The Missionaries Missed It

Personally significant to the future of our world, our freedom to choose is at the core of intelligent design. “And God saw every thing that He had made and, behold, it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31) Sin makes it all so complicated, there are many who never get it. Yet, Reward and privilege is found within the mind ready and willing to recognize the gift of “Liberated Dancing Brain”.

It is painfully clear that not everyone gets it. In fact, the missionaries missed it. Their habits, history, and religious preoccupation couldn’t appreciate the revelation of natural wisdom contained within the stories and cultures of indigenous peoples around the world. “The life of land is perpetuated in righteousness.”

That won’t stop us from continuing to share the state of mind and awareness that our many generations are “connected”. Besides, the more of us that catch on, the faster the experience will expand.

Seeking wisdom happens in many different ways. And yet it begins as carefully cultivated desire within our own heart mind body soul spirit first, then blossoms into a gifted way of life, our families, our legacy, sharing in the vision from Heaven.

My effort as a physician has been to contribute a modern vocabulary intending to describe how the human mind works to open receptive hearts. I have imagined our need for a western medical model of reproducible, effective language, which invites our navigation of emotional anatomy, guided by gratitude, into deeply rooted heart spots, to become a fact of medicine. Historically, the tribal shaman would utilize the “fireside heart spot” to capture attention and tell the stories which become our culture, heritage and legacy.

“Freedom vs Slavery” attempts to summarize the very personal responsibility which confronts everyone anyone who contemplates the architecture of thought.

In Wounded humanity, Cascading reflexes governed by unfamiliar mood systems, quickly consume everyone anyone into separated disconnected thought filled spaces and places which miss out on the experience of deeply resonant knowing awareness found within desirable “connection”.

Our minds are designed to impress us personally into freely choosing that which is our own very best possible contribution to our legacy, choosing from amongst the so very many options found in vision from Heaven,
“Liberated Dancing Brain”.

The missionaries missed it.

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Freedom vs Slavery

Deeply wounded emotional anatomy: Trapped behind self protecting walls of “I don’t care”, because “to care” hurts too much and triggers primal painful screams which cannot find peace and so protect themselves all the more by shaping impenetrable walls of, “Unfair, I don’t care” rage, blame and shame toward self and others.

Because “It’s not my fault” brings momentary relief from habits of feeling frustrated, guilty, ashamed, rageful, despair, suicidal violent impotent meaninglessness and sometimes, holds out hope and wishes for a cure, only to be disappointed again. Whispers attempt to persuade us to “give up” and “die”.

Here is our prison. Approached by those who try to care, wounded hearts are rarely satisfied by others efforts to help, disappointed expectations feel hopelessly abandoned. Angry frustration atmosphere fills the room and surrounds any influence for legacy, freedom, love or peace until impossible bitterness silences any effort and becomes the way of life for those still unaware, emotional lensing.

Essential to healthy human life, Personal Significance inspires our efforts to restore meaning and purpose back into the core of our story. Wrestling visions in tug of war for the story of our life, finds hope in helping others develop skills not pills, understanding navigation, for the future of freedom.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do” invites some to new thinking which offers a brand new heart and hope of vision from Heaven. My psychobabble of “flying lessons” may also fail to offer consistent hope, and brings us back to this same place of futile despairing again. “Gratitude reboots the Machine.”

Your personal story makes a difference. Overwhelming suffering struggle confusion despair becomes personal significance, as our legacy for courageous contribution to the future of freedom to choose discovers,
strength to face the impossible.

Smack down guerrilla wrestling on cosmic television.
The Story of Freedom.

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Finding Freedom

Nicely timed in the history of this world’s psychological mindfulness now awareness, disoriented, we have lost our way.  Navigating Home again is in desperate need of
“flying lessons” to find our way.  Discovering, not yet knowing, the simple genius found in
Single Breath Gratitude Relief, a life saving gift within the DNA itself, designed for helping us to navigate our return Heart Home and recognize Vision from Heaven.
Freedom vs Slavery.

