Gratitude Gets Headlines

Gratitude gets headlines in The Huffington Post 12/24/2012 reporting on Oprah’s “lifeclass”. “When the going gets tough, the tough give thanks.” What a fabulous contribution to our open source language for freedom fighters everywhere.

She has not yet included Intelligent Design or the Battle for Freedom in her mantra but can’t be very far away from it, as the great minds in her “spiritual squad” explore how gratitude helps us to “live life on purpose to become who we are created to become.”  She reminds us that “gratitude is the ultimate spiritual solution that helps us reconnect to the divine. Which is really what this journey is all about.”

Our next step in understanding the emotional anatomy of gratitude will acknowledge the intelligent design of our human mind discovers there is intelligent opposition to the very gift of gratitude itself.  ‘Hear’ the tug of war between stories.  Bishop T.D. Jakes explains that “gratitude aligns the attitude to appreciate the gift of this shifted perspective”.  Tony Robbins and Depak Chopra philosophize as Ivanla Vanzant explains, “It’s about the way you tell your story.”

In the great tug of war between our stories, this is the story of Freedom vs Slavery. Grateful for the freedom to be grateful, we can see there is opposition, aggressively distracting us from the gift this shifted perspective offers.  This is the Simple Genius of Intelligent Design that we can share with each other.  In Gratitude, nothing about our Human Emotional Anatomy changes, nothing about the Intelligent Design changes, yet for a fleeting moment, which exists by design, we are offered freedom to choose the vision from Heaven.  This shift in perspective is by design our most rewarding experience in living which naturally and also by design prompts our free choice to return to our grateful perspective again and refine our choices of invitation to become who we are created to become.  Freedom to choose is the Intelligent Design as we more and more accurately choose the vision from Heaven.

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Totalitarian Capitalism?

And now China, Challenging “The Story of Freedom”, our legacy to the world.   How will the free world respond to this expanding giant, awakening from it’s long sleep?  We are all human. The Intelligent Design of “Emotional Anatomy” influences everyone and will help us understand ourselves and the Chinese.

By design, at the core of naturally functioning, healthy human emotional architecture is freedom to choose.  It is through this gift of freedom that the United States of America discovered itself as leader of the free world and for a time the dominant social economy in the world, now carrying in its heart and heritage the legacy of freedom.

Liberated imagination, again, by design, is the most rewarding experience in living, that is why it is freely chosen.  Despite the economic collapse, freedom fighters are very much alive.  Without hesitation, we will choose freedom.  Yet along with our freedoms come wrong choices, the source of our corruptions.  Freedom vs Slavery.  This is the great tug of war, influencing the hearts of all human kind.

The Legacy of Freedom is available to us all, inviting our excited personal contributions to solution.  We will do well by inspiring each other, the people of freedom, back from the brink of bankruptcy to recapture our competitive edge.

Totalitarian capitalism? China, is the newly organized capital, now the worlds dominant economy.  Those in the ruling class prove themselves and qualify by forming political alliances able to mobilize their people into profitable productivity, for the good of China.  This rapidly expanding machine is currently financed by providing favorite toys for the selfishly short sighted materialistic world.  It is not possible to protect and possess these gifts, products of imagination, our visions from Heaven.  Our freedom is a gift of love for this world which gratefully guides our choices.

Powerful momentum is already demonstrated in China’s art of war as they acquire territory, inventions, resources and influence globally.  The workers survive as cooperative slaves to their so far successful system, inspired through nationalistic visions of Dynastic Chinese history.  Essential personal significance is found for themselves within their identity, “we are Chinese”.  Egypt’s pyramids reflect their potential.

Our society and theirs must struggle against the antagonistic uncooperative opposition.  Already the wrong choices of treacherous humans have corrupted their ideal.  It remains to be seen how their totalitarian system will respond to the reality of evil’s influential imagination.  We are the ones personally responsible to contribute our own inspired vision to the story of freedom.  Theirs and our own competition makes us “smarter, stronger, better and wiser.”

The story of freedom is intelligent design discovering itself in competition with powerfully enslaving human limitations.  The ideal of free enterprise is lost to the unfair playing ground of corruption’s rules, where the deck is stacked in favor of the dictators who harvest the energies and inventions of the free world as though they are their own and exploit them for personal gain.

