Life in Every Breath

This is an open source language describing the structure and function of Human Emotional Anatomy which forms the foundation of brain architecture affecting how our human mind works.  Intellect must be persuaded to understand and accept the primacy of Emotional Lensing.

We are not presenting a philosophical or theoretical argument.  This Story of Freedom is a testable vocabulary.  Should there be truth within it, then it will be personally verifiable and reproducible, scientifically testable, rewarding, and self reinforcing insight.

When the mood changes, the movie changes.

We are not alone in our efforts.  Every person wrestles inside their own heart mind body soul spirit with unrecognized emotionally driven dictates (why did I do, say, think that?).
Yet There is still freedom to choose while we discover:  Slave to habits of words, moods, attitudes and world views, our simplified description of human psychology:
Freedom vs Slavery.

New Life in Every Breath.
Gratitude reboots the machine.

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  1. Riggs says:

    Emotional Anatomy up Close:
    I’ve been here before.
    What’s wrong with me. Nervous apprehension !! Anxiety, panic, calling myself names, insecurity, doubt, mistrust, feeling powerless and feeling pressured to do more.

    And then !! It’s like a shock to my system, as though the wind gets knocked out of me and there is nothing I can do. I don’t feel safe.

    Automatically I start trying to please, seeking validation, I work harder,
    but quickly fall prey, triggered into feeling betrayed, replaced, rejected, hurt, numb, powerless, self critical and immobilized.

    Learning Navigation of my “Old Movie” feelings, Slowly, I am learning gratitude for the gift of ability to see these parts of me more clearly.
    Single Breath Gratitude Relief.
    Gratitude Guides My Heart Home
    And I discover:
    Freedom to Choose something Better.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    Emotional Anatomy:
    shaped and prepared by DNA
    Wounded by personal experience
    Seeking discovers “we are voyagers”
    and we share with each other our
    language of Navigation:
    Gratitude Reboots the Machine
    Freedom to Choose our Hearts Home.
    Where we find
    The Lens of Awe and Wonder

  3. Powers Parker Roberts says:

    And within our Heart Home we are more relaxed in our conversations about
    exploring Emotional Anatomy.
    We become Navigators: comfortable confident and familiar with our regularly returning to our Heart Home again and again…
    Because there we glimpse the Lens of Awe and Wonder.

    The most helpful Historically the 4th Step in 12 Step recovery can be:
    a) Analysis and Probing by instruction from the big book
    b) Let’s add awareness and rapid return to our Heart’s Home

    Because Gratitude Guides our Heart Home.
    (Slowly) vision attracts attention — Naturally Rewarding
    Freedom to Choose
    Gratitude Guides our Heart Home.

  4. Powers Parker Roberts says:

    “Why am I the way I am?”
    Offers us a glimpse into the tug of war.
    Emotional Reflexes are fixed within the Emotional Anatomy.
    This slave to why grows more frustrated, expecting of himself better.
    As his frustrated mood of incessant questioning why repeats his life long
    habits of emotional anatomy, still frustrated, he is reminded of the
    lonely three through seven year old child. He had grown up amidst
    constant arguing and his mother’s deep depression, powerless and frustrated.
    He asks for help when exhausted and trapped, thoughts urge him to kill himself.
    Freedom vs Slavery
    Navigation Heart Home Wisdom
    He is invited into the recognition of alternative pathways.
    Gratitude Guides us into greater awareness and the ability to choose our
    Return Heart Home.

  5. DrGilgamesh says:

    The big picture experience we have in our heart space as we smell a flower.
    Literally, “The Life Giving Breath of the Flower”.
    The Hawaiian Language conveys Navigation Heart Home Wisdom.

  6. DrGilgamesh says:

    Intensity of feelings can be overwhelming.
    There is a desire to escape / avoid / resist / crave / preoccupy / numb …
    Expecting Change, correction, improvements, healing
    can be very frustrating: “here it comes again”
    These are cascading reflexes etched into the Emotional Anatomy:
    there is frustration; agitation; anger; everything irritates me; and
    spirals out of control with junk food binging, throwing up, sad and depressed
    Then starts the rationalization, self criticism, and OH !! the urges:
    to eat, binge, purge my distractions.
    There is the generic urge to act out all my old ways of distraction.

