Prisons of Darkness

The hand print left upon the cave wall reminds us our DNA is unchanged for many thousands of years.  Our human emotional anatomy is consistently challenged by every era.  Intelligently designed to challenge you personally into becoming your very best, there are prisons of darkness we cannot see, unwilling to change, consuming our passion, refusing the magnificent woman.

Locked in Prisons of Darkness we cannot see, there is no conversation until willing interest attracts our attention.  Pain is our teacher.   So I have spent my life in search of language that can help to break down impenetrable walls of miscommunication, only to dicover I cannot, the desire must grow from within.

Rather we must recruit from outside through invitation.  And we cast a lure, the best we can find, “The Magnificent Woman”, in hopes of attracting the human mind “out of this world” and into Eternity minded thinking.  We need you now more than ever.  You are personally significant to the future of freedom in this world.

Pain is our teacher.  It was designed this way on purpose.  Because we are created free to choose, there has to be a way of reminding us when we are on the wrong trail, thinking in the wrong direction, even unaware of being lost.  Painfully misunderstood, consumed by despair, convinced no one cares, it hurts too much, why should I care?  Locked in prisons of darkness, prisons formed inside human emotional anatomy, shaping thoughts, forcing choices and distorting lives, who cares?

I am motivated all the more to explain this simple discovery, the reproducible experiment offering freedom to choose our next thought, Intelligent Design that can be examined by each and every person, Gratitude reboots the machine.  This simple step exposes the moods, attitudes, ideas, impulses, behaviors, thoughts and all else that is getting in the way.  Immediately and forever opposed, it will not volunteer to go away, you must choose against it, this is your freedom.

There is personal responsiblity to identify this opposition.  It can be labeled, gradually recognized and slowly described as unwilling to change, blaming others instead of joining into the efforts of making this world a better place to live while you are here.  Deeply grateful for the chance to help each other escape our Prisons of Darkness.

This is war and these are our friends and relatives.  Never give up. Never surrender.   We are fighting for freedom to choose.

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3 Responses to Prisons of Darkness

  1. Dina4now says:

    “Challenging us to become our very best”
    Our best is not good enough. I have felt doing my best in one area does not cover the other 99. Somewhere on that very same day of doing one’s best I will be challenged in other areas where afterwards I will feel I have failed. And it is the focus on that failure that will dilute my passion and imprison me. But, I’m not giving up. No sir. There is enough love somewhere deep inside me, like the morning embers of a fire from the night before, that gives warmth even in my prison, and gently, ever so slowly encourages me up to stand and stand therefore. The design for me is not the challenge, but the design of “grace” that “warmth within” the cold cell of our mortal bodies, that would get me to stand at all. A powerful force. A miracle hardly defined by words. When I look at the hand print on the wall I feel a connectedness to the soul that put it there, knowing they too were challenged, but what design moved them. What source other than grace moves mankind to survive unimaginable odds, sorrow, cruelty, loneliness? I want to tap into this source..

    “In search of a language” and “the desire to grow from within”
    Thru all the “challenging” circumstances in my life the “words” or lack of, have proved to be the most powerful in directing the outcome. Whether they were the words of others, or my own, it is the words even now that will bring back the memories, and emotions strong enough that they affect me physically, from an increase in pulse to the holding of my very breath, lockdown. It seems to me that the words of poets, politicians, religious leaders, writers, and on a personal level our parents, have affected and shaped whole societies, generations of peoples, and ourselves as individuals. I have heard it said that the words out of our mouths reflect our hearts. How powerfully effective our words.. our word. Only humans have been given the privilege of speech, communication and language. What a gift, and at the same time, like Pandora’s Box.