Crippled by wounded emotions, slaves to personal feelings, captured by prideful intelligence, blaming betrayals, unfamiliar with emotional anatomy, many freedom fighters are failing to be counted for the good of God’s creation.  We must choose to be free people capable of personal responsibility for liberating and inspiring individual leadership, guided through gratitude for vision from Heaven.

Unaware, falling prey to emotional reflexes, believing lies, they have given in to slavery, slaves to their own thinking.  Slaves to being right instead of free to contribute better on behalf of Freedom’s future.  By design, freedom wins this tug of war.  Gratitude is the only logical response.  Intelligent Design.

But we have to understand what we are fighting.  We are slaves to our feelings, the uneasy residue of left over emotion forcing uncomfortable insecurities and rudely dysfunctional habits upon anyone who claims to be free to choose.  “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”





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There is opposition to accepting that we humans are intelligently designed. At our core is Freedom to choose, which means we are also free to refuse.  So intelligent design must counter with inspired motivation to overcome how easily we are consumed by lies.

Navigating Emotional Anatomy requires familiarity with the variety of moods which govern the ideas that consume our attention. This open source language of freedom is attempting a vocabulary that naturally liberates the thought process, believing we are capable of recognizing how pridefully accepted distractions leave us trapped, even whole societies trapped unaware.

But as we have already heard, “attitude is everything”.  Emotion organizes the thought process. Intelligent design intends to liberate awareness into freedom to choose that which is best and most desirable for ourselves and our species.  We are being offered vision from Heaven, yet habitually consumed by other sources.

Recall the mind is more like a television set receiving a vast array of influences from which we choose to pay attention, rather than a soul source thought generator, although reciprocity is an essential part of the process.  We are intended to become confident comfortable and familiar with this tug of war and thus choose more wisely amongst the options available to us.

Ideally we will offer our children’s children environments that cultivate emotional anatomy capable of accepting personal responsibility for our own essential contribution to this legacy, the legacy of freedom to choose. As a matriarchal species, we must all come to understand how essential is our investment in The Magnificent Woman.

Gratitude, for the simplicity of Intelligently Designed Emotional Anatomy, discovered through single breath relaxation, offers immediate awareness of the many voices in opposition. Gratitude liberates inspiration, freedom to choose.


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Be a Superhero

Freedom vs Slavery.

We need you soldier. We are in grave danger. This is the battle for hope in this world. Are you with us? Can we count on you?

Yes!! I knew we could.

The enemy is sneaky. They want to destroy us. They start with whispers, looking for weakness. They search for vulnerabilities, no two people are exactly alike. Then, once they find their weak spot, once attached, like leaches, they bore a hole and secretly start sucking away at our dreams.

Too many are being taken out. Too many take the bait. Too many have given in to their dark side lies, not even aware of what is happening to us. Help us understand how they almost got you. They are smarter than we are, so we must stick together in our battle for freedom. We need your help.

Their strategy is to separate us, to isolate and discourage us. They want to defeat our hope for the future. They do this by whispers that make others our enemy.  It is happening to every one. We see it everywhere.  Families get torn apart. Kids drop out of school. They quit the team. The teachers, coaches, family and friends all get isolated. People can’t even talk to each other anymore.

Once isolated, they use our feelings to keep us isolated. They exploit the gnarly knots of emotional anatomy. They make me angry saying, “Leave me alone, I can’t talk anymore.” The whispers, we can all hear them saying, “no one understands. No one else cares. Why should I care.” They have so many different ways of defeating our best.

This is war. These are our family and friends. We need you now more than ever. Never give up. Never surrender.  We must make the effort. Each of us is valuable in this war. We must all fight together for the future of freedom.

This slow persuasion is too slow.  We need a superhero dancing across the silver screen to help us begin our flying lessons.  To find our way back from the edge.  To rediscover personal significance to the future of the world.  We need you now more than ever. Intelligent Design.