    This example displays “distraction” as protection from overwhelm.
    Typically patterns of “distraction or escape” become habitual.
    “…that’s just who I am, I must learn to accept it.”

    Introducing principles: emotional anatomy does not change.
    Much like your reflection in the mirror doesn’t change that much daily.
    Therefore familiarity with emotional anatomy allows Freedom to Choose.
    Freedom vs Slavery
    Slave to habits which are counter productive vs.
    The freedom to choose an alternative pathway initiated through gratitude.
    Gratitude reboots the machine.

    Then immediately the unresolved, unrecognized, repetitious, habits of emotional anatomy can be seen more clearly, CBT works here, simply “No!”
    As a result, the stinking thinking can be refused (thank you) in favor of
    Gratitude for the skill and ability to navigate a better pathway.
    There is still healthy brain to be discovered (thank you).
    Freedom to Choose.
    All the more vividly:
    Tug of War

  7. DrGilgamesh says:

    We are responsible for training the next generation children.
    We are explorers on the forward wave of human freedom.
    This is the tug of war between stories that dominate discussion.
    This is War within our Emotional Anatomy.
    We are made this way on purpose to impress us, to inspire you.
    It is our free choice to help make the world a better place -vs-
    Slavery to the human habits and patterns that counter us.
    The People of Freedom, telling
    The Story of Freedom:
    Freedom vs Slavery.
    Personal privilege and responsibility.
    Most Rewarding.

  8. DrGilgamesh says:

    Here I will try again to tell The Story of Freedom.
    There is the tug of war between the many stories.
    (Imagination; Vision; Story Telling; World View; Perspective)
    This is War and it is best seen through the Lens of Awe and Wonder.

    Our goal is gaining trust and confidence in our own understanding of principles.
    Principles that govern our own physical, emotional, intellectual and reflex reactions.
    Principles that help us understand a vast array of emotionally driven triggers.
    Triggers that distract us from returning again by our navigating through gratitude Heart Home.
    Gratitude Guides us to our own more and more recognizable Heart Home.
    Freedom vs Slavery

    We discover ourselves Slave to Reflexes that provoke thoughts and responses we don’t like !!!
    Navigation Heart Home Wisdom sees more broadly and clearly through the Lens of Awe and Wonder.
    We are free to choose amongst all the options available to us.
    Our challenge is to choose wisely the better.
    This is War on the insides of our thinking.

    This is not a political discussion of freedom;
    in fact it is a description of principles governing the structure and function of human emotional anatomy.
    It is through more accurate free choice that our world becomes a better place.
    The paradox is how difficult it is to persuade people to consider emotional lensing.
    If only we could persuade the teachers, psych 101: Freedom vs Slavery
    Our most obvious opposition in this war is recognizable in the refusal of gratitude.

    Totalitarian governments may actually be capable of helping their people
    strive toward personal freedom more quickly than the United States.
    The dark side distractions are privileged to present their opposition more openly here.
    It will take forever for our schools to implement “Freedom vs Slavery” in the USA.
    The War is wisely choosing for the better
    versus the dark side that is distracting opposition from
    the rapidly maturing liberated human being.

    Violence, aggression, criticisms, negativities, betrayals, lies, life etc.
    Youthful emotional anatomy is routinely wounded by Reflexes out of control: Slavery.
    D/C comic’s Wonder Woman is an accurate depiction, “We are all responsible.”
    We must train the generations to understand: Freedom vs Slavery

    The opposition is experienced within ourselves.
    We are not discussing political freedom. This freedom cannot be legislated.
    This freedom cannot be forced. This freedom must face opposition.
    This freedom is how the human mind works for better and better.
    Once understood, a social group may agree and encourage each other.
    (thank you d/c) Gratitude reboots the machine and allows our free choice.
    Gratitude Guides our heart home to glimpse the Lens of Awe and Wonder.

    Freedom vs Slavery represents a global challenge for all people.
    There is personal responsibility for navigating gratitude Heart Home.
    Disney got it right with Moana who being called beyond the reef was able to
    Navigate her Heart Home and experience the Lens of Awe and Wonder.
    This is War. Better understood as
    The freedom to choose wisely for the better.

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