The Missionaries Missed It, “Connection”

Continuing our navigation within the human heart’s design to be inspiration for expanding “connection” into Vision from Heaven, the legacy of freedom, which we wish to share with the world, now includes the Disney Board Room as they develop their Princes Moana ‘Olelo (story line). These are ideas carried by true love eternal through spoken traditions of indigenous peoples everywhere and preserved in the Hawaiian language itself.

The authors have discovered within their own DNA this beautiful story of ancient indigenous peoples’ personal “connection” to Creator God.  Via Family, Ohana, Polynesian Mythologies, Ancestors, Demi God’s, The Menehune, Hawaiiana, Caring Heart Home, successful ancient culture (the missionaries missed it), the story of Princess Moana encourages the ongoing development of a language more and more can understand to convey how our human mind works. This is Our Legacy.

Should we be successful in this collaboration, the Kingdom of Hawaii, indigenous peoples everywhere, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Emotional Anatomy, The Deeply Rooted Heart Spot, all will collaborate to make a comprehensive, cohesive, attractive simplicity of language. Freedom vs Slavery. This simplicity confronts the human condition imprisoned and the lie of impossibility for personal significance in making the bigger difference.

The titanic social structures are sinking, and “connection” is coming alive. This is a gift of Vision from Heaven of which we are all privileged to share. Gratitude guides our navigation. If it were not this simple, it wouldn’t be fair. Nor would it reflect the genius within the intelligent design.

We are the indigenous peoples. We haven’t missed it. We are challenged to leave the legacy of language that will influence the generations. Freedom vs Slavery.

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  1. David says:

    Dear Dr Roberts

    I have been trying to contact you, so far without success. I am interested in acquiring the domain name “” for a long-term project in the pipeline related to the study of early scripts and the development of writing. Would you perhaps be interested in selling? I am interested in the .com version of the name only, not the .org and .net versions which I see you also own. This is a serious offer, I am a private buyer, not a domain reseller company. Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing this further.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    Please understand my commitment and passion for my own project: “the story of Freedom” is not for sale.

  3. DrGilgamesh says:

    Freedom vs Slavery

    Wounded Emotional Anatomy responds with repetitious
    Emotional Reflexes
    Stuck triggering Reflexes, Snow Balling out of control.
    Once Slave to long time habits of emotional response.

    There is an alternative pathway:
    Gratitude Guides our Hearts Home where we glimpse
    The Lens of Awe and Wonder

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