Guerrilla Wrestling

One person at a time.  We are each personally responsible in the battle for freedom.  Build us up or tear us down, the thoughts we nurture and the words we choose to speak are powerful weapons in this battle between freedom and slavery.

Choose wisely.  Our own thoughts and words are shaping the story inside the heart and mind which tells of our personal significance.  The battle for freedom begins in this same place, inside the heart and mind of each and every one of us.

Freedom inspires us to action by liberating visions  of personal meaning and purpose, the choices we make, make a difference.   Freedom shines light into the darkness of slavery.

This is the big movie.  This is our legacy to future generations.  The stories told within our own hearts and minds are fighting for control over our lives.  By design, the story of freedom excites and inspires life into our hearts. By design freedom is the most powerful motivator.   By design, only by free choice does any one of us come alive in this battle.

Making the world a better place because we are here feels best.  Taking care of the life we are given is to give and receive.  What gets in the way?   Wounded emotional anatomy.  We need you, now more than ever to explain what happened, your personal contribution to solution.  Gratitude reboots the machine.

We are people helping people choose wisely.  We are recruiting our family and friends into realizing personal significance in the story of freedom.  This is our share in the effort to awaken the world from slavery.

We are teaching the rewards of liberty through flying lessons, navigation, familiarity, gratitude, vision, the new movie, humbly forgiven, learning freedom to choose instead living as slaves to the compulsive repetition of old, self destructive, bad habits.  Guerrilla Wrestling.  Gratitude reboots the machine.

Intelligent Design:  By free choice, we are giving permission to visions allowed and inspired by the story of freedom that become our reason for living.   God is creating you.  By free choice, we become the inspiration that inspires another to join in.

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  1. Dina4now says:

    Stories, we have all been moved and or motivated by stories. Most of our responses are from right out of our own personal movies. We become the hero, the villain and the victim depending on what movie is playing inside our head. It becomes crucial what story we start believing in, because after a while we forget it’s a story of our own choosing, and get locked in to the reruns, feeling it impossible to see our way out. That’s when the guerrilla steps in to change the channel. Desperation sets in, as it should, to prompt us forward, to challenge us to create a new movie.

    Imagine what it would be like to sit for a while in a place of peace and start writing a new movie. You could include in it who you want to be. Of course you would have to work with the props, scenes and actors you have been given, only this time you’re the director, and you want to elicit a response from the players so to inspire them in the story you’re creating.

    Well then, you better believe in that story enough so others can see it in the inspiration of your story telling. Once you start you may change a few things along the way, creation is like that, starting with an idea that changes in the manifestation of that idea, but it is all part of the process of creation.

    Creation changes as it is manifesting, metamorphosing from once like a caterpillar we crawled upon our bellies, to a butterfly taking flight while all the while what was true about us stays within the change. Give up gladly the old skin of self for a pair of wings in which to fly high and view wider possibilities.

    When I was a child I always asked my mother to tell me a story for which she was so good at. She told me stories with such enthusiasam that I could picture the characters, imagining what they felt, looked like, as if I too was part of that story. I belived all of them to be true and these stories became a part of me and how I responded to certain circumstances in my life.

    They were bible stories like Jonah and the whale, who tried to run away from God, self and what he was asked to do, but was found and put in a place where he stopped running in circles and communed with God who lovingly forgave him and put him back on the path, eventually delivering a message that saved many. And Moses, who also tried to hand off the job to his brother claiming he was not worthy, eventually accepting Gods choice and with it saving many. And the master and maker of our inner being Jesus, who shows us a way to seek Him thru our hearts and minds. They left an impression of true love, forgiveness, kindness, hope all believes all.

    Now I won’t say that I stayed within these stories always in my reaction to significance, everything seeming a reaction to our significance, but the stories always stayed in me so that I didn’t always react with the violence I could imagine. These are the kind of stories that I need to focus on while I am yet metamorphasising into who I am meant to be.

    The other side of the story is formed by words not so encouraging yet cling to me claiming they are real but are in fact parasites. Feeding off the words and thoughts I myself repeat recalling the details over and over. And so for a periods of time I am in the “Guerrilla Wrestling” phase of which I now claim to have a greater familiarity, and in doing so I have been presented with a choice.

    The choice at first is to go in the ring and fight the guerrilla. Yes it hurts so much while he throws what I thought to be my significance around all the while I’m screaming “I have a right to my feelings and I will fight for them.” Well thank God for the guerrilla then because after you are all beat up you can only lie there wondering why it was worth fighting for anyway, wishing we had chosen differently.

    And perhaps now that we have come to a place of total defeat, we can listen to the story that was always being told of real significance, but we couldn’t hear or see it with all the yelling and fighting at our own wrestling matches.

    Invite the guerrilla in, perhaps if we resist less it wont hurt as much. Perhaps we can make friends with the guerrilla understanding his purpose. Make your story strong enough that even a guerrilla will want to imitate. I think perhaps I would rather have the guerrilla on my side.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    Two or more pilots fighting for control crash the plane. “Choose this day whom you shall serve.” Joshua. By design, you must choose. This is what makes it so challenging and wonderful to be human. Thank you for your willing contribution. Your efforts offer compassion for others who like ourselves are learning to fly.

    We are learning about freedom to choose. We must choose wisely amongst many options, navigators finding our way, discovering principles that govern safe flying. In this metaphor, “guerrillas” are the intelligent opposition relentlessly trying to crash the plane. We do not create the new movie. Privileged by liberated vision, through the eyes of gratitude we discover new choices. We inherited the old movie. We discover the new movie. Freedom to choose wisely is the intelligent design, the big movie. Gratitude is the only logical response.

    “It becomes crucial what story we start believing, because after a while we forget it’s a story of our own choosing, and get locked in to the reruns, feeling it impossible to see our way out.”

  3. DrGilgamesh says:

    In the tug of war between stories, we can become tricked and trapped. Thus the battle for freedom. Imagine the mind to be more like a television receiving thoughts from which we choose rather than a thought generator writing its own movie. Gratitude liberates by design.

    God is creating us as free agents to choose what is best. Intelligent opposition brings out the best in God’s creation by exciting us to help each other learn about free choice. Pain is an effective teacher. Angst warns us when we have lost our way.

    Imagine what it will be like when we are allowed to sit for a while in a place of peace and begin choosing our new movie, aware of wider possibilities. Gratitude is the natural response elicited as we acknowledge the inspired genius of intelligent design.

    “It becomes crucial what story we start believing, because after a while we forget it’s a story of our own choosing, and get locked in to the reruns, feeling it impossible to see our way out.”

  4. DrGilgamesh says:

    In Guerrilla Wrestling, the favored game they play is tempting blame. Blame of self and/or blame of others feeds off pride, which for survival purposes hurts when wounded. Then repetitious patterns of self protection form in response to the pain, sealing the prison doors to slavery.

    Until by design, the story of freedom inspires the liberated vision of legacy for future generations, personal significance. Gratitude reboots the machine. Intelligent design.

  5. DrGilgamesh says:

    Emotional Anatomy is labeled by words. These words have a subtle feeling associated with them. “I deserve” begins a thought process that is presumptuous. Rather, remember the principles of healthy living. Give and Receive. Yet many are unaware of what they are giving and therefore shocked by what they receive.

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