Freedom vs Slavery.

We have discovered a simple set of ideas that makes a difference in the way people think. The tug of war between stories. Gratitude is the only logical response. Intelligent Design.

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Freedom to Choose

I am claiming the mind is intelligently designed. We are free to choose. Free to choose? Intelligently designed? Then our most rewarding experience in living ought to contribute to making life in this world a better experience. Yes!! We are free to choose what is better.

There is also an opposition. Within our thoughts, there is a “tug of war”. Freely choosing what is better allows us to make mistakes so that we can learn and choose more wisely the next time.  Thoughts, images, urges moods and strategies fight for control over our best efforts.  Freedom is capable of sharing openly, even teaching the ideas that guide our choices, actions and world views.  Slavery does not know of these options.

This “Open Source Language” describing how the mind works will get better and better as more and more of us pitch in with ideas that prove themselves to be true. It is designed this way. With freedom to choose the better, many more and different people will contribute, confirm, improve and expand our descriptions of the same and similar observations. The language of freedom to choose will improve.

The fossil record says DNA transmitting effectively designed anatomy means our Emotional Anatomy has been like this from the beginning. I mean the DNA design of our Emotional Anatomy hasn’t changed any more than a hand or a liver, it is being discovered. Investigated by each of us.

Free to choose discovers that accurate navigation and therefor wisely choosing helps. When we are lost in the physical world, a compass helps to find our way. This open source language intends to become useful guidance to you personally.  It intends to improve our knowledge wisdom and understanding of how we function as humans thinking.

There is a “tug of war” inside the heart of every human, an effort to capture our attention and keep us from discovering the truth of Freedom to Choose.

Freedom vs Slavery.

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Compartments IV

Emotional Anatomy is an observable conceptual anatomy which can be recognized and better understood as the idea itself takes shape within us.  In our mind’s eye, the beginnings of a new compartment specific for thinking about emotional anatomy begins to develop as soon as the mind starts to think about the concept.  “Emotional Anatomy, What’s that?

Brain compartments are intellectual memory units collected and organized by rapidly interconnecting, emotionally guided pathways.  This new compartment collects thoughts, images, urges and ideas about this subject of emotional anatomy at the same time as we recognize the deeply rooted “heart spot”, discovered through gratitude, allows immediate access and awareness of the elaborate simultaneous associations between so many other compartments already formed.

Compassion for one another as many may be quickly overwhelmed by the sudden rush of highly painful, well hidden, compartmentalized memories, which at first we’d rather not remember.

It is your personal response to my vocabulary that I hope will help you recognize your own emotional anatomy and begin to help us all describe a new, more effective way of looking at how the mind structures its thoughts.  We are all human, dealing with very similar challenges, being human.   There are no two people exactly alike but all are very human.  Excited enlivened enthusiastic experience is our most rewarding experience, so of course I am hopeful these ideas will trigger within you, a marvelously familiar mental lens, curiosity, awe and wonder.

So my first responsibility to us all is to activate healthy attractive emotional systems already known for carving out effective efficient memory units.  Whenever the subject is especially exciting, it’s easier to remember and sustain our interest, curiosity, awe and wonder.  Freedom vs Slavery.

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Compartments III

Freedom vs Slavery. This struggle can be seen most clearly through “the heart spot”.

As displayed in the damaged tree trunk, gnarly knots are formed within wounded emotional anatomy and forever affect the shape of the tree, still beautiful trees.  Powerful memory compartments save ways of thinking to survive in response to our early wounds and enslave our future personality via deeply seated, gnarly knots of emotional reflexes. “That’s just who I am.  I am stuck with myself.”

Nothing changes until excited interest discovers vision and inspiration that invites the beginnings of a new compartment more attractive than all the rest that is willing to face our challenges. This is the story of freedom. I like to call this compartment “the new movie”.

Our many hours of psychobabble does not change emotional anatomy that is already formed. More appropriately, we are investing in our confidence. This is new confidence which understands our need to form a new compartment of thinking. This is new learning which becomes grateful to be more aware and familiar with our wounded emotional anatomy especially our emotional reflexes. I am suggesting “Flying Lessons” as vocabulary that helps us learn and encourage the many new skills we need to navigate these complicated emotional passages.

