My Disclaimer

I have never been the smartest of people.  Yet, I have been most privileged by my good fortune to have met the very best of people for which I give thanks.   The most important good news is I am blessed by my choice to accept forgiveness.  I will continue to do my best, always hoping to bring out the best in others.

Despite my limitations, I must attempt to complete my share in the expression of Intelligent Design.  Freedom to choose is the Intelligent Design.  The big movie, precisely crafted for the thoughts and mind of human DNA, that upon hearing and understanding, Inspiration to personal responsibility is the natural outcome.   Each individual must make their own choice to join with us all in the effort to make the world the better place because we are here.  People helping people.  Love is the answer.

I must acknowledge, as a disclaimer to the readers of these ideas, that I personally have not been able to keep an intimate partner in my life.  It seems my save the world compulsive passion has made me uniquely incapable of motivating the sustained interest of a life mate and companion.  Clearly, I have been too preoccupied with theory and philosophy to be able to attend properly or adequately to the emotional needs of another.

Then compounding the problem is the economic burden of my poor choices that have left me without the necessary cushion to live a lifestyle that would make me a worthwhile catch.   As is the tone of this posting, I have had to make explanations and excuses instead of offer the anticipated investment of time and attention expected by the modern american woman.  In addition, the perspective of self sacrificing service for the future of freedom is not attractive to many.

Medicine is blessed by the opportunity to serve daily.  And through medicine, I am blessed to be able to provide only partial support for my own and other fabulous children in my life, cared for by magnificent women and magnificent men.  Certainly, I wish I could do more.  But this is my best.  Gratitude reboots the machine.   It is through God’s grace, intelligently designed, that I receive forgiveness and go on to contribute these words.

Remember there is intelligent opposition to freedom.  There are many who appear to receive help and some will actually claim a good benefit from the unique approach to problem solving they have found by studying emotional anatomy.  Freedom is more powerful than slavery.  There will however always be some who remain stubbornly stuck in habits and behaviors about which it appears nothing can be done.  Never give up, never surrender.   This is war and these are our families and friends.  The unique insights available within each of us makes a difference.  You are personally significant to the future of freedom in the world.  Please join into the enterprise.

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