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The Superhero

The impossibility of making a difference in some peoples lives?  Unfortunately, I must admit the apparent impossibility of motivating the deeply wounded, which includes the arrogant. Does that mean we stop trying? No!! Simplify and try again.  I mean really simplify.  All of human psychology summarized in these two words.  Freedom vs Slavery.  Which will you choose?  This is personal responsibility, and it is war, the battle for freedom is each persons responsibility world wide.  But it is our responsibility to help future generations understand the unconscious slavery forced upon us all through emotional reflexes.

Television warns us that there are too many difficult people types to list or categorize. Wisdom suggests we should not allow these types of people into our lives because their dark side influence is pervasively destructive.  It is for this reason that I have proposed the animated superhero as the best method of reaching the most with this simple message.

How can we teach people who already know everything?  Freedom vs Slavery.

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The Superhero II

This is the real world war III happening within the very personal, hidden parts of everyone’s emotional anatomy.  Tricked and Trapped. Within prisons of darkness, delightful rest is not allowed.  Yet liberated, we can freely choose and respond to the visions from heaven.  You personally become the superhero.  The simple genius of gratitude offers each of us freedom to choose.  Freedom to choose is the Intelligent Design of the human mind.  (read “The Magnificent Woman”)

However!  We are being assaulted, our own families attacked, unprepared for the viscous oppressions discovered within uninspired freedom claiming supremacy.  Our social environments are polluted by irresponsible habits.  Our slavery is ridiculed world wide and we attempt to defend ourselves instead of acknowledging the war, freedom vs. slavery.  Heroin demonstrates that slavery is as much a problem for the Afghanis, the Chinese and the world as it is for Americans.

Freedom vs Slavery.  If only our government and media were capable of entering into this dialogue.  The media paradox sees fault in the college room mate’s harassment of the gay teenager to suicide yet fails to see similar liability for the movie producer that provokes through the ignorance of Islam, the murder of innocents?  But what of the ignorance of freedom that chooses “Shock and Awe”?

Tricked and Trapped, the ancient great country of Iran must understand the primitive nature of man that is provoked to threaten dropping bombs first when transparency would give the gift of world peace and leave the legacy of visionary leadership.  Jerusalem is the capital for all faiths within the multiple state solution, yet the desire for possession will force us all to war.  Let’s freely choose the collaboration that leads to 1,000 years of peace.  Freedom cannot be forced, it must be freely chosen.

Listen carefully to this description of violated sensitivities. “But my question is this: Why should the world be managed in such a way that an individual can allow himself to threaten a rich and deeply rooted historical, ancient country such as Iran? A great country, such as Iran, based on an excuse of his own fabrication. … Another country can say, ‘I am guessing that country B is doing activity X, therefore I will attack that country’ … can this be … a successful formula for the management of the world?” Ahmadinejad.

We are the free society yet equally imprisoned in oppressive ignorance, strangled by forces of darkness, claiming freedom as our privilege.  This is our challenge for joy, the most rewarding experience in living.  Intelligent design intends for us all to freely choose and work together for solution.  Freedom to choose our best brings out the best in others.

Our president has responsibility to meet with Ahmadinejad.  Selfishly preoccupied ignorance is similarly blind to the perspective of others within the human condition itself.  We must do our share to open this door to peace.  We must enter into this discussion on a broad scale.  This is personal responsibility for the future of freedom to choose that which is best for us all.  Unprepared, irresponsible freedom assaults our sensitivities, inflicting generational consequences upon our delicately developing and most often primitive emotional anatomies.

Disseminating this language of freedom to choose is personal responsibility and the most rewarding experience in living, you are the superhero.  Intelligent Design.

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“The Element”


What a privilege it is to find “The Element” by Ken Robinson, a celebrated educational visionary and creative thinker. With his many ideas, he is advocating for a transformation in our approach to educating people.  His theories confirm valuable awareness of human emotional anatomy.  We want educators to be teaching successful navigation of emotional anatomy.  Our goal, to help each other discover the unique meeting point of heart mind body soul spirit which by design, ignites desire for participation and contribution toward liberating our personal best.  Freedom to choose is naturally inspiring.

He too is using James Allen’s garden mind imagery to cultivate, nurture and encourage radical change in our approach for shaping conducive environments that liberate, enhance and entice the natural growth and development of our species.  We are all human but each unique. Each of us develop genetically, environmentally, experientially and traumatically unique.  Educators and students need the language of emotional anatomy to familiarize themselves with how interference and liberation compliment grateful awareness.  This is a new vocabulary, our open source language for how the mind works.

