The Tug of War

The battle between freedom and slavery is world war III.

This is where we discover there is poetry in navigating our fluid emotional spaces.   These are mood movies dancing.   Notice the tug of war between the stories that are told by our changing moods.   Which will you choose, freedom or slavery, visions from Heaven or something else.

Moods fight for control over our organism.  When the mood changes the movie changes.   This shifting can happen rapidly.  Emotional reflexes force themselves into behaviors in the unaware. Once fixed inside the heart of a person, the movie simply waits for the opportune mood to express itself.

These are secret stories hidden within a person’s heart. The news displays how slavery to mood movies out of control can explode into horrific behavior. Without awareness, wounded emotional anatomy forces itself into the open, “deal with me”. We all suffer our own minor examples of emotional reflexes.

The Story of Freedom and our personal significance within its cause is the most rewarding experience on the planet.  Becoming familiar with emotional anatomy, and how it works, allows freedom to choose visions from Heaven. Gratitude is the only logical response.  More powerful than any addiction.   The New Movie.   Intelligent Design.

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3 Responses to The Tug of War

  1. dina4now says:

    Personal significance is just that, personal, an individual journey made up of choices, that thru experience, can lead to spiritual significance.
    I have chased after “personal significance” all my life. I thought of myself in relation to my job, relationships with family and friends, possessions and accomplishments. When those things were lost to me, so was my “personal Significance” and the “who am I now” question can be devastating.
    I am not alone in this, I see the same devastating insignificance through out my world and the people in it. There does seem to be some intelligent design, that brings us to a place of humility. Only then can we yield our stiff neck of ideas and include more than the view of ourselves, and see our connectedness to a much bigger movie.
    Loneliness is one of those struggles for me. Everyday when that old movie plays I have to chose to tell myself I am not alone, think what you will here, but I choose to go with God. I tell myself that I AM a child of GOD. I AM significant to GOD. This gets me thru most times, but there are times when I go to that sanctuary and forget to close the door to the noise outside. Yet with each connection comes “personal significance that can not be lost.
    Where is the music?
    It is in the rhythms that govern our lives.

  2. DrGilgamesh says:

    Through Rhythms of Gratitude, we are Investing in Confidence and Familiarity. This tug-of-war you have well described proves “personal significance” through your contribution. You have labeled Emotional Anatomy. “Who am I now?”, can trigger a devastating Emotional Reflex which enslaves us in feelings of insignifcance, until… Gratitude reboots the machine. “My “minds eye” can see it there…inspiring.” Your best brings out the best in others.

  3. Riggs says:

    Inner Space Episode 267

    Listen to the lies. Listen to the whispers. Which will you choose? Freedom or Slavery.

    Ok! So I have learned single breath gratitude relief and I am learning to navigate emotional anatomy. Clean and sober, no longer distracted by my entitlement fantasies, but I had no role model!! Growing up, I never had a father in my life, he never was reliable. How can I possibly be a good father for my child? I just don’t have what it takes.

    Truth is, I’m disabled. I came from too many generations of losers. My DNA must be bad. My experiences growing up wounded me. My development was impaired by too many chemicals for too many years. I numbed my pain by hiding in delusions generated by drugs and alcohol. Television was my main source of parenting and information. My classmates taught me life’s basics. My social environmental influences are outlined in the evening news.

    This tug of war you talk about is against my hopelessness. You claim personal significance to the future of the world? My hopelessness and sense of impossibility says no way!!

    So I read about parenting? I go to classes that are supposed to teach me how to do it. Try to teach this old dog new tricks!! I need to Change??

    No!! I remembered. It is not about changing, it is about navigation. It is about confidence in gratitude guiding. I begin to see my emotional anatomy. I have not changed, I am navigating my emotional anatomy into more rewarding spaces. Gratitude reboots the machine. The New Movie opens a door and attracts my flying lessons home. I get what you are saying to me, emotional anatomy. Gratitude reboots the machine. I see the Big Movie of compassion for my fellow man. This is impossible!!

    There is a tug of war attempting to keep me focused on how impossible this is. The Story of Freedom? Look at what happened to the United States of America?! You call this freedom!?

    But this is our heritage and our legacy, The Story of Freedom. Our freedom to choose single breath gratitude relief. Gratitude reboots the machine. Gratitude gives my clean and sober brain a chance to hear the whispers that are trying to destroy us. Gratitude opens me to fresh thinking and guides me to discover my deeply rooted heart spot where there is freedom to choose visions from Heaven.

    Slowly this open source language of freedom to choose begins to make sense. Personal significance to the future of freedom in this world begins inside my own heart and soul. Gratitude reboots the machine and opens my heart to live forgive and love. Other whispers invite me into The Magnificent Man.

    Navigation is not about changing me. It’s about my free choice for the New Movie. Who am I?? The Magnificent Man? Forgiven? Alone? Or fighting for the future of freedom? Forgiven!! Free to give my very best. Free to choose among visions from Heaven.

    Who am I? What are my strengths and weaknesses? How am I uniquely suited to help make the world a better place because I am here. Free to make realistic choices. Free to see the Magnificent Man. Gratitude reboots the machine.

    This is impossible! Compassion for our fellow man finds genuine confidence in gratitude guiding. Free to share Strength to Face the Impossible, challenged to contribute to The Magnificent Woman. Listen to the whispers.

    Gratitude reboots the machine. Navigation is about freedom to choose the better, not about choosing how I shall change. This is the tug of war between stories. We are personally significant to the future of freedom in the world, naturally, the most rewarding experience in living. Intelligent Design.

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