Our emotional anatomy is easily wounded when we are young. Often unaware, unsupported and discouraged, our responses to these early wounds are chosen by our inexperienced children as the best we can do under the circumstances.  It is for this reason that emotional anatomy becomes trapped in reflexes formed for survival. The better we get at understanding our own habits, patterns and responses, the more love and compassion we can have for ourselves, family and friends struggling to navigate their own gnarly knots of complicated emotion.

The human brain is layered, lizard brain, dear brain, thinking brain and creatively interactive, inspired, dancing brain, all organized by emotional anatomy which is, at its core, wholly and freely accessible through our mind’s deepest root, “the heart spot”.  Stubborn intellectual compartments enslave us and prevent us from learning access to the liberated interactive creative brain.  Unfamiliar, never allowed, terrifying, painful, gnarly knots of emotional anatomy get activated by our seeking the liberated brain, threatening with pain to shut it down or force its explosion. Freedom vs Slavery.

As we grow, mature, encourage, support, nurture, educate, liberate, understand, and expand into our “element”, we join into the story of freedom, we become “smarter stronger better wiser”, more aware and ready to confront our world war III, the battle for freedom.  Tug of War.  Intelligent Design.

The heart spot is accessible.  The very simple, Single Breath Relaxation, begins through gratitude, our journey of discovery into emotional anatomy.  The complicated, frequently painful, gnarly knots obstruct our access to the deepest part of our emotional being, preventing our freedom to choose, “the heart spot”.

Gratitude reboots the machine.

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Compartments II

Freedom vs Slavery.

This simple emphasis is important to me because of how challenging it is for people to become aware of themselves, or even become interested in discovering any new way of thinking.  Stuck in isolated intellectual compartments of ideas, this very stubbornness of human thinking shows itself most obviously in addiction.  Called denial, there is an unwilling inability to see beyond ones own self absorbed narcissistic perspective.  Called personality, I am stuck with myself until excited interest discovers vision and inspiration that invites the beginnings of a new compartment more powerful than all the rest.  This is The Story of Freedom.  Tug of War.

This tug of war is our social political nightmare.  For example: In need of austerity planning similar to that demanded of Spain and Greece, world leadership has become addicted to borrowing against our children’s future.  We are in need of freedom to choose wisely, personally and globally.

As multiple compartments weave themselves together into elaborate devoted thinking, touching deeply rooted heart spots within emotional anatomy, compartments get to be called religious.  Religions form when thoughts, ideas and images become repetitious self justifying dogma established by generations, and attributed to God.  Religions are man made compartments no longer able to see themselves as in a prison of ideas, even persisting into war.  Freedom to choose a dynamic relationship with eternal God is responsive to visions from heaven and is opposed by compartments enslaved.  Tug of War.

Compartments contain specialized thinking.  Images ideas urges impulses behaviors moods attitudes and thoughts in our mind form into compartments in response to similar, sometimes familiar, emotional challenges.   It is emotional anatomy that shapes the architecture of memories within our mind this way, by design, to be available to respond in the future to similar emotional challenges. These are habits and patterns of thinking which occur automatically until a free choice is made available to change our habits and patterns.

Emotional Anatomy is architecture that is easily wounded.  As a consequence, painful, self protecting, emotional reflexes dictate responses within the as yet unaware.  Inviting our interest, the highly valued and precious gift of freedom to choose is made possible by design. Gratitude reboots the machine and offers each of us the chance to choose again.  Freedom vs Slavery. Intelligent Design.

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Compartments I

The Gratitude Spot, The Heart Spot.

Compartments contain specialized thinking.  It seems to me that thoughts in our minds form into compartments of ideas that are organized in response to similar, sometimes familiar, emotional challenges.  Ideas are structured within our mind this way, by design, to be available to respond in the future to similar emotional challenges.

