The Missionaries Missed It

Personally significant to the future of our world, our freedom to choose is at the core of intelligent design. “And God saw every thing that He had made and, behold, it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31) Sin makes it all so complicated, there are many who never get it. Yet, Reward and privilege is found within the mind ready and willing to recognize the gift of “Liberated Dancing Brain”.

It is painfully clear that not everyone gets it. In fact, the missionaries missed it. Their habits, history, and religious preoccupation couldn’t appreciate the revelation of natural wisdom contained within the stories and cultures of indigenous peoples around the world. “The life of land is perpetuated in righteousness.”

That won’t stop us from continuing to share the state of mind and awareness that our many generations are “connected”. Besides, the more of us that catch on, the faster the experience will expand.

Seeking wisdom happens in many different ways. And yet it begins as carefully cultivated desire within our own heart mind body soul spirit first, then blossoms into a gifted way of life, our families, our legacy, sharing in the vision from Heaven.

My effort as a physician has been to contribute a modern vocabulary intending to describe how the human mind works to open receptive hearts. I have imagined our need for a western medical model of reproducible, effective language, which invites our navigation of emotional anatomy, guided by gratitude, into deeply rooted heart spots, to become a fact of medicine. Historically, the tribal shaman would utilize the “fireside heart spot” to capture attention and tell the stories which become our culture, heritage and legacy.

“Freedom vs Slavery” attempts to summarize the very personal responsibility which confronts everyone anyone who contemplates the architecture of thought.

In Wounded humanity, Cascading reflexes governed by unfamiliar mood systems, quickly consume everyone anyone into separated disconnected thought filled spaces and places which miss out on the experience of deeply resonant knowing awareness found within desirable “connection”.

Our minds are designed to impress us personally into freely choosing that which is our own very best possible contribution to our legacy, choosing from amongst the so very many options found in vision from Heaven,
“Liberated Dancing Brain”.

The missionaries missed it.

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  1. Layla says:

    Yeah that’s so true! We are all missionaries wherever we are, our every step should be an act of worship to God and helping others to Glorify God. We cannot envy those that go abroad and help others for God – we should encourage them! But equally see that we too are missionaries in our own town and that there are loads of people here that need God as well as those abroad! Praise God for giving us a variety of missionaries!!! :-)Cat xxxx

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