As Ken Robinson explains, successful education occurs when people find their “Element, ‘the meeting point between natural aptitude and personal Passion.’ within environments that cultivate to liberate ‘attitude and opportunity’.  As we students become engaged, challenged and inspired into life long learning, we live out of our ‘Element.”  Yes, we must motivate our educational institutions to respond effectively to this reality.  And the method of rapidly implementing this insight world wide is for us to tap into the emotional anatomy of visionary inspiration by using the emotional lens of awe and wonder, thus exciting the lens of legacy we recapture our naturally inspired personal significance.

Intelligently designed into our human emotional anatomy, there are organs of emotion that mobilize energy on behalf of that which is our most rewarding experience, personal significance.   Each and every one of us through our hidden desires, talents and passions is significant to these unfolding future generations.  And when we realize our personal influence, no matter what station in life we occupy, excited participation in our legacy of freedom to choose our very best will result.

Not all are able however.  Emotional Anatomy is very delicate neuroendocrine tissue and its development into effective and capable, passionately inspired form is easily scarred, leaving tragedies of disability in its wake.  It is for this reason that Robinson’s ideas are essential to the future of freedom.  To counter those lost in ‘I don’t care angry defiant numbness’, aware educational environments must impact wounded ignorant dysfunction.  Those that count themselves part of the free world are dependent upon understanding this tug of war.  We must mobilize our visionary systems on behalf of legacy as soon as possible.

Tricked and trapped into blindness, unaware of how emotional anatomy works, even the most powerful, sophisticated, well meaning and educated have chosen their own version of shock and awe rather than contributing through the lens of awe and wonder.  The tragedy of misguided global war will force devastating delays in our development, enslaving generations to come.  Our ability to communicate, contribute, motivate, inspire and compete upon the world stage is dependent upon the rapid deployment of this education, teaching freedom to choose.

Compartmentalized self protection is unaware and has not yet understood the impact of emotional anatomy and its consequence of personal slavery, forced by emotional reflexes, designed for survival from our too many unfortunate traumas.  We are each essential, significant and personally responsible to do our share toward making the world a better place because we are here.    Compassionate collaboration?  Each and every one of us makes a personal difference in this effort to mobilize our species.  Tug of War, the battle between freedom and slavery is happening within the very personal hidden parts of our emotional anatomy and is the real world war III.

Intelligently designed emotional anatomy, through recognized personal significance, ignites glimpses of inspiration and does excite many alive.  Gratitude awakens the story of freedom to choose personal participation by contributing our own talented passions for which we are uniquely suited.  Our species cannot be forced, freedom cannot be forced.   Each and every individual must choose for themselves to say “yes, I will,” and make the world a better place because we are here.

Realistically there is intelligent and not so intelligent opposition to understanding effective, well functioning emotional anatomy.  Still reading?  Be grateful you are aware of the cacophony of voices in thoughts, images, ideas, urges, impulses, moods, attitudes, feelings and intellect that seem to distract, even refuse on purpose.  Gratitude is emotion that orients our navigation within this highly complicated, potentially disorienting inner space.  Gratitude allows glimpsing the full rainbow of visions available to us all.  This simple truth is simple genius. Consistent with Ken Robinson’s ideas, carefully orchestrated educational environments enhance the development of human emotional anatomy which liberates our “Element”.  Gratitude reboots the machine.

We are highly dependent upon intelligently designed guidance to become aware of this internal tug of war.  Through single breath relaxation, all of emotion is displayed in stark contrast to the guidance by gratitude into the emotional anatomy of delightful rest which naturally liberates inspired visions. Gratitude is the only logical response.

Derived from our wounded youth, inflicted by DNA, received as forms of electromagnetic flux in the universe, within our own human experience, it is here we discover this unrelenting cacophony of nay saying, hey saying, self-critical, inviting voices, triggering the whole variety of frustrations, anxieties, lost confidence, distractions, illusions, fears and also the whole variety of grandiose possibility dreams we can see through the anatomical lens of awe and wonder.  In the tug of war between all these stories, through gratitude, we are able to freely choose via awe and wonder the lens of legacy and stand to be counted as personally significant in the battle for freedom to choose.

