The Distance

In the battle for freedom, we are reluctance exploring personal significance in this:  The battle for freedom takes place first inside our own heart and mind, within our emotional anatomy.  Intelligent design intends our success.

And there is intelligent opposition within;  designed to challenge us on, to passionate endurance, to go the distance on behalf of freedom for the generations;  we struggle with our free choices.  Which will you choose, freedom or slavery?

Our open source language grows richer as we discover how accurately gratitude guides us into more and more gratitude for our growing skill of precisely identifying mood movies in opposition.

Early wounds leave permanent scars in the Emotional Anatomy.  Frequently the pain of early life events must be separated from conscious awareness because the pain is too much to bare.

Unaware of these crippled influences, emotional reflexes force our behaviors.  Pain teaches us to pay attention to sometimes obvious and more subtle scars through repetitious failures.   Intelligently designed, the story of freedom motivates our willingness, we choose to join in.

Familiarity with Emotional Anatomy, the neuro-physiologic architecture of personality, discovers the many mood movie locations inside our anatomy.  To illustrate and motivate our desire to learn navigation, the mood movies of rage are clearly separated from the peace found in single breath relaxation.

Flying lessons begin here.  Rhythms of gratitude return us to familiar memory movies of places closely related to peace, contentment, relaxation and more gratitude at the end of a breath.  Then, free to choose among many options, thinking begins again.  We are fighting for the future of freedom.

In response out of control, there is rage, triggered through the many wounds of neglected, abandoned and abused development.  As the severed limb will not grow back in our physical anatomy, we can’t get rid of the rage. Its energy will always be a part of our emotional anatomy.  It is permanently accessible within our creature.

Personally significant to the future of freedom in this world, willing to go the distance, we choose.  We must learn to navigate these uncomfortable parts, harnessing the energy for the great good cause of freedom to choose; Intelligently Designed, to develop our best, bringing out the best in others.  There is no one available to explain.   She arises from within our hearts as a gift and invitation from Heaven, the magnificent woman.

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  1. Dina4now says:

    The battle for freedom is intelligently designed within our emotional anatomy. This battle for freedom takes place within our hearts and minds. Here we find a reluctance to explore personal significance.
    The events of our lives begin early weaving our emotional anatomy. Frequently the pain of those events separate us from the conscious awareness of the freedom to choose. Without awareness of our emotional anatomy, repetitious emotional reflexes force our behavior.
    In intelligent design pain can becomes a teacher directing our attention to the awareness and location of these mood movies and ultimately free choice. Not until the pain becomes so great are we willing or motivated to think and choose differently. Intelligent design is persistent and persevering in persuading us to survive. It is our stubbornness that resists.
    To become familiar with our personal anatomy is the awareness of the architecture of our personality and the discovery of the location of these mood movies. If we are motivated our desire will be to navigate these places, starting with single breath relaxation towards the freedom to choose peace even in the face of rage and or pain.
    Flying lessons is navigating gratitude. Identifying familiar locations of contentment, relaxation and peace enforces gratitude. Gratitude reboot our thinking and frees us for the option to choose for ourselves and future generations.
    Rage, such a small four letter word encompassing so many emotions, fear, neglect, abandonment, betrayal, and abuse. It will always be there, as part of our emotional architecture, even if just to remind us of how far we’ve come in navigating. But the same passionate energy can navigate us to a place of peace within our emotional anatomy transforming that energy of rage into passion and pain into compassion.
    These choices being forever accessible.
    Our choices are personally significant to the freedom of our world. If we are willing to go the distance and navigate through uncomfortable territories for the case in freedom, Intelligent design will direct us towards our best, influencing the best in others. With out words, an invitation to the heart of the magnificent woman.

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