The Guidance System

For flying lessons to be successful, I must first introduce ‘single breath relaxation’, a wonderfully simple guidance system.  It turns out that the mind works best and most effectively when it is freely choosing within a natural state of quiet, stillness, calm, that is, in wisdom and knowing, generally feeling peaceful, our deeply rooted heart spot.  This presents a huge challenge for educators and cultures world wide. The vast majority of people do not get to hear of or experience a place of peace. Freedom vs Slavery

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  1. Riggs says:

    If you are most fortunate, you will recognize a familiar place of peace within your own emotional anatomy. Anatomy is biological architecture. This place of peace can be found in familiar places. The ruby yellow green blue gasses within the red hot coals of a wood fire. The stary night sky. Endless Waves. Sunsets. Waterfalls. Rainbows. Moonlight on the water. Autumn Wind. Siesta. Eternity.

    Find an intense memory of a real life experience, totally relaxed and peaceful space/time, comfortable. Surrounding your memory of this moment you will find flashing, similarly peaceful “mood movies” of times places and experiences passed, confirming “Emotional Anatomy”, a guidance system.

    To Navigate this multi-dimentional emotional anatomy, we discover an intelligently designed guidance system using this deeply rooted heart spot place of peace as a reference offering freedom to choose. Discovering this most rewarding experience on the planet, we freely choose to return again to the heart spot, and from there choose our very best.

    What do you say when you get a gift? Gratitude guides.

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