Many will be able to overcome grossly dysfunctional habits triggered through damaged emotional reflexes by discovering the gift of gratitude for inspired visions they then spread round the world, but first to family and friends.  When emotional anatomy is stimulated by visions of personal significance, there is natural enthusiasm for the cause.  Gratitude reboots the machine.

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Freedom vs Slavery

The whole purpose of this blog has been to discover a language that explains how the mind works, simple elegant genius, each of us must continuously choose between freedom and slavery.

As I desire freedom to creatively imagine, I have learned to give thanks for each of the many thoughts and visions that pass within my mind’s eye. As if punctuating my opportunities to choose from amongst this broad spectrum of ideas and images, my single breath relaxation in rhythms returns me to rest in a place of natural peace and wonder.

Designed into our being, into our emotional anatomy, this place of rest within us offers freedom to choose. I claim the mind like a television is always receiving visions from Heaven. It is of course challenged by our own projections and also by visions from the 10,000 things. Freedom gives us the privilege to choose. This is God’s genius at work, creating the heart mind body soul spirit of each person’s choosing, inviting our return to rest in this place of peace.

The choice is made by a simple “yes” to that which I choose to believe and perhaps, we can agree at least for the moment, must come from Heaven and a simple “no” to all the others. It seems to me our greatest personal joy, rest and peace, even joy reverberating in Heaven, happens when I get it right and a challenging glitch occurs somewhere in my spirit soul when I miss by a large enough fraction as to finally become capable of feeling and thus recognizing the error. Of course many have come before me and tell their own stories from which we/I try to learn, (many biblical references display this tug of war). This is war. Freedom vs Slavery.

But contemplate the genius of God’s intelligent design, which by design, forgives our mind’s choices and liberates our privilege to choose again. When I realize I get another chance to express my own ideas about what visions I have received from heaven, my heart grows more grateful. And I return to my gift of rest in a place of natural peace and wonder. This is creative genius intended to inspire each of us personally to choose against our wounded emotional anatomy in favor of the vision from Heaven. Thank you is the only logical response.

Unfortunately, human emotional anatomy gets wounded during its growth and development forcing emotional reflexes which produce feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to which we are for a time enslaved. Hurt people hurt people, wounding future generations in an endless cycle that seems impossible to stop. Precise identification of wounded emotional anatomy allows the inspired heart mind body soul spirit the freedom to choose effective strategies that inspire others in the battle for freedom. Which will you choose, freedom or slavery.

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‘the great satan’

And now “the great satan” has captured another ‘human’ and forced him to slaughter 17 innocents. Apologize! Yes! Freedom VS Slavery. we choose! Personal Significance for the future of freedom. You personally are important and valuable in the battle for freedom, on earth as it is in Heaven.

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Visions from Heaven

Some people are privileged.  They seem to be living extraordinary healthy lives. Gratitude is essential to understanding.  Because the human mind is constantly being assaulted by thoughts that would attempt to challenge or destroy that which is functioning well and creating a beautifully healthy family, children, contribution and heritage.

How quickly our unattractive very human features (emotional reflexes) attack with covetous doubt, envy, criticism, skepticism, bitterness, and self defeating distractions instead of celebration, encouragement and gratitude for their contribution to our better world.  Remember, this is Gratitude for the ability to catch ourselves and recognize that we too are invited through visions from Heaven to contribute our potential best to the picture.

There is so much struggle in the lives of people around us.  And I still contend the struggle is part of the intelligent design, challenging each of us to discover and pursue our own very best contributions and refuse our too many excuses.  Since we are free to choose we must freely choose to help each other choose more wisely and produce the best possible lives available.  It takes a village to raise a child and we want to cultivate, nurture and encourage the best village possible.

The healthy growing prospering human is still subject to assault which comes from so many different directions it can be scary.  Yet to keep this message simple is to teach each other principles that form the foundation of healthy human thinking.  There is a tug of war inside the heart mind body soul spirit of every human, fighting for control over our lives. Freedom versus Slavery.  Which will you choose? Gratitude reboots the machine and offers each of us another chance to choose a vision from Heaven.

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