    Personally I get to a point where I shut down the words. Coming from others or my own thought processes, the words can sometimes feel critical, hurtful, or confusing. Some of the feelings I get with certain words are familiar, and I have begun to recognize my choice of not responding because they have never lead me to a good outcome. Sometimes the words will put me in a mood where I am not receiving information, or I am inclined to misinterpret the intention. The emotions with some words come immediately like a tidal wave and I go into survival mode. These are some of the examples of what words do to me. But I am most willing to walk out of this place I thought a refuge. Too many times have I visited this place, that it is becoming a place I also recognize for what it is, a prison. I have the willingness to “grow from within”, but my desire is only a small ember beneath black coal sometimes, and I can only stand still, all the while deeply aware of the embers burning within, and the desire for fire, as in the words or language that inspires.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    Heart felt compassion for your lock down. Prison guards unseen play upon reflexes formed in wounded emotional anatomy. They are cunning, baffling and powerful enemies of freedom, squelching fire, reeking chaos and havoc, distraction and confusion, sometimes convincing us of hopelessness. How I wish there were words I could give that will breath life into those embers. Never give up, never surrender, nor will I give up.

    Gratitude reboots the machine. When our thoughts begin again there is the tug of war for control over our thinking. From within a place of gratitude, we freely choose to shift our focus toward visions of peace and the Magnificent Woman. She is real, a gift of vision from heaven, evidence of Intelligent Design unchanged. Like the hand print on the wall, a powerful force calling us forward, despite our suffering. Through a window in our prison walls, we are inspired into this gift of grace which fans to flames our freedom to choose. God is creating you.

    Now the inbetween of our wounded hearts and souls, there is a breath of hope that intends to inspire our free choice for more gratitude, more freedom. New mood movies sparkle from within. Yet these “small embers” will be doused again by prison guards unknown, and not yet identified. Your eloquent descriptions have already tapped the source of strength and courage we need to understand this place you “thought a refuge.”

    We need you now more than ever. Let us fan these small embers into flames of personal significance to the future of freedom in this world. Your willingness is evidence for the indelible spirit of God still working in you. Now, all the more clearly you can see the opposition to the Magnificent Woman. Please keep writing your words.

  3. DrGilgamesh says:

    Posted as Shaped by Fire

    Pain Teaches. And Love is the answer. As James Allen saw clearly the mind as a garden, ideally nurtured into beauty, so too the seedlings of human minds take root in the arms of their mother’s love, the vision of The Magnificent Woman, intelligently designed by God. DNA driven Emotional Anatomy takes shape from before birth and into our future, each of us bathed in the mood movies, chemical, social, emotional and physical environments surrounding our development. Early wounds seem especially difficult to overcome because of misunderstood scars permanently etched into the emotional anatomy, then stimulating emotional reflexes out of control.

    Our thoughts emerge from these environments. Gratitude Reboots the Machine and starts our thinking all over again from within a trustworthy part of our emotional anatomy. Discovering Single Breath Relaxation offers the free choice of navigating our mental state toward an intelligently designed place within our human emotional anatomy, a place of peace.

    You personally have heard this place cry out, “you were not created to be consumed but shaped by fire”. Revealed through gratitude, this place of peace was intended to inspire your free choice. Personally significant to the future of freedom, your adult choices are joining into the universal battle for freedom. This battle begins inside your own imagination. The mood movies generated there are choosing between freedom and slavery. Too many fall prey to the prison of darkness and pass their blind slavery along to future generations through repetitious wounding. As many as possible must be reached for our survival. Freedom wins wars because it is the most rewarding experience in living yet most know nothing of this option.

    Freedom naturally chooses the Magnificent Woman, who will hold our babies in their arms and inspire the next generation through their love. The magnificent man understands this and devotes himself, sacrificing all for our freedom to choose.

    Personally significant and personally responsible for the future of freedom, we hope to inspire as many as possible to become aware of their own thoughts and actions, punctuated by gratitude, to discover and describe the opposition to our freedom to choose.

    Gratitude reboots the machine. I am claiming this simple truth is proof of Intelligent design and you personally can “hear” inside your own mind the voices screaming in opposition.

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