The Big Movie

The Movie Makers and Story Writers are so close and helpful displaying for us:
Freedom vs Slavery.

How the mind works:

#1)  Inside Out : presented by Disney
Emphsizing the primacy of Emotional Anatomy

#2)  Star Wars : George Lucas
As we struggle to return our Hearts Home, there is dark side opposition
(especially emotional) that must be dispensed with quickly and frequently.

#3)  Lord of the Rings : JR Tolkein
Depicting our struggle to live our lives for the greater good.

#4)  Moana : presented by Disney
Navigating Emotional Anatomy inside and out
Our personal call beyond the reef to return our Hearts Home

#5)  Wonder Woman : Personal Significance
Personal Privilege and Responsibility
Freedom to Choose
Recognizing the invitations of evil while freely choosing for the better.

#6)  Strategic Thinking reflected in
The game of Go vs The game of Chess
Growing Territory for Good vs Killing pawns, or Queens

#7)  Gratitude Guides our Heart Home and allows us to glimpse
The Lens of Awe and Wonder

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