Life in Every Breath

This is an open source language describing the structure and function of Human Emotional Anatomy which forms the foundation of brain architecture affecting how our human mind works.  Intellect must be persuaded to understand and accept the primacy of Emotional Lensing.

We are not presenting a philosophical or theoretical argument.  This Story of Freedom is a testable vocabulary.  Should there be truth within it, then it will be personally verifiable and reproducible, scientifically testable, rewarding, and self reinforcing insight.

When the mood changes, the movie changes.

We are not alone in our efforts.  Every person wrestles inside their own heart mind body soul spirit with unrecognized emotionally driven dictates (why did I do, say, think that?).
Yet There is still freedom to choose while we discover:  Slave to habits of words, moods, attitudes and world views, our simplified description of human psychology:
Freedom vs Slavery.

New Life in Every Breath.
Gratitude reboots the machine.

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One Response to Life in Every Breath

  1. Riggs says:

    Emotional Anatomy up Close:
    I’ve been here before.
    What’s wrong with me. Nervous apprehension !! Anxiety, panic, calling myself names, insecurity, doubt, mistrust, feeling powerless and feeling pressured to do more.

    And then !! It’s like a shock to my system, as though the wind gets knocked out of me and there is nothing I can do. I don’t feel safe.

    Automatically I start trying to please, seeking validation, I work harder,
    but quickly fall prey, triggered into feeling betrayed, replaced, rejected, hurt, numb, powerless, self critical and immobilized.

    Learning Navigation of my “Old Movie” feelings, Slowly, I am learning gratitude for the gift of ability to see these parts of me more clearly.
    Single Breath Gratitude Relief.
    Gratitude Guides My Heart Home
    And I discover:
    Freedom to Choose something Better.

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