The Battle for Freedom

This is war and these are our families and friends.  The battle for freedom begins inside the heart and mind of every person that lives. We are personally responsible for keeping the dream of freedom alive inside ourselves so that when it is our turn we may help ignite the dream inside another.  This is people helping people, the big movie.

In the story of freedom, It seems unfair that some and not others should be given the privilege of freedom to choose effective vision in their lives. Our need for vision to enliven and inspire has been understood from the time of Solomon, “Without vision the people perish.” Proverbs.  Real freedom sees compassion for our fellow man enslaved.  People helping people love their neighbor as they love themselves.

In the healthy human psychological system, it appears that DNA has laid down a reproducible and reliably available visionary system.  It is through this visionary system that I am presenting additional evidence for Intelligent design.  (The Big Movie)

Trained in the scientific tradition I am in need of powerful personal confirmation and concrete evidence before I become convinced of my observations.  Story telling is powerfully influential, thus “The Big Movie”.

Our minds are designed to think in expansive movies.  Remember last nights gathering?  Corrupted by materialism through television, unfocused meaningless productions without purpose infected our culture and we have lost our way.   Passive acceptance of images presented has produced expansive slavery.  We must fight back with  more powerful vision.  “You are important and valuable to the future of freedom in the world.”

We are not lost.  Freedom is more powerful than slavery.  Images conveyed in words carry the most powerful influence over human behavior. Thus the tug of war between stories, between movies, between freedom and slavery.  Which words will we choose to believe? There is “The Word of God”.  This is by design.  We are free to choose.

Each one of us is required to choose from many different options. Although words carry the most powerful influence, there are an infinite number of movies enticing our interests, enslaving our energy, capturing imagination.  Fantasy expands into unstructured chaos of unsatisfiable personal greed.  Super hordes demanding their own words control the many images attempting to convince you personally to participate.  The cult of incompetence refuses to allow new information.  We are each personally responsible for  choosing our own words wisely.  People helping people.

By design, there is a tug of war fighting for control over the organism.  Images ideas urges impulses moods attitudes emotions thoughts stories philosophies movies enthusiasms are all competing and complimentary influences, by design, freedom to choose.

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3 Responses to The Battle for Freedom

  1. Dina4now says:

    We all live somewhere between our head and our heart. As if mated to one another the heart and mind are one and separate parts that are in constant communication with each other. Think about it. Can one truly be without the other? Sure you can live without your brain, and your heart would pump, but will you feel love if your brain and it’s attached sensing devices are not there to send signals and release certain chemicals like endorphins? And, without the heart you couldn’t exist at all. So something about the brain and the hearts signals through the body, and to each other must be responsible for the creation and development of the soul in a woman.

    There are secret places in the brain and heart science has not identified by the existence of their location. But we know they exit because we feel, and it is up to us to know their location, even if we must look back, but only long enough to know from where we came. Intention motivates us but our focus leads our direction.

    Through the experiences of our feelings..all of them from love to hatred we developing the direction of intention. Battles come and go as we fight with all the strength and limited perception of our youth forging ahead indifferent to the consequences. ” I thought, I thought it was right, but I didn’t listen to my heart.” Or, “I did what my heart felt was right, I didn’t think.” Years pass and experience teaches, till finally the mind and the heart begin a conversation that supports each other.

    There will still be times when the heart and mind are reluctant to follow, because you are not what you thought you were and your not yet what you what to be, but just standing in a place in between. Eventually you take a step..resistance..Shhh, your heart whispers to your mind “we need this” and as you move the blood pumps through your heart, awakening….. you begin to raise your eyes and see a bigger place, feel the sun, the tradewinds, your heart is glad for just that moment, joy, the ability to enjoy simple things…and then your mind says to your heart..gratitude, and with gratitude the heart embraces the mind.

  2. Dina4now says:

    “With gratitude the heart embraces the mind”

  3. DrGilgamesh says:

    Within heart mind body soul spirit cosmos there is discovered unique stillness, a place of peace, distinguished by its difference, a state of being set apart for a purpose, liberating vision, intelligently designed to impress your free will into free choice. Gratitude reboots the machine and opens the door.

    I have proposed a ‘four point focused mindfulness’ as a very simple method of finding and confirming this place of peace is real. This open source language of “Flying Lessons” offers a way of finding freedom to choose what will help others discover freedom as well, navigating designed for personal significance.

    Freedom offers compassion for our fellow man enslaved.

    We are each personally responsible in the battle for freedom. Build us up or tear us down, the thoughts we nurture and the words we choose to speak are powerful weapons in this battle between freedom and slavery.

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