freedom vs Slavery. Grateful for the freedom to be grateful, we can see there is opposition, aggressively distracting us from the gift this shifted perspective offers.  This is the Simple Genius of Intelligent Design that we can share with each other.  In Gratitude, nothing about our Human Emotional Anatomy changes, nothing about the Intelligent Design changes, yet for a fleeting moment, which exists by design, we are offered freedom to choose the vision from Heaven.  This shift in perspective is by design our most rewarding experience in living which naturally and also by design prompts our free choice to return to our grateful perspective again and refine our choices of invitation to become who we are created to become.  Freedom to choose is the Intelligent Design as we more and more accurately choose the vision from Heaven.

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2 Responses to Gratitude Gets Headlines

  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    This is war. The Battle for Freedom. These are our family and friends.

    How very subtle the opposition which aggressively makes personal perspectives more important than gratitude for the opportunity to choose the vision from Heaven. Of course I realize my effort to explain this simple genius of emotional anatomy is grossly flawed. My efforts fall short. By design, my words are defeated. Forgiven by design, and grateful for it, I am offered another chance to choose my words more carefully. What a privilege it has been to contribute to our grateful perspective and to discover, the great joy in strength to face the impossible is real. Intelligent Design.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    As a scientist, I am excited by the opportunity to examine and to display the simple genius of gratitude found in our emotional anatomy. There is powerful, confirming beauty in the observations of “spiritualist” Deepak Chopra. What I am claiming, is that freedom to choose is the intelligent design that invites and inspires our human consciousness “to open the door to the divine power which is the source of all things.”

    If there is simple genius in the design of our human emotional anatomy, then as we explore our choices together, we will discover that which is most attractive, most rewarding, most consistent with our ‘personal bliss’ is vision from Heaven. Presumably that which makes us personally most happy will draw us closer and closer to making the free choices which are more and more consistent with ‘the divine power’ itself. By design we are invited into divine intimacy to receive visions from heaven and experience ‘immense gratitude’.

    This is the tug of war between stories inside our heart mind body soul spirit. We are very aware of and observe the tendency in man kind, by our own free choice, that we attempt to define the divine power ourselves. This is the “philosophical” and “religious” debate itself. Deepak Chopra explains, “I wasn’t following my bliss. When I started to follow my bliss. That moment of insight brought me immense gratitude.”

    This powerful gift of shifted perspective awakened in himself his freedom to choose. In a moment, he was personally invited into his life changing career, a vision from Heaven. His personal bliss inspired gratitude and he became more aware of his personal freedom to choose as he accepted the invitation. He “realized that my true gift was to help people heal and transform — and that moment ‘of insight’ sparked feelings of ‘immense gratitude’.”

    “The power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe, opened the door through gratitude” to the vision from Heaven. By his own free choice, he chose a new career path which has changed the future of the world for himself and many others and offers each of us the opportunity to refine our own understanding, even to refine our own personal free choices.

    How very subtle the opposition which aggressively makes our personal perspectives (philosophies, religion and self justification) more important than gratitude for the opportunity to freely choose the vision from Heaven. This is the Simple Genius of Intelligent Design that we can share with each other, which by design prompts our free choice to return to our grateful perspective again and refine our free choices to become who we are being created to become, people who make the world a better place because we are here, and immensely grateful for the opportunity. Intelligent Design.

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