Unfortunately, wounded emotional anatomy may form powerful compartments of thinking in response to the wounds that enslave our future responses via deeply engrained emotional reflexes which are inflexible and activate rigid intellectual compartments.  “The heart spot” is inaccessible via these partially isolated thinking brain compartments.

The Intelligent Design of Emotional Anatomy is an observable idea as it forms in us, in our mind’s eye, the beginnings of a compartment specific for thinking about emotional anatomy takes shape and scrutinizes the concept itself.

There is a history in the media for the use of the term intelligent design.  It may therefore trigger in the reader an already formed compartment of ideas that contains presupposed concepts that could conflict with and or compliment the formation of a new compartment for the purpose of interpreting emotional anatomy.

Compartments contain specialized thinking.  Especially successful people know themselves to be nicely compartmentalized.  They are off to work with their game face on and perform flawlessly.  They return home and settle into their family life at leisure.  They engage social, political, emotional and intellectual challenges effectively.  They exercise and have hobbies.  There may still be hidden unresolved habits, no one is perfect.

It seems important to me to recognize that  compartments are shaped emotionally.  That is why the emphasis upon emotional anatomy.  Human thinking is organized emotionally.  When the mood changes the movie changes. Unfamiliar with emotional anatomy leaves personalities at the whim of their emotional state. Disoriented, driven by emotional reflexes, people get lost in the ocean of emotion in desperate need of reorienting their thinking.

The human mind set has lost its way for lack of understanding itself within its Intelligently Designed emotional anatomy.  Native populations of humans were far more dependent on living deeply connected to their environments within heart and emotional spaces.

Our human intellect forms compartments of thinking which specialize in solving the problems presented to us emotionally.  The intellect then argues over which of its many compartments is best and chooses to allow some to dominate.  Most recently, “the power of positive thinking” attempted to suggest personal control over this attribute of our mind.

Wisdom, by design, is a gift we eventually seek to receive via the opening made available to us as we return and choose the heart spot.  Familiarity with emotional anatomy invites our choosing gratitude to guide our receptive awareness. The suggestion that our intellect is capable of shaping a successful compartment to dominate all the others ignores the value of freedom to choose this gift.

Emotional walls may purposefully limit access to specific compartments formed by painful circumstances, isolated on purpose to be saved for a later time when the person is better able to handle the information contained therein.   Competition emphasizes the separateness of compartments rather than freedom to choose wisely amongst them.

This concept of compartmentalization is especially important for understanding those whose emotional reflexes accelerate too quickly into violence and war.  Very personally, frustration can provoke arguing, verbal outbursts and abuse, marital discord, child abuse,  domestic violence, road rage, violence in the work place, intolerance, desire for control, prohibition, drug lords, dictatorships, repression, our loss of freedom to choose.

This is a set of ideas intended to locate within the emotional anatomy of the human heart mind body soul spirit the intelligently designed guidance system intended to inspire our free choice, available through choosing the gratitude spot, “the heart spot”.

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Compartments 0

We must Learn to talk about our compartments. By design, we deal with the challenges of life as they arrive one after another. We form a dominant compartment of thinking and behavior we call our personality, even our character.

The most fortunate among us pass through an orderly development and emerge relatively whole. Each stage of life offering progressively difficult challenges, we mature, acquire wisdom, develop our service, earn a living, have children, role model for family friends and community, teach, mentor and pass along our legacy.

We all discover that we must manage parts of ourselves that are less than ideal. We must all deal with thoughts feelings and behaviors that are rebellious and learn to guide ourselves to do well, self control. That’s the reason we all need “flying lessons” and good teachers too.

Well all of this growth and development is taking place and becoming organized within our minds eye by forming the emotional anatomy of compartmentalized thinking. I call it intelligently designed because when a new challenge arises, our emotional response to the new challenge references our lifetime of learning how to deal with that type of situation by choosing from compartments of memories and reflexes activated by our initial emotional reflex.

Ideally, our vast array of experience offers a right answer, we respond wisely avoiding pit falls and move on to the next challenge. This is the tug of war. This is our World War III. This is where emotional reflexes can overwhelm our better judgment. This is the battle between freedom and slavery.

