The Gratitude Spot

Freedom vs Slavery.

An obvious compartment we can use to demonstrate how emotional anatomy works is the bathroom.  We typically keep our private separate from our public, on purpose.  Uncomfortable emotions create their own personality, drawing boundaries in conversation and speech.  We can make people wince when we challenge their comfort zone.

Ok, so it is a little more difficult to understand emotional anatomy than I first imagined.  But helpful will be to develop awareness of compartments. I conceptualize a compartment as being a specialized awareness.  Another example, ice cream has it’s own full spectrum compartment.

Compartments are filled with memories organized by the emotions that create their compartments to begin with. The memories are sorted within the rainbows of similar feeling states.   As we imagine ice cream, our minds come alive in ice cream memories, a full spectrum of flavors, colors, textures, locations, moods and circumstance etc. It is like the emotions of ice cream light up memory circuitry and too often trigger behaviors of more ice cream.

Post traumatic stress emotions trigger compartments of memory flooded with more difficult emotions and uncontrolled behaviors potentially overwhelming.  Thoughts can get confused quickly.  We tend to lose our way. “The gratitude spot” provides a point of reference by which navigation of emotional anatomy begins.

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