Strength to Face the Impossible

God is creating you.   Personal Significance to the future of freedom on the planet earth.   We are challenged to inspire each other alive into devotion to this cause.   The human mind makes horrible mistakes and hurts others, especially children.   Delicate human tissues get wounded by other wounded humans.   Intelligently designed, emotional reflexes get shaped by these wounds, they keep us alive.   But emotional reflexes make us slaves to behaviors that go on wounding others.   Devotion to my part tells the story of freedom.   The freedom to live forgive and love because we make a difference.   Freedom to choose is the Intelligent Design.  Inspired by this vision we make personal sacrifices so that the next generation can continue fighting for our freedom.

Playing upon our wounded human nature, opposition to the joy found in our freedom, seeks to find our weaknesses by digging deeply into our pain filled past.   Todays decisions, emotional reflexes out of our control, slowly, steadily, relentlessly, consume us.

This task is impossible and I am defeated.   Without Your help there is no hope.   Gratitude reboots the machine.   Intelligent Design.   Strength to face the impossible is real.   Thank You is the only logical response.

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  1. Dina4now says:

    Rage, uncontrollable rage.
    Inner Space Episode 354;

    She pointed her finger crying hysterically, “I couldn’t find my eyeglass, then I found them crushed by her bed.” “I saw her do it” says another.

    “But I didn’t do it, I’m telling the truth,” frustration and anger in her voice condemning her. The girl’s wails convicting her. The counselors at the children’s home had the look of hanging judges on their faces. must be punished. “NO!” She refuses, “I didn’t do anything!” This is not who she is, a thief, liar, cruel.

    They take hold of her, forcing her, and it happens. Uncontrollable rage. She is ten years old. Two women counselors call for assistance as she kicks, screams, threatens. They lose hold of her and she runs into her little cell where she keeps her things, she’s trapped. She grabs her few possessions, her hands crumpling, ripping and totally destroying everything she cared about. “I don’t care, I don’t care!!!” The bed rips apart, things flying everywhere. Mens hands grabbing her by the arms, dragging her down a hall. A heavy door without a handle and a small window opens, they push her inside closing and locking the door. She bangs and bangs for what seems like forever, no one comes. She turns, sliding her back down the door facing a small room, a barred window at one end, a toilet, and small bed. She cries and cries, …locked in. Finally after what seems like hours she lays on the bed and falls asleep. She remained there for 5 days.

    She wanted so much for them to believe her, so much it devastated her. But she didn’t know then that she had been branded “foster kid” “bad parenting, bad kid”. So much had already happened prior to coming to this place, that the rage had been built up enough to only require a match. She was placed back with the rest of the forgotten and lost, and no one spoke of it again.

    Where was her choice for freedom then. What choice did she have at all. Even that first episode was never explained, or talked about. So it laid there smoldering, waiting for the wind of defiance to provoke the flame. It stayed with her for her entire life. For all the good she does, these episodes of rage unravel everything, leaving her bare, and raw, emotions of shame isolating her. She wants to have a choice when the rage comes, but she is having trouble. If she is with people, it scares them and they fight back or run. She wishes there were those who could see it for what it is and stay calm, hold her, talk softly in her ear, telling her, “it’s gonna be alright, I know you, I believe you, I love you, don’t run away, stay and let me tell you a story.”

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    It is painfully impossible to imagine how many of us start our lives deeply scarred emotionally. Beautifully written, you have told us a very powerful story that helps the world feel your rage along with you. There is justifiable despair in our helplessness against this tide of humanity’s inhumanity.

    Fueled by this justifiable rage, within your emotional anatomy, the wretched pain of loneliness and abandonment has forced upon you a separated/dissociated prison of “I don’t care”, emotional reflexes out of your control. Only life devoted to the greater cause of freedom can recover. This is our Legacy.

    Your freedom to choose is right now, not then. Now, instead of living a life endlessly punished by smoldering rage, a life of slavery, you are choosing freedom. Gratitude guides your inner space navigation. Your freedom is choosing to become the adult you wish was there for you, The Magnificent Woman, The Magnificent Man.

    Your life, devoted to the future of freedom is choosing the powerful rewards of personal significance in this battle. Your battle for freedom is on behalf of all who hurt deeply. Your life is making a difference by your free choice to expose these powerful scars. This wounding continues despite us. But you have chosen the better part.

    Your life is making a difference by your free choice to expose these powerful scars. Gratitude reboots the machine. Gratitude allows your mind to start thinking all over again, to see the world through a radically new perspective. Strength to Face the Impossible. Intelligent Design.

    Thank you for your writing. And I will be responding to the many pieces you have presented here.

  3. Dina4now says:

    Emotional Architecture: Inner space Episode 355

    The emotional architecture began structuring the foundation of rage early in her childhood. The rage being the result of not understanding the movies that went on, in and around her. As she grew, these places of rage in her response to certain triggers were devastating, and destructive to the hard work and perseverance of restructuring her life. It was like a game of pick up sticks where one more incident brought down the whole structure, and repetitiously she would pick up the sticks and rebuild without understanding the importance of it’s foundation.

    Understanding emotional architecture is like having a blue print before you build. Examining this blue print, she was made aware of a repeating weakness or theme in the structure of her life which she identified as rage. Rage was found at the very foundation in the building consistent with what she had grown to believe. Yet connected to that rage was also a belief system in all that was good, faith to face the impossible, hope for herself and mankind, and the love that sustained her.

    But the rage would spread thru the structure tearing everything down. In her despair she would begin to rebuild the familiar structure from the child’s perspective of understanding, using the same material over and over, till she felt her very sanity at stake. Then came a time when she closed her eyes, and cried, a waiting time, a period of grace.

    In the silence of her reprieve she heard a voice within her beating heart, “there is another way to reinforce the structure without tearing it all down, be courageous and open your eyes for I am with you.” Slowly she opened her eyes, at first unaccustomed to the light.

    The child was there, waiting with out stretched hands, looking towards the woman. A sense of hope and compassion coursed thru her being. “Well” she thought, perhaps we can go together and examine the blue print with a new perspective, laying upon the structure of rage new images of significance, sistering in supports until rage slowly disintegrates, leaving an architecture of both strength and beauty without the tear downs. She knew the child was still confused and afraid, but together they had enough hope to sustain them. And so, without reproach, without criticism she took the child’s hand and began again.

  4. DrGilgamesh says:

    “Yet connected to that rage was also a belief system in all that was good, faith to face the impossible, hope for herself and mankind, and the love that sustained her.”

    Please allow gentle suggestions. Her rage is a normal response to these catastophies so eloquently described. It ought not to disappear. Innumerable emotions not yet spoken surround this natural response to assaults on delicate human tissues. Rather–Purposeful pain has captured her attention. The willingness to write and reveal insight to naturally formed emotional architecture becomes a blessing to every vicarious reader. And there is hope.

    Deeply wounded emotional anatomy becomes distracted by the frustrations of rage, unaware of freedom to choose, blind to intelligent design, slave to consequences naturally etched into emotional architecture, her story reveals: “the rage would spread thru the structure tearing everything down.”

    Intelligently designed, hope lives seperately inside us, in an entirely different part of our emotional anatomy. The gift of love that sustains us touches and keeps alive our hope for the part of us that is recognizing the magnificent woman. Her rage is real and appropriate. There are too many living lives of quiet desperation, unaware because awareness hurts too much. Yet our rage is not the solution.

    Rage was “the child’s perspective of understanding, using the same material over and over, till she felt her very sanity at stake” because of frustrated tangles of run on emotion, until gratitude introduced a pause of grace. Intelligent Design.

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