The Magnificent Woman

There is vision within the heart of human emotional anatomy that resonates with recognition when we hear these words: The Magnificent Woman.

We are developing an Open Source Language devoted to the future of freedom, our legacy, it is up to each of us to pitch in. We are freely choosing our personal contribution to The Magnificent Woman. Slowly the obstacles to our freedom, (to celebrate, encourage, nurture and choose the magnificent woman), become more and more clear.

Our vocabulary intends to make navigating emotional anatomy possible. These are mood movies dancing. Flying lessons, guided by the intrinsically rewarding pursuit of an elusive vision, yet, she is real. Just as freedom is finally able to admit, identify, name and teach about what is getting in her way, our personal significance becomes more and more evident.

You personally are important and valuable to the future of freedom in the world. There is no other person in the world exactly like you, there never has been and there never will be. As we are dealing first hand with our own unique Emotional Anatomy, we each have our own emotional obstacles influencing our freedom to choose.

We are a matriarchal species. It is the woman who has the greatest influence over the children. It is up to each of us to cultivate our environment into one that motivates awareness and encourages understanding of how essential is: The Magnificent Woman.

There is opposition. Can we hear it. Can we describe it. Can we help each other overcome it. Can we discover peaceful confidence that chooses to stand up against it?

Since you are free to choose, which will you choose, freedom or slavery?
The Magnificent Woman.

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