I am proposing that through our open source language, we are shaping a new compartment within our emotional anatomy. We are choosing a vocabulary that is inviting exciting enticing our intelligently designed desire for freedom to choose.

Given a free choice, which will you choose, truth or a lie, honesty or dishonesty, freedom or slavery.

You personally are important and valuable to the future of the world. The choices you make, make a difference.

Smarter, Stronger, Better, Wiser, we are shaping a new compartment for understanding the story of freedom. Enjoy. Gratitude reboots the machine.

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Freedom vs Slavery

Freedom vs Slavery.

99%+ say that when given a choice they will choose freedom. Yet 2/3rds are overweight, rarely exercise, eat bad foods, won’t talk about bad habits, can’t understand what makes it is so hard to be human, slaves to self destructive behaviors, slaves to acceptance.  Prideful, Embarrassed, Confused, Lonely, Limited.

This is world war III.  The battle for freedom happens inside the heart mind body soul spirit.  Totally unaware, the majority are being defeated.  These are our family and friends.  This is our personal responsibility.

Curiosity opens the door.  This is world war III.  The enemy is inside our own thoughts.  “Too much information, I don’t want to deal with this, get away from me” shuts the door. This is my reason for this open source language of freedom to choose.  Get involved.

New Concept:  Emotional Anatomy.  You are stuck with being human.  Let’s talk about how the human mind works.  So we have a chance to choose freedom instead of accepting our slavery.  This is personal responsibility.  At the core of healthy human thinking is our battle for personal significance.  You personally are important and valuable to the future of the world, helping others sense personal significance.

Recognizing and understanding and explaining our own slavery is our first step in the battle for freedom.  Welcome aboard.

Can you “hear” the whispers of opposition beginning.

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The Gratitude Spot

Freedom vs Slavery.

An obvious compartment we can use to demonstrate how emotional anatomy works is the bathroom.  We typically keep our private separate from our public, on purpose.  Uncomfortable emotions create their own personality, drawing boundaries in conversation and speech.  We can make people wince when we challenge their comfort zone.

Ok, so it is a little more difficult to understand emotional anatomy than I first imagined.  But helpful will be to develop awareness of compartments. I conceptualize a compartment as being a specialized awareness.  Another example, ice cream has it’s own full spectrum compartment.

Compartments are filled with memories organized by the emotions that create their compartments to begin with. The memories are sorted within the rainbows of similar feeling states.   As we imagine ice cream, our minds come alive in ice cream memories, a full spectrum of flavors, colors, textures, locations, moods and circumstance etc. It is like the emotions of ice cream light up memory circuitry and too often trigger behaviors of more ice cream.

Post traumatic stress emotions trigger compartments of memory flooded with more difficult emotions and uncontrolled behaviors potentially overwhelming.  Thoughts can get confused quickly.  We tend to lose our way. “The gratitude spot” provides a point of reference by which navigation of emotional anatomy begins.

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Unforgiving Wounds

Just returned from a writer”s conference, best thing I ever did for myself. Speaking to others of Freedom vs Slavery as the two words that summarize the human challenge we all face together, is also the freedom to express myself regularly as my share in the puzzle.

Emotional anatomy is real. We are stuck with it. When we understand it, we too are liberated to pitch into making the world a better place because we are here. Well not immediately.

You see there are parts of ourselves we are not yet familiar with that get in the way of our own personal experience of freedom. That great joy of recognizing the personal significance of self and others is crushed by reflex generated grumpiness that perpetuates our moods of angry opposition. Divorce happens. And it takes a life time, even several generations, to begin recovering from our deeply wounded emotional anatomy.

Single breath relaxation gives us the privilege to step back for an effervescent moment into our liberated perspective of gratitude to discover visions from heaven offering contribution to solution available to us all.

The reality of emotional anatomy promptly forces our return to grumpy habits of self preoccupied slavery as years of accumulated bitterness speak tones of unforgiving wounds again. Emotional reflexes consume our best efforts into self justifying destructive habits blaming others to make us sick of fighting wars. Intelligent Design.

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