The star Arcturus, called “Hokulea”, was used by the early Hawaiian navigators for finding their Idyllic Kingdom of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, reorienting lost voyagers in their navigation Home.  It is through this language of  “Aloha” that we rediscover our own Heart Home as a locating guiding inner star to help our navigation through the Ocean of Emotion.

Made this way on purpose to impress you personally, DNA carries within itself our most deeply rooted heart spot, which by its design liberates our awe inspired, interactive, dancing brain in our quest to reorient ourselves, offering us freedom to make our own very personal choices for the better, as we navigate toward effective responsible contributions to “dominion” over our tumultuous and struggling planet.

Freedom vs Slavery. Intelligent Design.

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The New Movie

Pain Teaches. And Love is the answer. As James Allen saw clearly the mind as a garden, ideally nurtured into beauty, so too the seedlings of human minds take root in the arms of their mother’s love, the vision of The Magnificent Woman. Intelligently designed, DNA driven Emotional Anatomy takes shape from before birth and into our future, each of us bathed in the mood movies, chemical, social, emotional and physical environments surrounding our development. Early wounds seem especially difficult to overcome because of misunderstood scars permanently etched into the emotional anatomy, then stimulating emotional reflexes out of control.

Our thoughts come forth dancing from within these emotional environments. Gratitude Reboots the Machine and starts our thinking all over again. Refreshed, we can hear there is radical opposition (called evil) to this simple genius of freedom, the offering of freedom to choose from other, more deeply rooted, liberated, naturally trustworthy parts of our emotional anatomy.

Discovering Single Breath Relaxation refreshens and cleanses our thinking and offers us the free choice of learning to navigate through our wounded mental states toward DNA designed places within our human emotional anatomy, which connect us into liberated, awe inspired, interactive dancing brain, offering options for life and peace, not catastrophe.

You personally have heard this place cry out, “you were not created to be consumed but shaped by fire”. Revealed through gratitude, this deeply rooted heart spot is intended to inspire your free choice. Personally significant to the future of freedom, your adult choices are joining into the universal battle for freedom. This battle begins inside your own imagination. The mood movies generated there are choosing between freedom and slavery. Too many fall prey to the prison of darkness and pass their blind slavery along to future generations through repetitious wounding. As many as possible must be reached for our survival. Freedom wins wars because it is the most rewarding experience in living yet most know nothing of this option.

Freedom naturally chooses the Magnificent Woman, who will hold our babies in their arms and inspire the next generation through their love. The magnificent man understands this and devotes himself, sacrificing all for our freedom to choose.

Personally significant and personally responsible for the future of freedom, we hope to inspire as many as possible to become aware of their own thoughts and actions, punctuated by gratitude, to discover and describe the opposition to our freedom to choose.

Gratitude reboots the machine. I am claiming this simple truth is proof of Intelligent Design and you personally can “hear” inside your own mind the voices screaming in opposition. Superheroes choosing to live The New Movie.

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Gratitude by Design

Gratitude enlivens, refreshes and cleanses our thoughts as we begin our search for wisdom from within our many options.  Simple genius, but we humans are challenged and must learn to choose wisely amongst our many options. Freedom vs Slavery.

Emotional Anatomy is designed so simply, intended to impress us, gratitude reboots the machine.  Give thanks and start again. We need you now more than ever.

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The New Movie

The Story of Freedom.

Familiarity recognizes repetitious thinking governed by Emotional Anatomy, shaped by etched habits of thinking and acting.  Tricked, trapped and blinded, the old movie plays on.  Gratitude reboots the machine.  From this position of brand new thinking, if you were free to choose, most will choose our freedom to become a part of The New Movie.  Realizing the matriarchal nature of our species (it is predominantly the women who raise our children), magnificent men will strive more intentionally to contribute their best to develop The Magnificent Woman. Superheroes. The New Movie.

