Hello world!

Humble Competative Compassionate Contributing… Your best brings out the best in others.   The Magnificent Woman.

For the future of freedom… We need a simple language for the dinner table. Words that engage each other in learning “how the mind works”.

“Flying Lessons” make navigating “Emotional Anatomy” enjoyable. Invite your friends to join in. A simple language is made better by more and more people sharing in the shaping and making.

The open discussion of “Emotional Anatomy” progressively confirms “Intelligent Design”. If it wasn’t this simple we would be doomed.

This discussion is about the challenges we face within the heart and mind of every human that walks the earth.

To illustrate, I begin with a series of questions: “Since you are free to choose….” Which option will you choose, truth or a lie, honesty or dishonesty, freedom or slavery. An overwhelming majority of us choose truth, honesty, and freedom.




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  1. Riggs says:

    Predictable. Repetitious. Describable. Identifiable. We are investing in confidence. “Emotional Anatomy”.

  2. Riggs says:

    How the mind works. For the future of freedom. We need you now more than ever. “Flying Lessons” will become the “open source language” dedicated to understanding your own mind and behavior. You are personally significant to your family and friends. Navigating “Emotional Anatomy” is tricky stuff. We need your help.

  3. dina4now says:

    When asked the question “which would you choose freedom or slavery” most of us will choose freedom, predictable. But making that choice is only the beginning. We’re left with the thoughts ” that was too easy of course I would choose freedom da, and the choice goes no further, as we return to the repetitiousness of our pain. I think making the choice for freedom requires an on going commitment to Identifying slavery. We are conditioned to think of ourselves as free from slavery, in all appearances , but our emotions are a far more deceptive master.

  4. dina4now says:

    “Choose this day whom you shall serve” implicates “a power greater than ourselves”. To navigate away from oneself is to see the significance of others and our influence on their lives.
    I like the image of flying lesson because of the view from heaven.

  5. Riggs says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, I would like to paint a multidimentional moving picture with two words. “Emotional Anatomy”. My intension is to contribute a simple language that opens our imagination to see how the mind works. Oganized within recognizable emotional networks, “mood movies” generate thoughts and behaviors which often emerge spontaneously, triggered by “Emotional Reflexes”. Unaware, we become slaves to our emotional reflexes. Through “Rhythms of Gratitude” we discover intrinsically rewarding freedom to choose, Intelligent Design.

  6. DrGilgamesh says:

    If we were free to choose.!! But too quickly we are triggered into automatic responses, sometimes unpleasant for ourselves and others. Not until we can admit our old movie mistakes can familiarity with navigating emotional anatomy begin to see how we get tricked and trapped into old movie angst.

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