‘the great satan’

And now “the great satan” has captured another ‘human’ and forced him to slaughter 17 innocents. Apologize! Yes! Freedom VS Slavery. we choose! Personal Significance for the future of freedom. You personally are important and valuable in the battle for freedom, on earth as it is in Heaven.

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  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    The Why? Trap. Rather, what is the cause and what can be done to correct it? Freedom to choose more wisely each time we try Gratitude. I refuse? Emotional Reflexes out of control. Shock and Awe for what purpose? Yes! I apologize. Yet 9/11 were innocents too. Are you free to apologize?

    “Give it up Riggs. You can’t save the world.” I can hear my own chastising advice at the same time I recognize how comfortably driven I am to begin writing down the open source language of freedom. How fortunate I feel that I should be privileged as a physician to claim evidence for Intelligent Design, gratitude reboots the machine and allows us to choose again more and more wisely. How elegantly simple is our grassroots personal responsibility. Freedom or Slavery? Which will you choose? And what is that which enslaves you? “The truth will set you free.” “What is truth?”

    That doesn’t change how sadly delusional I feel when it proves to be impossible to make a difference. Especially when it seems there are so few who are interested and even my friends walk away, blaming me as their own excuse. I know I am a difficult person, but for truth and the future of freedom, count me in.

    And yet there seems to be unstoppable evil. For out of the overflow of the mouth the heart speaks. How many have been captured, tortured and used through attitudes of “I don’t care”. There are too many stories of slaughtered innocents. Slavery with bizarre proportions.

    “I love my mommy and daddy, I had no choice. I had no choice.” he said, after shooting his parents and five of his classmates.

    For the future of freedom. Never give up. Never surrender.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    Freedom to make the world a better place because we are here or slaves to continue plucking an eye for an eye. The tug of war between stories. The battle for freedom is personal responsibility for we are free to choose that which is best. Our personal legacy. The Story of Freedom. Choosing that which makes for Good or Evil. Whose side are you on?

  3. DrGilgamesh says:

    I know nothing of these circumstances but celebrate this courage. Choose this day whom you will serve. Today, Greg Smith, “an executive director at Goldman, said the company needs to “weed out the morally bankrupt people” and suggested the erosion of Goldman’s culture threatened its survival after 143 years.”

    Our infiltrated governments, nepotistic bureaucracy and publicly held corporations have become the ‘cult of incompetence’ because idealists get frustrated and leave or get fired. Those that stay, surround themselves with like minded ‘positive thinkers’. We saw safety issues ignored for profits and BP inflicting the consequences upon the world stage. And now the late warnings are coming from Goldman.

    This is war, and these are our family and friends. Carve your niche and join into our grassroots ‘occupy’. Gratitude reboots the machine and offers another chance to choose the gift of visions from Heaven. “Never give up. Never Surrender.” Freedom to choose the most rewarding life on earth. Intelligent Design.

  4. Raziel says:

    I am the Mother of 5 grown children and many Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. I am grateful for the fact that so far none of my family has had to suffer the effects of a war in our back yard, on our streets. or any place that would place them in the danger that people in other countries have to experience. Our troops have to leave their beloved families and go to other areas to sacrifice their lives so that I know my family is safe, along with every man, woman and child in this nation. That is huge ! Thank you, and God Bless You, and God Bless America.

  5. DrGilgamesh says:

    Each and every one of us is on the front line, for the final battle is within, freedom vs. slavery. Choose this day whom you will serve. Our soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives to make it possible for us all to share the gifted legacy of our personal responsibility in this battle for freedom. We are beginning to recognize and understand the enemy within and learning to stand strong against this unseen insurgency. Giving thanks for our ability to recognize this tug of war within our own emotional anatomy, the gift of forgiveness is intelligent design and our gratitude reboots the machine, giving us another chance to choose more wisely, The vision from Heaven.

  6. Wondering about it...maybe not so impossible a task. says:

    If chosen thoughts create our realities and we choose which thought to listen to, then those 17 killed and their killers somehow interacted to create the actions that led to them leaving the physical relm. I would assume there were other thoughts that could have taken them another place or time that they did not listen to. From our point of view, in the reality we create, we see them, are impacted, feel the pain and must, maybe by a big deep breath and the gratitude that follow forgive them, and go on in this world. From their wounded emotional anatomy, they chose the series of thoughts and decisions that created the nightmare that finally killed them. The playing field they were on was removed from the bigger field of play on which we all exist. Maybe the gratiude and the forgivness that this pain taps can help others create a reality through choices that won’t include them in similar events. Maybe useful in the language would be to “listen to the whispers before they become screams and shouts”. Please note that in the above there is no thought of right, wrong, good or bad…just thoughts chosen from wounded perspectives on both sides. So in summary, you don’t have to give it up…it’s already changed the world of many and continues to grow daily…KEEP THE FAITH RIGGS…even without speaking and writing the world around you is being modified by what you think.

  7. DrGilgamesh says:

    Intelligently Designed. Made that way on purpose, “The Gratitude Spot” in our emotional anatomy, found deep within our heart mind body soul spirit, liberates our freedom to choose from amongst our many thoughts, images, ideas, impulses, moods, memories, attitudes, emotions, urges, and all other possibilities, that which is vision from Heaven. Even more evidence of intelligently designing genius is our privilege of choosing again and again to make our choices better and better, and growing more truly grateful as we are privileged to pitch in, forever, on earth as it is in Heaven. And yet there seems to be unstoppable evil. Never the less, Thy will be done.

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