The Battle for Freedom

I propose this open source vocabulary will enhance understanding our Human thinking.
Moods and attitudes determine the movies playing in our mind.  Imagine thinking to be more like watching television while our moods choose the channels.  These are mood movies already comfortably connected that make up our personality, sometimes fixed and rigid, where it is hard to impossible to see clearly any pathway toward The New Movie.
Freedom vs Slavery.

If we were free to choose!!?  This is war and these people are our family and friends.
We are fighting for our freedom and theirs, freedom to choose.   Very difficult to recognize, there are mood movies actively opposing the joy found in freedom.  Yet we do choose freedom and get excited by telling The Story of Freedom.

The Joy found in freedom calls us forward.  Intelligent Design.

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2 Responses to The Battle for Freedom

  1. Dina4now says:

    Everything about me involves a mood. I have many moods, and have come to know some of them well. I attribute them to physical chemistry that effects everything, my thinking, my body, and my responses. I feel a mood everywhere in my body, like a tension band holding me to the floor, and while I try to move forward the tension increases. As recognition comes that I am not going anywhere, I stop, and stay there, feeling stuck. I don’t feel like I have a choice at that time, but to sit, wait, feel, feel.

    The struggle is with my thoughts, going back and forth from panic, to its ok, it will pass. After I sit a while feeling paralyzed, I start to relax a little, and I force myself to get up, and I stretch that rubber band which has relaxed some, a little further to the kitchen sink. Dishes out, dishes in, wipe down. At this point I need to concentrate on just that because I am distracted by incoming thoughts that are all over the place.

    Ok, finished small project, sit for a moment, and suddenly I’m crying. I’m crying and it feels right, pressure easing, a little softer mood following. Why was I holding back the tears anyway. Trained not to feel too much of the sadness for the sake of others? To bear it all, to give others hope. Am I lying, by teaching you not to cry? Go ahead and cry, there’s something cleansing about it. As if a quick flush of fresh water in a recessed pool of stagnate liquid.

    I can’t tell you “why” these moods come and go. I’d rather freeze up for a short time than react to them, a small step, but I would hope to flush them out for what they are, so that I may smooth them out, cry, love, and live, free to choose to navigate them to be more productive. I can’t make them go away, they are my life’s experiences that have changed me, but I’m not so sure I have to accept them without change. But I try, and I will continue to try…there is so much I want to give….

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    And I cry with you as poetically your glimpse into the Emotional Mirror will inspire many into awareness of their own Emotional Anatomy.

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