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Free to Refuse

Free to refuse.

There is opposition to accepting that we humans are intelligently designed. At our core is Freedom to Choose, which means we are also free to refuse.  So our intelligently designed organism must counter with its own naturally inspired motivations to overcome how easily we are consumed by lies. Tricked and trapped, the vast majority of people are not yet aware of their personal responsibility to make their own very personal choices between Freedom and Slavery.

Navigating Emotional Anatomy requires familiarity with the large variety and frequently shifting moods which govern the ideas and imagery fighting to control and consume our attention. Our open source language of freedom is attempting a vocabulary that naturally and intentionally liberates the human thought process. This language of freedom believes our species is capable of recognizing how very quickly, easily and personally we are consumed by our pridefully accepted distractions which leave us tricked and trapped, even whole societies trapped unaware.

But as we have already seen and heard, “attitude is everything”.  Emotion organizes the thought process. As a scientist, I am claiming that intentionally woven into the biological design of our organism, there is emotional anatomy which is intended to become liberated awareness within each and every person. The battle for freedom to choose claims that once a person becomes aware of how their mind works, they will freely choose that which is best and most desirable for themselves, their families, their friends, their communities and their species.  We are being offered vision from Heaven, yet habitually and evidently consumed by other sources.

Recall the mind is more like a television set receiving a vast array of influences from which we choose to pay attention, rather than a (sole source) soul source thought generator. Freedom to choose discovers this reciprocity is an essential part of the process.  We are intended to become confident comfortable and familiar within this tug of war for control of our person and thus choose more wisely amongst the options available to us.

Ideally we will offer our children’s children environments that cultivate emotional anatomy capable of accepting personal responsibility for our own essential contribution to this legacy, the legacy of freedom to choose. As a matriarchal species, we must all come to understand how essential is our investment in The Magnificent Woman.

Gratitude, for the simple genius of Intelligently Designed Emotional Anatomy, guides our on going discoveries through single breath relaxation, (read on). Of course, we are free to refuse which offers us all immediate awareness of the many voices in opposition. Gratitude forms the core of emotional anatomy which is designed to guide us into liberated, awe inspired, interactive, dancing brain, freedom to choose, freedom to refuse.

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The Tug of War

The battle between freedom and slavery is world war III.

This is where we discover there is poetry in navigating our fluid emotional spaces.   These are mood movies dancing.   Notice the tug of war between the stories that are told by our changing moods.   Which will you choose, freedom or slavery, visions from Heaven or something else.

Moods fight for control over our organism.  When the mood changes the movie changes.   This shifting can happen rapidly.  Emotional reflexes force themselves into behaviors in the unaware. Once fixed inside the heart of a person, the movie simply waits for the opportune mood to express itself.

These are secret stories hidden within a person’s heart. The news displays how slavery to mood movies out of control can explode into horrific behavior. Without awareness, wounded emotional anatomy forces itself into the open, “deal with me”. We all suffer our own minor examples of emotional reflexes.

The Story of Freedom and our personal significance within its cause is the most rewarding experience on the planet.  Becoming familiar with emotional anatomy, and how it works, allows freedom to choose visions from Heaven. Gratitude is the only logical response.  More powerful than any addiction.   The New Movie.   Intelligent Design.

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Emotional Reflexes

Just like physical reflexes, if you approach a human in just the right way, you will provoke an abrupt automatic response that is not thought out, Emotional Reflexes.

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The Guidance System

For flying lessons to be successful, I must first introduce ‘single breath relaxation’, a wonderfully simple guidance system.  It turns out that the mind works best and most effectively when it is freely choosing within a natural state of quiet, stillness, calm, that is, in wisdom and knowing, generally feeling peaceful, our deeply rooted heart spot.  This presents a huge challenge for educators and cultures world wide. The vast majority of people do not get to hear of or experience a place of peace. Freedom vs Slavery

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