The Story of Freedom

Here I will try again to tell The Story of Freedom.
There is the tug of war between the many stories.
(Imagination; Vision; Story Telling; World View; Perspective)
This is War and it is best seen through the Lens of Awe and Wonder.

Our goal is gaining trust and confidence in our own understanding of principles.
Principles that govern our own physical, emotional, intellectual and reflex reactions.
Principles that help us understand a vast array of emotionally driven triggers.
Triggers that distract us from returning again
by our navigating through gratitude Heart Home.
Gratitude Guides us to our own more and more recognizable Heart Home.
Freedom vs Slavery

We discover ourselves Slave to Reflexes that provoke thoughts and responses we don’t like.
Navigation Heart Home Wisdom sees more broadly and clearly
through the Lens of Awe and Wonder.
We are free to choose amongst all the options available to us.
Our challenge is to choose wisely the better.
This is War on the insides of our thinking.

This is not a political discussion of freedom;
in fact it is a description of principles governing
the structure and function of human emotional anatomy.
It is through more accurate free choice that our world becomes a better place.
The paradox is how difficult it is to persuade people to consider emotional lensing.
If only we could persuade the teachers, psych 101: Freedom vs Slavery
Our most obvious opposition in this war is recognizable in the refusal of gratitude.

Totalitarian governments may actually be capable of helping their people
strive toward personal freedom more quickly than the United States.
The dark side distractions are privileged to present their opposition more openly here.
It will take forever for our schools to implement “Freedom vs Slavery” in the USA.
The War is wisely choosing for the better
versus the dark side that is distracting opposition from
the rapidly maturing liberated human being.

Violence, aggression, criticisms, negativities, betrayals, lies, life etc.
Youthful emotional anatomy is routinely wounded by Reflexes out of control: Slavery.
D/C comic’s Wonder Woman is an accurate depiction, “We are all responsible.”
We must train the generations to understand: Freedom vs Slavery

The opposition is experienced within ourselves.
We are not discussing political freedom. This freedom cannot be legislated.
This freedom cannot be forced. This freedom must face opposition.
This freedom is how the human mind works for better and better.
Once understood, a social group may agree and encourage each other.
(thank you d/c) Gratitude reboots the machine and allows our free choice.
Gratitude Guides our heart home to glimpse the Lens of Awe and Wonder.

Freedom vs Slavery represents a global challenge for all people.
There is personal responsibility for navigating gratitude Heart Home.
Disney got it right with Moana who being called beyond the reef was able to
Navigate her Heart Home and experience the Lens of Awe and Wonder.
This is War. Better understood as
The freedom to choose wisely for the better.

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  1. DrGilgamesh says:

    By looking into our emotional mirror, we can see feel sense
    the downer discouraging.
    Frustration provokes us to angry bitter withdrawal in our Tug of War :
    The old movie vs The New Movie

    Venting my frustrations forced focus upon my darkside negative or
    Seeing through the Lens of Awe and Wonder we are
    Learning Heart Home Gratitude for this gift of invitation into our
    professional future :

    The Story of Freedom

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